Sister Princess episode 1

Sister Princess episode 1
Boku no Graduation
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.07.23
Wataru was talking about something about love and crap. I couldn't figure it out what he was saying. I will need to see the script for this series to figure it out. But it involves a locket that is similar to the heart in the Sister Princess logo.


NOTE: There is no formal opening animation for this series yet. As a result, they only the best parts of the episode. The second part of the OP are clips from a Horie Yui music video. Sadly, it doesn't seem to be timed right so Horie Yui's lips don't match the song lyrics. Weird.

A number of junior high school students were assembled for their graduation ceremony from the Victory School. All the students were dressed the same, and even looked the same. They all had on even the same hairstyles and wore the same glasses. In effect, they all looked like real nerds.

Wataru had a digital camera and he was making pictures of the surroundings. His classmates were all celebrating and such. Then Wataru was going to photograph his student number on the acceptance board. He kept looking for his number, 3396. But his number wasn't on the board. He went into total shock.

His buddy went up to him and asked him where was his number. Wataru said that it wasn't there very quietly. But his friend couldn't hear him as there was so much celebrating in the background. It turned out to be Minai-kun, who had a whole team of people tossing him in the air. In the background was a sign that said "Omedetou!". Minai-kun said that he placed first and asked what place did he get. But Wataru said that his number wasn't there. Then the world turned black as he screamed, "This can't be happening!"

He went to the test office and demanded to know what had happened. I didn't understand the reason, but his fate didn't change. Then his friend that lived next door (that passed) pretty much said, "See ya!" and left.

When he went inside, his butler Jiiya greeted him. He gave him a plane ticket and an ATM card. Wataru didn't understand what was happening. But then some men in black appeared and congratulated him. They said that he had won a full scholarship to Stargazer's Hill West University. The butler then pushed out a suitcase with his name on it. But before he could say anything, the men grabbed him and threw him into the back of a moving truck. Then they threw his suitcase in on top of him. During the entire time, they kept screaming, "Omedetou-gozaimasu!" repeatedly. Then they drove off rapidly.

Wataru was standing in front of the high school of his dreams. Then a little (phantom) girl appeared from nowhere in the school grounds. You couldn't see her face as she was looking down and she was wearing a large hat. But she was dressed in yellow and had short brown hair. She said something like she was waiting for him. He told her that he couldn't enter the school. Then the girl bowed and wished him luck elsewhere. The school gates slammed shut. Then his buddy Minai appeared inside the school grounds wishing him luck and reminding him that he was Number One. Then things went black around him and he lamented.

The phantom girl appeared next to him. She asked why he was going to give up so soon. Wataru said that only the high school of his dreams was good enough for him. The girl lifted her head only slightly so you could see her mouth. "Idiot," she said. Then she vanished. Then various pans and objects fell from nowhere on top of Wataru's head as he thought, "This can't be happening."

Wataru awoke from his dream with his face smashed into the wall of the truck. Apparently the truck had braked rapidly and he had flown forward from the momentum.

He noticed that there was a window flap on the cloth-covered truck, and he looked out it. He noticed that he was along some mountainous road by the sea, and the sun was close to setting. There was an island in the distance. At the very highest point of the island, there was a strange, Polynesian-like humanoid statue rotating slowly on top it. Wataru wondered where he was.

The truck stopped by the docks and the men threw out Wataru. They left him a piece of paper that read, "Welcome to Promised Island, Stargazer's Hill West University." He looked out toward the strange island, and said that he was going home.

But then an old man that looked like his butler Jiiya was right there behind him. Wataru was shocked. He was smoking a cigarette and said that he didn't know who "Jiiya" was. But the man said that he was supposed to give him a boat ride to the island. Wataru said that he was going home. The man said that it was fine, but there was some rule (like maybe he would have to pay for a ride home). Wataru said, "This can't be happening!"

Wataru was riding on the boat looking very depressed. Another male appeared on the ship who was very excited about his acceptance letter. Then a pretty girl came aboard looking sort of depressed as well. She had red hair, glasses, and a bear kiragumi on her head. Apparently she was supposed to spy on some student (Wataru). Both Wataru and the girl wondered how they got into this, and let out a long sigh.

The other guy started talking about how excited he was and how great it was. He showed Wataru that inside the envelope was a book called "Guide Book to the Promised Island". He introduced himself as Yamada Taro. Then he asked for Wataru's name. Then he asked the girl for her name. She said that she was Mami. Then Yamada started squealing about how attractive of a name that was. Mami turned in disgust, saying that some guy could come on to her just by giving out her name.

