Minky Momo unaired episode 1

SOS! Marinnaasa
(on Minky Momo video collection #16)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.26
Minky Momo, her animals, mother, and father were watching TV. A military submarine was firing missiles at targets. The commander (a fat guy with a cowboy hat and a cigar in his mouth) loved firing and kept on firing missiles. But he fired too many missiles and caused a huge explosion. His submarine went out of control, and went spinning toward Marinnaasa.

In Marinnaasa, the king and queen (Minky Momo's parents) got a warning from the computer about the oncoming submarine, but it was too late. The submarine speared its way into Marinnaasa.

After coming to a stop, the commander and his men came out of the submarine with their guns. The king and queen of Marinnaasa were going to welcome them. But the men had no idea where they were. They thought that they were in a secret enemy base, or in the legendary under water city, or an alien hide out. The king told them that it was a land of dreams. But the men didn't believe him and laughed.

The commander and men went searching for the "other" enemy. They said that they would take over the land. They walked through Marinnaasa, but they didn't run into any other people. The commander got mad and wanted to find an enemy.

The king and queen were disappointed that the men didn't believe that they were in the land of dreams. But the queen said that they should show the men their own dreams.

All of a sudden the commander and men were in a submarine. The commander saw a lot of missiles coming in his direction. He became happy and ordered his men to fire back.

The king and queen were disappointed that the dream of the men was fighting. Because of the fighting, Marinnaasa was getting destroyed. But the queen said that they couldn't chase out people who had dreams, no matter what the dreams were. So the queen called Minky Momo. The only one who could return the people to the normal land was Momo. The king said that it would be hard for Momo to come. But the queen said that there was an emergency miracle back door.

Momo and her animals went to the emergency back door. There was a statue of the king there. Momo pushed the button and the ground opened up. Then Momo and her animals went down into the hole.

In their "dream" the men spotted more enemy on the land. So the commander asked for tanks. The men said that they didn't have tanks, but the commander's dream came true. They were all placed in tanks. Then they started battling on the land. The commander just kept firing and firing.

A magic door opened and Momo and her animals landed in the battlefield. When they looked up, a missile was headed for them. One of the magical girls of the land came and saved Momo. The missile then went up through the magic door, where Momo had just come through. The missile went all the way up to the normal land and caused an explosion. So the emergency miracle back door was destroyed and could not be used any more.

Momo went to all of the fairies and the other magic people of Marinnaasa. They told Momo about what was going on.

The commander wondered if there were any other enemy. Then he appeared in an airplane (jet fighter). He was happy and kept launching missiles. Some of the missiles came close to hitting Momo and other friends.

So Momo and her friends all got into tanks and fought back. But the commander and planes were too strong and blasted all of Momo's tanks. But of course nobody died because it was the land of dreams.

Momo got upset and used her magic to create giant creatures (a godzilla, an ultraman-like person, funny aliens, etc). The men had no idea what they were up against, but the commander said, "I don't care. Just shoot! Shoot! Shoot!"

The attack planes fought the monsters. But neither side received any damage. The commander wondered what was going on. "Is this a real battle?" Then he recalled the time when he was in a war. He crawled in a battle zone and got wounded. He looked at his scar, and felt that he didn't want to fight a battle where he wouldn't get wounded.

Then Momo fired a bazooka from the ground and hit the commander's plane. Momo hit all of the other planes too. The airplanes were going to crash into the ground. The commander was crying, but he felt happy that he could die in a battle.

After everyone crash landed, they all got up without any scratches. They couldn't believe it. Momo told them that in Marinnaasa (land of dreams) nobody ever got hurt.

The commander got mad. He said that it wasn't fighting. He said that he wanted to go back to his world, and didn't want any dreams. "I want a real battle!" All of the other men went with the commander too.

As the men were leaving in their submarine, Momo asked if she and her animals could get a ride back to the surface. The commander said that it was ok.

Just as the submarine got near the surface, they got attacked. But the commander was happy. It was a "real" battle. The submarine got destroyed, and everyone was left floating in the water.

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