Kingyo Chuuihou! episode 11

Yakisoba-pan wo mamore
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.01.20
    [This summary was done from the Kingyo Chuuihou! anime-manga volume 2.]
When the principal announced that it was lunch time, everyone got up and rushed out of the classroom, except Wapiko and Chitose. Chitose asked Wapiko why everyone was in such a hurry. Wapiko told Chitose that everyone was going to buy some bread at the school store because the school lunch wasn't enough for them. Then Chitose recalled the past in her old school when the "ojou-sama" were buying the fancy bread. Chitose had liked croissant sandwich. But Wapiko had never heard of croissant. Then Chitose wondered what kind of bread they sold at this school store.

Then some cows came back with some bread for Wapiko. they said that it was almost sold out. Wapiko showed the yakisoba-pan to Chitose and said that it was the most popular bread in their school. Chitose fainted because of the shock.

Later Chitose was lying on the sofa in her office, thinking about the yakisoba-pan and croissant. Chitose got an image of Yurika saying, "I've never seen or heard of yakisoba-pan. Fujinomiya Chitose, you're just a country person!" Then Chitose got up and was determined not to lose to Yurika.

Chitose put up a large sign on the school. "From today, yakisoba-pan will be outlawed." All of the students were shocked. Aoi, Wapiko, Gyopi, and Shuuichi were talking about Chitose's sign. Shuuichi said that this was something that everyone should decide by themselves. But Chitose came and said that it was her decision. She also said that she will have the members of the student council go around to confiscate all of the yakisoba-pan.

Shuuichi, Aoi, and Wapiko went around to look for yakisoba-pan in the school. Shuuichi made everyone clear their desks. Aoi just told everyone to line up so he can check their pockets. Wapiko just announced to everyone (using a megaphone) not to bring yakisoba-pan to school.

Chitose was very upset at Aoi and Wapiko. Shuuichi tried to say that he couldn't find any more yakisoba-pan in the school. But then Chitose grabbed her garbage can and dumped a lot of yakisoba-pan onto her desk, saying that she found all of it in school. When Chitose noticed that Aoi wasn't there, Wapiko said that she had a message from Aoi. "I'm totally against this confiscation. I'll protect the yakisoba-pan."

Aoi was wearing an apron and making yakisoba-pan in one of the rooms. But Chitose came and spotted him. Chitose told him to give up, but Aoi ran away. Chitose went after him, but Aoi was too fast for her.

When Chitose was out in the school grounds, she gave up on Aoi. But she said to herself that there shouldn't be any more yakisoba-pan in school. Then Chitose saw a little girl walking by with a yakisoba-pan in her hand. Chitose was shocked. Chitose quickly went around the school to look for more yakisoba-pan. All of the students quickly hid their yakisoba-pan as soon as Chitose appeared.

Wapiko was wondering what was going on. Shuuichi said that he heard someone was selling yakisoba-pan illegally somewhere on the school grounds. Then Wapiko went out to look for the yakisoba-pan seller.

Wapiko went to the barn after asking around. Wapiko called out, "I heard you're selling yakisoba-pan!"
Then a voice said, "What are you going to do about it."
Wapiko said, "Please sell me one. Here's 200 yen."
The voice said, "200 yen. One is 1000 yen!"
Wapiko asked, "Why does yakisoba-pan cost 1000 yen?"
The voice said, "I'm taking chances by doing this. If you won't want.."

Then furyou ushi accidently revealed himself. When he saw that Wapiko was mad, he casually walked outside and tried to escape. But Wapiko ran after him.

Later Wapiko carried a large box full of yakisoba-pan and brought it to Chitose. Chitose was surprised. Wapiko explained that furyou ushi had been selling it for 1000 yen. But Wapiko also said that it was all Chitose's fault for outlawing it in the first place. Wapiko's face had become very serious, and both Chitose and furyou ushi were very scared. Then Wapiko turned her face into a smile and said that Chitose should just let everyone eat what they wanted. She also added that Gyopi liked yakisoba-pan too. Then Chitose got up and said that she would allow it. Wapiko quickly hugged Chitose, saying that she liked her. Chitose blushed.

The next day there was another sign put up by Chitose. "I'll cancel the outlaw, but please change the name. From today it is called croissant sandwich. Please don't use the old name."

Chitose was in her office eating yakisoba-pan. Chitose said, "But this croissant sandwich is very delicious."

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