They got to the island. The others left the ship. The old man told him to be careful not to fall into the sea when he got off the boat. Wataru was looking around with his digital camera. "Welcome to Promised Island" a large banner read. When Wataru tried to step onto the dock, the boat had pulled away from the shore and he fell into it. A girl with long hair hidden by shadows saw this.

Yamada just got on his knees and prayed for him. But Mami screamed at him, and threw a life preserver out to Wataru. But she threw it so hard that it instead hit Wataru in the face and knocked off his glasses. His glasses slowly sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Without his glasses, you could see that Wataru had a handsome face. But he couldn't swim so he started to sink. He figured that this was the end, as nobody was coming out to help him. He thought in his mind that his camera was the only thing representing all of his memories, so he held it up in the air to prevent it from getting wet as long as possible. "This can't be happening," he thought.

Suddenly a white boat draped in bright cloth seemed to suddenly appear above him. The floating boat slowly lowered to him. There was a pretty girl [Karen] with long dark hair reaching out over the side of it. Wataru heard her say, "Oniichan..." and then she grasped his camera-carrying arm and pulled. Then Wataru lost consciousness.

Wataru awoke in the boat. The girl thanked the crane operator. Apparently he had lowered the decorative swan-like boat near Wataru so she could rescue him. The pretty girl was very kind and said that she was very relieved that he was okay. Then she handed him back his camera. The girl said that she was sorry, but she couldn't find his glasses. But Wataru had put the camera up to his face and was using it as a substitute. He saw the girl and took a picture of her. It was only then that he realized the girl was so pretty.

"What's happening?" the girl said, reaching over to him. "Is there something strange?" But when Wataru nodded, she became hurt because she thought that he was talking about her. Wataru quickly said that it was just his glasses, and she got out a pink handkerchief and began wiping his hair dry. He was entranced by the girl and couldn't say anything.

"I think that you're more handsome without your glasses," she said. And then she ran off saying, "Take care!" When Wataru tried to say something, she said that she was sure that he could get home okay (I think). Wataru was left holding her pink handkerchief.

Then he heard Yamada yell out, "Hey, are you okay?" from a distance. Apparently he was now far away from the dock and he remembered that he had luggage. Wataru ran down to the dock again.


Wataru was looking at a map of the Promised Island[s] that came with the Guide Book. Apparently the island had sections that went around the island like rings. You could only read part of the map in the scene that they showed, but here it is for you folks at home. This is a side view of the island:

 Stargazer's Peak Park
 [the statue is here]

 5th Street  |  Stargazer's Hill West
 ["Springs and Grass"] |   Univ. Area
 4th Street     |     China D--
 3rd Street        |        Japan Cla--
 2nd Street           |           Euro Pr--
 1st Street              |               Vacation In--

 Welcome Harbor

Wataru said that he needed to get a school uniform which was on 1st street. Strangely enough, the form of trolley car on this island was a steam-powered locomotive that went around the island. He went to a store called "Saturday". He didn't notice that Mami was watching him through binoculars from just outside the store.

As Wataru shopped, Mami continued to stare at him from across the aisle using the binoculars. A girl's voice came from the dressing room asking him for his help. She said that she needed him to pull on something. Wataru accidentally peeked and saw that she was talking about the zipper on her dress, and he blushed a little.

The girl [Haruka] opened the curtain and asked how she looked in her dress. Wataru said that she looked fine. But then he shivered. She asked what was wrong, and he said that his clothes were still wet. So she said that he would have to change too.

Wataru changed out of his school uniform into more casual clothes. He wondered if he looked weird, but she said that she looked good. Then the girl said, "And now..." and she took a picture of him with her. She then gripped his arm and said that she hoped to see him again. Wataru blushed again, and then the train came and she left him.

Wataru was riding a train up to the university. His watch said that it was 11:05am, and he had to be there by 3pm so he had time. There was a girl on the train with him that looked worried. He asked if she was okay, and she asked him, "What kind of flowers do you think oniichan would like for a present?"

Wataru told the train operator that he wanted to get off at the shopping district. Kaho said that he was very kind for helping her. And then she said that he was cool. But Wataru said that he wasn't cool. He asked if she thought it was strange for going to a school across the ocean. But Kaho said that she didn't think so. She said that no matter where you were, you should always give it your best, and wished him luck.

