Sister Princess episode 2

Sister Princess episode 2
Oniichan, Daisuki
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.07.30
It was early morning. Wataru was in his pajamas outside by the house looking out to sea. He was thinking about all the events that happened the previous day. He couldn't believe that he had younger sisters all of the sudden. He pinched himself hard in the face and said, "This can't be happening!"

[OP] NOTE: This time, it seems that Horie Yui's video is timed correctly to the song.

Wataru was still thinking about how he had four younger sisters. But then his stomach started to growl. He decided that he had to eat. Mami was spying on him wearing her glasses and the bear kiragumi again. A cold wind blew around her.

Then Mami heard something on her laptop PC. A large black teddy bear came into her virtual room and smacked her little bear Postpet in the face with four bags of something. I guess e-mail. Mami was too afraid to open her mailbox since it was probably some criticism from her superiors.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Postpet is something that is hard to describe. Basically, you have this e-mail program that "animates" when you get something. An e-mail "pet" goes to another person's mailbox when you send mail. I guess that you can select what you want to do when it arrives.

Wataru was debating about how to address his sisters before he went into the breakfast room. He wanted to keep it formal, but he wasn't sure what to say.

As he was trying to think about phrases, Karen walked past him and said, "Ohayou gozaimasu, oniichan." Wataru stammered and echoed back her phrase to her ("Ohayou gozaimasu... e-toooo, K-Karen").

Then Sakuya walked past Wataru and said, "Morning, oniisama." Wataru echoed the phrase back to her. (You can see the pattern here).

"Ohayou, oniichama," Kaho slurred as she went past him.

"Ohayou, oniisama," Hinako said to him. (Hinako has a very squeaky voice, so it will sound like "oniitama" sometimes).

Wataru seemed upset that he called the girls by name, probably because it was too "familiar" in attitute. But the girls were wondering what he was doing standing there and said it was time for breakfast.

At the breakfast table, Wataru was served first. They gave him a bowl of (something dark-colored) and asked him to try it. Wataru tried a bit and had a shocked look on his face. Karen asked, "Is it delicious?" But then Wataru's face turned red and he breathed out fire. Wataru had to lie down on the couch and Hinako and Kaho asked if he was okay. Karen tasted the dish and said there was something wrong with it to Sayuka (which I didn't completely understand).

Later, Wataru was looking over his entrance papers again to the university.

The girls were in the kitchen and they were cleaning up. They were talking about what they liked.

Wataru started to fill out the application, I believe. But then he ran out of pencil lead. (I think?)

The others were outside discussing what they should go buy when they went shopping. The others were thinking more along the lines of what their "older brother" would like. They were thinking about food items, like cookies and such. Hinako wanted them to buy a picture book so he would read it to her.

Then Wataru opened the window and asked if they were making a shopping list. They asked if he wanted to come along. He was thinking about it (I think?).

Later, Wataru was somehow by himself looking out into the sea. He thought that he heard something rustle in the bushes. He looked behind there and there seemed to be some markings on the ground. He walked behind the house and noticed that there was a tree that appeared to have whacked at it with something sharp. Several scars were seen on the trunk, and some of the smaller branches had been cut off. He wondered who could have done such a thing.

Then Wataru thought that he heard somebody come up behind him. He spun around in shock, only to find out that Hinako was there. Hinako asked him what was the matter as Wataru almost screamed. Then Hinako said that the others were waiting for him.

The others had gathered saying that they had completed the list. Then Hinako asked if he would come with them. Then Wataru went daydreaming about something and I didn't understand it. Wataru said that he didn't want to go, and the others left afterwards.

When he went back to behind the house, he noticed that there was a pile of dirt near a tree. It was as if something was recently buried. He thought that he saw a piece of ribbon that was buried in it. When he gave the ribbon a hard pull, he found out that it was tied to a large bone, and it shocked him.

