Pokemon: Dennou Senshi Polygon

  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.01.12
Only certain folks got to see this episode before it was banned for all eternity. Currently it is only shown in some anime circles where it's viewed under the influence of drugs/alcohol. So if you aren't one of the lucky ones, then here's a brief summary of the infamous, "I faked seizures to get out of school" Pocket Monster episode!!

Quick factoids:

  • The episode title is "Dennou Senshi Polygon" (Electric Fighter Polygon). Polygon is the name of whatever that dumb Pokemon #150 is.
  • The opening and closing songs are actually less catchy and worse sounding than their American counterparts.
  • Hayashibara Megumi plays the voice of Musashi ("Jesse") of Team Rocket. Yes, the voice of Lina Inverse, Ayanami Rei, Ranma-chan, and others.
  • You can buy a Pokemon "Hyper Desk" which looks like an ordinary kid's desk, but it can secretly transform into a computer table and entertainment center. I swear that I'm not making this up.
  • Hitoshi says that he likes this episode of Pocket Monsters, although I suspect that he may have been watching it under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

Satoshi, Takeshi, and Kasumi (that's Ash, Brock, and Misty) were all wandering around to the next town and wanted to stop by the Pokemon Center so Pikachu could relax. But there was some "strange" problems happening at the center. Apparently they were digitizing Pokemon (Get it?! Digital Monsters?!), but they were getting lost in the process.

Apparently Team Rocket had gone inside the computers and were trying to steal them. Our heroes ended up being forced into the digital world to help the crazy doctor to rid Team Rocket from the system. Polygon helped them along the way by becoming their ride and such.

Well, they defeat Team Rocket (of course). They also work on releasing the "Monster Balls" (what you call "Poke-balls" in the U.S.). Apparently Team Rocket had put up little stop signs and wooden blockades that were blocking network traffic. I'm dead serious.

However, the system had released a "vaccine" to stop the potential "viruses" in the system. When it transforms into combat mode, it looks like an X-Wing fighter from Star Wars, except it has a body of a hypodermic needle. (Get it?! Vaccine?!)

The vaccine used missiles against everybody. When they exploded, the screen flashed about 30 times a second black and red for maybe a second or so. To be honest, it looked sort of stupid. NOTE: This section apparently doesn't cause brain damage.

The explosion was so big that the system almost crashed with everybody in it. But somehow everybody survived anyway, despite there was a core dump or two.

The good guys were on the way to the computer gateway riding on their Polygon.

Team Rocket had gotten blasted and they weren't looking too good. Their Polygon had gotten the smackdown so they couldn't Ethernet their way outta there. However, the vaccine program was pretty ruthless and quickly retargeted Team Rocket. They looked like they were going to get blown up into little data packets.

Kasumi, being a hardened Unreal Tournament player, said that in the digital world, there was no room for scrubs. She suggested that "Doc Zenith" (which I assume meant the vaccine program) be allowed to collect the Multi-Kill. Who knows, she added, he might even get a Killing Spree award.

But Satoshi was a sentimental fool, so he turned around and rescued them. But the added weight made their Polygon take up a ton of bandwidth. As a result, they were moving very slow. The vaccine quickly figured out where the other intruders were, and it locked onto them.

The vaccine fired its missiles, and Pikachu quickly used its "Thundershock" attack and the missiles appeared to explode in a brilliant, BRAIN-DAMAGING explosion for two seconds. However, it turns out that Pikachu only got two of the missiles. The other two were still coming.

They hit the gateway at the same time as the missiles hit. As a result, they entered back into the "real world" at that moment. The resulting explosion blew up the doctor's lab (and his house). But nobody got killed, despite that they looked like crap after that.

The computer system went back to normal and everybody was happy. And Pikachu finally got to check into the stupid Pokemon Center.

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