As she bid him farewell and waved, Wataru took out his camera. But as he snapped a photo, Kaho had tripped over herself. Then she did the "gambare" arm gesture. [This is the gesture that Tomoyo gave Sakura when she went up for her music test in the Time Card episode. You know, where you give a gentle flapping of the arms almost like the Chicken Dance.] Wataru repeated the gesture and said that he was going to give it his best.

Meanwhile, Mami was still spying on him with her binoculars.

Wataru then ran into a man that looked like Jiiya. He told him that he needed to get an apartment (I think). Then Wataru signed up for one. But he heard somebody say that it was 2:30pm. He looked at his watch and realized that it still said 11:05am. He figured out that the water must've messed up his watch. He took it off and threw it on the ground. Then he started running toward the school.

Mami screamed out that she was going to be late for school also and ran after him. Neither person noticed a small girl picking up Wataru's broken watch.

Wataru was still running outside of the school when the clock struck 3pm. He screamed, "This can't be happening!" Then he quit running inside the school since he was already late for class, and he was already in trouble. He heard somebody playing a beautiful song on the piano. He went to the music room and peeked inside. It was the same long, dark haired girl from earlier playing it. But then the doors from the music room fell off their hinges and Wataru was standing there stupefied.

The girl wasn't fazed. She asked if he had heard her play. Then she asked if he would love to do something together after school. Wataru quickly said that he would love it.

After school, Karen took him to a watch store. Wataru realized that she was talking about "watches" and not "love" (which are homonyms in Japanese). She held two watches in her hands and asked him which watch did he think was more cool. But Wataru said that if she wanted to give a gift that perhaps it would be best if she decided for herself.

As Wataru was babbling, she looked at one watch and realized that it was analog, but when you flipped the top it had a digital display underneath it. She said that this was the one. Wataru was pleased, and continued talking but when he opened his eyes, she was going to give it as a present. Wataru thought that he was a total moron for thinking that she was going to give it to him.

Then he thought that somebody was watching him. Whenever he turned, however, she would hide. Finally, Wataru caught her and she was a bit surprised that she got caught staring. It was the little girl from earlier that had gotten his broken watch. Wataru asked if she was looking for her father. She shook her head no. Then he asked if she was looking for her mother, and she shook her head again. Are you lost, Wataru asked. But she said that her name wasn't "lost".

"Hinako-chan, what are you doing here?" Karen said. She apologized to Wataru and said that she'd take her home. "See you later!" Hina said (or something like that).

Then Wataru headed home to his apartment. He heard a familiar voice yell out. There was somebody watching the TV. It said, "Garuban Daichi wo Tatsu!", which was the name of some mecha anime. It was the guy from earlier on the boat. Wataru quickly joined him and watched the TV. The other guy said that they had cable TV and we could get programs like these. Then they both said, "Hey, what are you doing in my room?"

The the apartment manager appeared and apologized. He said to Wataru that he had double-booked the reservation. Meanwhile Mami was digging through the garbage outside looking for good stuff and found some food. In the end, Wataru was told that he had to leave.

On the escalator down, he saw Hinako walking with Karen. He used his telephoto lens and photographed her. He was looking at all the pictures that he had taken that day. He said that he had met a lot of interesting people.

Then he walked back to the school grounds. He saw a small building next to it with the lights still on. He went inside and said, "Good evening, I'm sorry about the intrusion..." Then he was showered with streamers. The four girls that he had met earlier were sitting in the room. "Welcome home, big brother," they said.

"Big brother? Do you mean that you're... my younger sisters?"

"Yes, big brother," they replied.

"This can't be happening!" he said.

Mami was still spying on him from a tent just outside the school grounds. She said that it was going to be interesting. Then she ate the package food that she found in the garbage. She screamed that it tasted awful, I think.

Meanwhile, Wataru took a bath and thought about all of this. The other girls meanwhile set the table outside. Maho put flowers in the center that she had gotten earlier that day. They had curry rice for dinner, and they waited for him to eat before starting. "Is it good, oniisama?" one of the girls asked.

Later, Karen handed him a gift. It was the watch that she had gotten earlier that day.

Wataru went to his room and began setting up his TV. They mentioned something on TV about Garudan, and Yamada and Mami got excited. I didn't get the joke.

[The ending song is sung by Horie Yui, but I can't read the kanji title. The animation features the little phantom girl chasing a vapor trail. Talk about symbolism.]

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