Mikan Enikki episode 24

Yaseru omoino diet sakusen!
OP song
Naisho! no Bi-lin Cat (Yokoyama Chisa)
ED song
Dekkai Campus (Tarako)
Kusanagi Tom - Hiramatsu Akiko
Tom's mother - Shimamoto Sumi
Tom's father - Ono Ken'ichi
Yayoi - Takamori Yoshino
Mikan - Tarako
Koringo - Kozakura Etsuko
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.07.10
  • [Mikan Enikki is a story of a talking cat, Mikan. Botan, Kurobuchi, Killy, and Morry are cats. Koringo is Mikan's son, but doesn't appear until later. Momoji is a dog. Other characters are humans.]
In the evening, Tom's father and Mikan were drinking. Tom and Tom's mother were watching TV and eating snacks. Then a very drunk Mikan fell onto mother's lap. Mikan felt around and said, "Mother, didn't you gain a little weight?"

Tom's mother was shocked, as was Tom and Tom's father. Father and Tom tried to say that it wasn't so, but Mikan felt around some more and said, "You definitely gained weight. Your skirt is too tight. But not as much as Botan." Then mother got an image of Botan in her head and ran out of the room. Father and Tom were very worried.

Tom's mother went to weigh herself. She was very nervous, but stepped onto the scale. She jumped right off, and took off the "heavy" apron. Then she weighed herself again. Mother admitted that she had gained weight.

Meanwhile, Yayoi and Botan were eating snacks and watching TV. Botan finished off his food and started eating Yayoi's. Yayoi commented that Botan ate too much. Then Yayoi got up and started looking around in her closet for some clothes to wear on her date with Yukihiko. Yayoi found a skirt and tried it on. But it was too tight. She tried and tried, but couldn't zip it up. Then she admitted that she had gained weight. Yayoi blamed it on Botan, because he always ate a lot of snacks and she always ate with him. She said that they would go on a diet and exercise.

The next morning Tom's mother and Mikan ran near the river. They saw Yayoi and Botan running toward them. When they stopped to chat, Botan told Mikan that Yayoi was on a diet.

Later Mikan and Botan were at the open lot. Botan was very upset because he had to go on a diet with Yayoi. Kurobuchi sympathized with Botan and gave him some food, but it wasn't enough for him.

Then Mikan and Botan went to Dr. Inagaki's place to get some food. Botan even ate some of Momoji's food. Killy gave her food to Mikan. Momoji noticed and said that Killy liked Mikan.

Then Yayoi (who worked as a nurse at Dr. Inagaki's place) came out to the yard. Botan quickly ran away. Yayoi said that she lived on only three apples.

That night Tom and Tom's father were saying that the hamburger was a little strange. Tom's mother said that it was tofu hamburger. She also brought out lots of other low calorie health food.

Yayoi weighed herself at night and discovered that she hadn't lost any weight. She weighed Botan and found out that Botan had actually gained weight. She thought that Botan and her would gain weight just by breathing air. So Yayoi and Botan went out to jog. Botan tried to pretend that he was sick, but nurse Yayoi knew that there was nothing wrong with him.

Tom, Tom's father, and Mikan jogged with Tom's mother at night. Then they ran into Yayoi and Botan. When Tom's father tried to pick up Botan, his back gave out on him. Yayoi apologized and said that it was because Botan was so fat. Botan (since he didn't understand human language) asked Mikan what was up, and Mikan told him.

The next day Dr. Inagaki came over to check up on Tom's father. He gave father a shot, and said that he would recover in a few days.

Mikan, Botan, and Kurobuchi were just outside of the Kusanagi home. Kurobuchi told Botan that Yayoi was going around apologizing because of Botan's weight.

When the doctor and Yayoi left, Mikan followed them and overheard Yayoi say, "If .. can't lose weight, I will have to throw it away. It's better to throw it away. I don't need it."

Botan became very worried.

Then the doctor and Yayoi stopped by a pet shop. Yayoi saw some small cute cats in the window. She said, "I want one of these. Botan is too fat."

Mikan overheard and thought Yayoi was talking about the cat that she was going to buy next. Then Botan went out to face the doctor and Yayoi. When the doctor tried to pick up Botan, he injured his back too.

Later in the open lot, Botan was determined to lose weight so he can become small and cute. He wanted to stay with Yayoi. Mikan said that he would help. Then both Mikan and Botan "jogged" (more like walked) around in circles. But Botan gave up right away because he was getting too hungry. Then Botan began to see illusions. Botan thought that Kurobuchi was food and started chasing him. Botan woke up when he bit Kurobuchi's tail and realized it wasn't food.

That evening, Tom's mother came to get Tom and Mikan because she wanted to go jogging again. Since father was still injured, he didn't have to run. Tom said that he wanted to injure his back too.

When they were running, they saw Yayoi and Botan running. Then Mikan heard Botan scream out. Mikan rushed to him and found Yayoi collapsed on the street.

Yayoi woke up in the doctor's place. Yukihiko was there. He was concerned about Yayoi's diet. He said that he preferred a slightly chubby Yayoi better.

Then the doctor came and said that he wanted Yayoi to do something about Botan, who was eating all of the doctor's snacks. When Yayoi called for Botan, Botan jumped through the air to her. Yayoi said that they would stop the diet.

The next day, Mikan told Momoji and the two cats (Killy and Morry) that Botan didn't have to diet any more. Killy said that she wanted Tom's mother to continue her diet. It was because she wanted Mikan to come over every day to eat.

That evening when Tom's mother called everyone to dinner, she said that they were going to have steak. Tom and Tom's father felt happy, but it turned out to be tofu steak. Mother said that she was still going to continue her diet.

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