Then he heard another rustling in the bushes again. Wataru asked if it was Hinako-chan again, but then he heard something rustle from behind him. He turned slowly and saw a pair of glowing eyes looking at him from inside the shrubs. Then whatever it was, it growled and leaped out after him. Wataru didn't even wait to see what it was, and he ran in the opposite direction and screamed as hard as he could.

The other girls were still walking to the store. They thought that they heard their older brother. When they saw Wataru screaming and running, they waved hello. But Wataru kept on running past them.

Wataru ran a little past the school before he fell to his knees from exhaustion. He said that there was some kind of monster back there. But then he looked up when he heard the school bell and some thunder. On top of the school, was a shadowy figure wearing a cloak, pointed hat, and a mask.

Then Hinako went behind Wataru and covered his eyes and said, "Guess who?" Wataru screamed again and Hinako asked him what was wrong. Then all the other sisters arrived, and Wataru said that he saw a ghost. He pointed to the top of the school, and they looked and saw nobody there. Then they giggled quietly and said, "Oniichan's strange!" But Wataru thought to himself that he did see something and something was strange at this school.

Meanwhile, Mami had just arrived at the school wearing a backpack. She was still wearing glasses and her bear kiragumi hat. She was wondering where her target was (I think?). Then a cold wind blew again. She saw Wataru running toward the school gates, so Mami quickly dove into the bushes to hide. Mami wondered what was happening. But she didn't really care and quickly went into the school grounds.

Wataru had gone into town. He went up to the old man and started demanding to know why there were creatures lurking at the school (I can't tell why--did Wataru think he was the administrator?). But the old man (who looked like Jiiya) said that he didn't know anything about it--because Wataru had somehow run into an antique shop. Wataru looked around and noticed that he had a Garuban garage kit. But the man said it wasn't for sale.

Then Wataru went to Yamada's apartment. Yamada was watching Garudan anime on TV. Wataru explained his situation, but it seemed that Yamada didn't care. He seemed to think that it was awfully nice to be surrounded by pretty girls.

Then Wataru ran down to the dock so he could leave the island. But the old man who drove the boat said that the engine was broken. He was looking out and saw there was a swan boat. But the man said that he couldn't take that boat because it was too dangerous. Wataru figured that he couldn't leave the island. The old man asked him why he wanted to leave. When Wataru thought about the girls, he decided that he had to return. Then the old man took a long puff on his cigarette.

[eyecatch] (The old man hacked from smoking).

Wataru was running back to the house. Everybody was waiting inside, and wondering where he had gone. Hikaru seemed to be very distraught by this and wanted him to come home, and started to cry. But Sayuka said that she would cook her favorite meal (I think), and Hikaru felt better. Then Wataru ran into the room, and everybody said, "Welcome home!" Everybody seemed confused that Wataru was out of breath.

Then, Wataru, with a miner's helmet and a gohei, went outside to "purify" the place of ghosts. When he waved the gohei, a bird flew past him, and Wataru was so scared that he ran inside the house. Then Wataru kept hearing little sounds around the house and he got more and more scared. The doors opened up behind him and Wataru got pushed on the ground. His sisters were standing there wondering what he was doing. But instead, he said, "Don't worry, I'll protect you." The girls didn't understand what he meant, but they figured that he was being nice.

Later, the girls were serving cake and coffee in the dining room. Wataru, still dressed in the same getup, now brought out a number of protective items, including a small mallet, an ofuda, an omamori, and various gardening tools to the table. Suddenly, he heard a large rattling sound. Wataru immediately stood and began looking at the ceiling for some entity in the room. But Kaho said that she had dropped her spoon. The others wondered if Wataru was really feeling okay.

Wataru noticed that he was acting strange and went down to pick up his teacup. Kaho said, "Ahhh... the sugar bowl..." But Wataru said that he'd like two spoonfuls in his coffee. But Wataru didn't realize that Kaho meant that he was actually holding the sugar bowl, and he tried to drink out of it, pouring sugar all over himself.

