Minky Momo episode 1

Hello, Minky Momo
OP song
Yume Miru Heart (Komori Manami)
ED song
Daba Daba Fallin' Love (Komori Manami)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.15
Three guys were in some ruins. They came to a dead end. Then the wall crumbled in front of them. They all saw a subway train pass by in front of them. The ruins were next to the subway tracks.

The three guys saw a room next to them because the vibration had caused a hole in the wall. The walls of the other room had some ancient drawings. The professor said that it was written in Daba Daba language. Before the professor could go investigate, they went to eat lunch.

At her home, an orange short-haired woman was writing a detective story. She got a phone call from her husband, who she called Papa. The professor called her wife Mama, and told her about his discovery. He said that the ruins had the story of Fenarinaasa, one of the land of dreams.

In the past a girl called Minky Momo from Fenarinaasa went to earth. The many lands of dreams had all left earth because the people of earth were losing their dreams.

The king of Fenarinaasa was watching as the earth was getting farther away. The queen came and said that there was one land of dreams still on the earth. It was Marinnaasa, and the king of Fenarinaasa was a cousin of the king of Marinnaasa.

The king of Marinnaasa was sleeping when the phone rang. The king answered and said it was still night, but the king of Fenarinaasa said that it was already day. Since Marinnaasa was at the bottom of the ocean, it was dark. The king of Marinnaasa looked at his clock and found out that it was day, so he turned on the light to make it daytime.

A young girl with pink hair, yellow ribbon, white shirt, blue vest, and red skirt ran out to play with her animals. The girl went on a hang glider. She tried to go higher and higher, and went above the clouds. The animals said that it was the limit. But the girl said that there was no limit and tried to go higher. But the girl hit her head on the ceiling of Marinnaasa. Then the girl fell down. Since she didn't use her magic, she crashed into the ground. But since it was the land of dreams, she didn't get hurt. The girl said that she wanted to play in a bigger place. Then the girl got called from her father, the king.

The girl went to the king. The king of Marinnaasa said that the king of Fenarinaasa had told him that by sending her to earth, it can restore some of the dreams of people. Also Marinnaasa would be able to float from the bottom of the ocean. The girl said that she wanted to go because the land of people was large. But the queen said that it wasn't that simple. Fenarinaasa was above the earth, so it was easy to go down. But Marinnaasa was in the bottom of the ocean, so it was hard to go up.

The king of Marinnaasa asked the computer, and the computer said that every 1444 years, there was a time when the gravity above Marinnaasa became zero. The king asked when the next time would be, and the computer said that it was that day.

Then the queen said that there was another problem. The girl needed a name if she went to earth. Since there wasn't enough time to think of a name, the king said that it would be Minky Momo because the previous girl was Minky Momo.

So Momo and the animals got into a car and went out into the ocean toward the human world.

Meanwhile the professor was reading the writings on the ruins. It told the story of a girl from the land of dreams who would come to a childless family. It happened every 1444 years, when the stars and the clouds in space lined up. This was going to happen that day.

In the ocean, a submarine spotted something on radar. The radar operator told the captain that there was no response. So the captain said to attack it. Momo was in her car and was happy to see the submarine. It was her first contact with humans. But the torpedos hit Momo's car. So Momo used her own magic torpedos and was going to blast the submarine. But Momo's car got thrown back instead. Momo's computer said that her magic didn't work against the submarines because the people there didn't believe in dreams at all.

Momo's ship flew out of the water and went high into the air.

Mama and Papa were in their home. Mama was saying that the legend of Fenarinaasa was beautiful. She wished that it would come true so they can have a child. Then they saw something flash across the night sky. Papa wished, "That we can have a child." Mama was very happy when she heard Papa's wish.

Momo and her car kept going higher and higher into space. They were heading toward a black hole. Since they couldn't get out, Momo took out her magic wand and plugged it into the car. Momo used her magic and there was an explosion. The explosion caused Momo's car to get thrown back down onto the earth.

Momo and her animals landed inside an airplane. They were in the stewardess station. When they looked out to the passenger section, they saw that two guys with guns were highjacking the plane.

Momo couldn't use most of her magic any more. But Cookbook (the large blue dog) said that there was something Momo could use. So Momo said, "Parariru parariru doririnpa, tiaran tiaran maririnpa. Since it's an airplane, become a stewardess with the minky touch!" Momo transformed into an 18 year old stewardess.

Momo went out to the highjackers, and asked them to stop the highjack. But the highjackers said that they wouldn't stop it just because a stewardess told them to. When Momo asked who could make them stop, the highjacker said that a very strong police or attack team could. So Momo went back to the stewardess station and transformed again.

Momo, as a tough soldier, went out to face the highjackers. But the highjackers didn't put down their guns. So Momo fired at them. The highjackers dropped their guns, and Momo's animals hurried to get them.

Later Momo and her animals were wondering around in a city. They almost got run over by cars, and Momo didn't know where they should go.

Momo became tired and went to sit on a bench. The animals then decided to use the last of their magical powers to send Momo to some family. Momo wasn't sure about it, but Cookbook said that they couldn't use much of their powers anyways, so it was all right. The animals used their magic. Momo and the animals turned into a ball of light, and the light went flying into the air and disappeared.

Mama and Papa were at home. Then they heard a crash upstairs. They thought it might be burglars, and went upstairs. They opened the door and saw Momo in her pajamas and her animals.
Momo said, "Hi Papa, Mama."
Papa and Mama said, "Hurry up and go to sleep."

Papa wondered if they had that girl before, but Mama said that it was their daughter.

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