Mikan Enikki episode 26

Mikan pinch! Himitsu ga bareta?
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.07.10
At night, father and Mikan were drinking a lot. Tom was playing a video game. Tom's mother wasn't home. Father asked if Koringo could speak human language. Mikan laughed and said that Koringo couldn't even speak cat language. Then the phone rang.

A drunk Mikan answered the phone. It was from Sera (one of Tom's classmates). Mikan kept talking to Sera. Mikan even told Sera that he was Mikan, the cat. When Tom noticed Mikan talking on the phone, he quickly grabbed the phone away from Mikan.

The next day at school, Tom explained to Sera that it wasn't really Mikan. Tom said that it was his cousin, who was playing a joke. But Sera said that there were some rumors of Mikan going around standing on his hind legs, picking flowers, and dancing around. Tom denied it, saying that Mikan was an ordinary cat, but he began to worry about Mikan.

When Tom came back from school, he went to Mikan who was sleeping in the open lot. Tom yelled at Mikan for not acting like a normal cat when he was outside. But Mikan said that he always acted like a cat and ran away. Tom chased him.

Mikan stopped by a tree, and Tom caught up with him. Tom yelled, "You stupid! I told you that you shouldn't talk or walk on your legs!" Mikan got up against the tree and tried talking his way out of it. Mikan said that he didn't know what Tom was talking about. But Tom yelled again at Mikan. Then the lady who was out in the yard heard the voices and went to Tom and Mikan. They were all shocked when the lady spotted them. The lady ran back into the house, and she couldn't believe that a cat could talk.

When Mikan and Tom got home, they told Tom's mother (who was out in the yard) that Mrs. Yokota had seen Mikan talking. Mrs. Yokota was a sneaking around the Kusanagi home and confirmed that Mikan had talked.

Later they told Tom's father. Mikan was very worried. Since Mrs. Yokota was a talkative woman, they feared the worst. (Maybe Mikan would be taken away for experiments.)

The next morning, the Kusanagi family feared the worst, but they didn't find anything wrong. As Tom's father was leaving for work, he told Mikan to stay home that day.

When they were walking down the street, Tom and Tom's father ran into a person from the neighborhood. He said that Mrs. Yokota had come over and told him that Mikan was a talking cat. The guy asked if Tom had played a joke on Mrs. Yokota. He said that there was no way a cat can talk. Then he ran off with his dog.

Tom and Tom's father realized that no matter how much Mrs. Yokota talked, nobody would believe her.

That night, Mikan drank again and laughed about it. But mother said that she had been invited by Mrs. Yokota to her house, with Mikan. She wondered if she should refuse. But Mikan said that he would go. He said that he would show Mrs. Yokota that he was a normal cat.

Mikan and Koringo went with Tom and mother to Mrs. Yokota's house. Mikan pretended to be a normal cat. Mrs. Yokota's cat pointed out to Mikan that there was a video camera taking pictures of them.

Later Mikan laughed with Botan and Kurobuchi in the open lot. Then Mrs. Yokota came to Mikan with a plate of raw fish. She had a video camera and wanted Mikan to talk. But Mikan just cried like a cat. After a while Mrs. Yokota gave up and left.

Then Botan and Mikan ate the raw fish that Mrs. Yokota had left. Mrs. Yokota had left a tiny microphone on the plate to try to record Mikan's speech. But Botan thought it was food and ate it.

At home Tom was trying to teach Koringo how to talk by pointing to things and saying their names. But Koringo couldn't talk yet. Then Koringo and Tom went out to get Mikan.

Mikan had also started walking home. When Mikan came to an intersection, Tom and Koringo were just across the street from him. Just as Koringo started to run across the street, a speeding car came by.

When the car went by, Mikan saw that Tom had grabbed Koringo and saved him. Mikan was very happy and ran to Tom on his legs. Mikan was crying and said, "Thank you!" in human language. Mrs. Yokota had been following Mikan and got the whole scene on video tape.

That night Mrs. Yokota's cat helped Mikan get into the house. While Mrs. Yokota was sleeping, Mikan rewound the tape in the video camera.

The next day Mrs. Yokota took the tape to the veterinarian, and tried to show the video of Mikan talking. But when she played the video, it was a video of Mrs. Yokota sleeping.

That night Mikan and Tom's father drank again. Mother said that both Mikan and Tom's father drank too much recently. Then they heard a little voice say, "Father." It was Koringo, and everyone was surprised.

Mikan thought that Koringo had called him father. But Koringo looked at Tom's father and said, "Father" again. Then he said, "Tom" after looking at Tom, and "Mother" after looking at mother. When Mikan asked Koringo to say his name, Koringo said, "Mikan-chan." Mikan was very saddened and started crying.

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