But then there was a loud growling sound in the room and the place began rattling. The other girls got a nervous. When something fell from the ceiling, all the girls immediately clung to Wataru for safety. Suddenly, the skylight over the table broke and a girl jumped in through it. The girls in the room screamed. But the girl, who had short hair and goggles, landed on her hands and did a backflip, calling Wataru, "Ani" (older brother). The other girls were shocked.

Then a piece of wood fell from the ceiling. But before it could hit the ground, a blur came and sliced it with two. A girl with dark hair in a kimono landed behind the group. She was carrying a naginata. She addressed Wataru as "aniki-sama" and the other girls were shocked again.

But then from the front door came a ghostly figure. It turned out to be a girl with glasses and a large dog. She came into the room and addressed Wataru as the "anue-sama" and the other girls were shocked once more. Wataru couldn't believe it.

Finally, a large light appeared in the middle of the dining table. When it dissipated, it was the dark figure that Wataru saw on the roof earlier that day. She whipped off her hat, mask and cape, revealing a mature-looking female with Western clothes. She called Wataru "ani-kun" and wondered if he was all right. The four girls couldn't believe it.

The girl in the kimono introduced herself as Haruka. Then the athletic girl, who was now skating around the room, introduced herself as Mamoru. The girl with the large dog said that she was Maria, and finally the mysterious girl said that her name was Chikage.

I didn't understand the reason why they weren't able to meet him at first, and how they never met the other sisters, but they somehow came up with some (highly-unrealistic) explanation. In any case, all the girls quickly became friends with each other. Wataru was shocked to see that he now had eight sisters.

Chikage turned over one of her Tarot cards and it was "Death". She suspected that something else was coming (I think). Nobody else had any idea, but they heard something creaking from upstairs. Sayaka was going to ask Wataru to investigate, but he was scared. He quickly covered his ears and said that he didn't hear anything.

Meanwhile, Mami was upstairs with a portable cooker making suyiyaki by herself in the dark. She had removed her glasses and kiragumi hat and you could see that she had two very strange looking ponytails. She thought that she heard something moaning from one of the adjacent rooms. She tiptoed over and took a peek. As she slowly opened the door, something approached her from the other side and Mami screamed.

At the sound of the scream, both Kaho and Hinako grabbed onto Wataru. Wataru looked around the room and noticed that everybody else was waiting for him to investigate. Then Wataru summoned up the courage to go look. Wataru still had his mining cap and gohei. He was very scared, but he peeked into the room that Mami had seen earlier. A hand reached out at him, and he fell over backwards in fright.

It turned out to be four girls lying in futons and chairs. "Water..." they moaned terribly. "Please give us some water..."

Later, they were sitting at the table, drinking glasses of water, and Wataru found out that they were also his sisters. I didn't understand the entire explanation of how they were trapped upstairs. But somehow they had been undetected by the other sisters during this time. "This can't be happening!" Wataru said.

The girls introduced themselves. Shirayuki, who had pinkish hair and a large ribbon. Linlin was the girl with goggles and said that she was very good at computers and other electronics. Yotsuba, who had short brown hair, said that she liked to "check" things out with her magnifying glass. And finally, the girl with blue hair and fancy dress said very slowly that she was Aria.

Then Mami was caught sneaking around the house. Wataru saw her and asked if she was the thirteenth sister. Mami said that she was.

Wataru took more pictures with his digital camera. (Notice that the anime has sound effects of an old style camera, despite that he has a digital one!) He photographed all of his sisters, and Mami jumped into the picture for every one of them. He couldn't believe that he had all of these sisters. He sent the pictures along with his e-mail to [somebody--who does he write to in every episode??].

Meanwhile, Yamada was in his apartment watching TV anime again. I should note that it seems that Yamada never unpacks any of his things, as the room is completely barren with the exception of his audio-visual needs and all the cardboard boxes that still retain his belongs.

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