Kingyo Chuuihou! the movie

guest characters
Gyopo (Sakuma Rei)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.11.05
Tanakayama was going around selling goldfish for 100 yen each. He had sold all of them except for one yellow one, and he sat down on a park bench to rest. Tanakayama was tired, and then Gyopi came floating by. Tanakayama spotted Gyopi and quickly hid in the bushes.

Gyopi spotted the yellow goldfish. He said, "Hello, I'm Gyopi. What's your name? What are you doing by yourself?"
The yellow goldfish answered, "I was with a lot of other goldfish. But they were all bought." Gyopo (the yellow goldfish) started crying.
Gyopi said, "Don't cry. Everyone has bad eyes." [Meaning that they have bad taste in choosing goldfish.]
But Gyopo said, "I'm slow, and a cry baby."
Gyopi said, "No you're cute. I'm happy that you didn't get bought."
Gyopo asked, "Why?"
Gyopi said, "If you were bought, I wouldn't have met you."

Then Chitose came looking for Gyopi. Gyopi told her that he had found a girl friend, and showed her Gyopo. But Chitose looked at the price tag on Gyopo and said, "No!" It was because Gyopo was only 100 yen.

Chitose tried to pull Gyopi away. But Gyopi didn't want to leave Gyopo. Then Tanakayama came out of the bushes. Chisato spotted him and rushed to him. She accused him of trying to steal Gyopi. But Tanakayama said that he had changed his ways and he wasn't after Gyopi any more.

Chitose tried to pull Gyopi away again. Gyopi cried and said that he wanted Gyopo. But Chitose pulled him away, saying that she would find the perfect girl for him.

After Chitose and Gyopi were gone, Wapiko came to the park and asked Tanakayama if he had seen Gyopi. Tanakayama told her that Gyopi had gone with Chitose.

Chitose took Gyopi to a fancy pet shop. All of the fish there were very expensive. Chitose showed Gyopi the expensive fish and asked which one he wanted. But Gyopi said that he didn't want any of them. [All of these expensive fish were very ugly.]

Then back at school, Chitose told Gyopi to cool off and locked him up in a bird cage. During class, Wapiko said that something was wrong. The others felt it too. Then they all realized that Gyopi wasn't there. Wapiko asked Chitose about Gyopi, but Chitose yelled at everyone saying that it was time for class.

Outside, Tanakayama was sneaking around with a large butterfly net. Chitose spotted him from the window and immediately rushed out to him.

While Chitose was outside, Gyopi came flying to the classroom. He was still in his cage and was struggling a lot. Everyone was shocked to see Gyopi in the cage.

Outside, Tanakayama tried to catch Gyopi, but he caught Chitose instead. Then everyone else came, and they said that they had heard the story from Gyopi. Chitose ran away with Gyopo.

Chitose and Gyopo got to a storage room and locked the door. Everyone banged on the door and tried to get Chitose to come out. Then Chitose got an ideal. She told Gyopo to tell Gyopi that she didn't like him. Chitose talked about Gyopi, how he can fly and how valuable he was. She asked, "Do you think Gyopi would be happy with you?" Chitose tried to convince Gyopo to give up on Gyopi.

When someone insulted Chitose, she got mad and opened the door. Gyopi saw Gyopo inside and floated in. But Gyopo told Gyopi that she hated him. Gyopi was shocked and crashed to the ground.

Later Chitose had Gyopo in a fish tank. She thanked Gyopo for rejecting Gyopi. Then she asked Gyopo if she wanted to go to Europe. Chitose thought that Gyopo wouldn't be able to see Gyopi this way. Gyopo thought about it and agreed to go to Europe, thinking that she would be able to forget about Gyopi.

Chitose and Gyopo went in a taxi and were on their way to go to Europe. Chitose left Gyopi in the care of Wapiko.

Then Tanakayama came and caught Gyopi in a net. He was feeling very happy, but everyone came. Then to get out of the situation, Tanakayama told everyone that Gyopo had been lying to Gyopi.
Wapiko said, "So Gyopo doesn't hate Gyopi.." Gyopi started remembering about Gyopo, and started crying.
Wapiko said, "Gyopi-chan, let's go after them." Then Wapiko started running after the taxi with Gyopi.

Chitose was inside the taxi putting on make up. Then she spotted Wapiko in her little mirror. Chitose yelled and told the taxi driver to go faster. The taxi driver sped up and started to put some more distance between them. Wapiko tried to keep up, but couldn't as she was getting tired. Then Gyopi asked Wapiko to throw him. Wapiko said that it was too dangerous, but Gyopi insisted. So Wapiko said, "Be careful," and threw Gyopi toward the taxi.

Gyopi went flying through the air yelling, "Gyopo-chan!" Gyopi reached the taxi and landed on the windshield. Chitose saw Gyopi and was shocked. Chitose immediately told the taxi driver to stop. When the taxi stopped, Chitose went out to look for Gyopi. She couldn't find him and thought that Gyopi had gotten flattened by the car. But Gyopi was on her head, unconscious. Chitose started crying.

Then Gyopi recovered and spotted Gyopo in the taxi. Gyopi went to Gyopo and asked her if she really hated him. Gyopo said that she wasn't good enough for him.
Gyopi asked, "Why?"
Gyopo said, "I'm only 100 yen. I can't fly."
But Gyopi said that he liked Gyopo, and it didn't matter how much she cost. "I just want to be with you. I want to be your friend."

Chitose started crying, saying, "What a beautiful love!" Then everyone came.

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