Sister Princess episode 3

Sister Princess episode 3
Oniichan to Issho
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.04
Wataru was looking out into the ocean early the next day. He was thinking about his letter to his friend Akio. He mentioned that today was his first day of school and most people would be very excited by it. But then he found out that he had 12 sisters, and things were getting complicated.

[I don't understand why Mami said that she was his 13th sister in the last episode. Did I misinterpret it, or was she just kidding?]

On the doors to the dining area, there were two pieces of paper. The first paper had the chores in the house and which sister had to do each chore. Then the second paper was Wataru's "chores" which meant spending time with each sister. He had a very full schedule.

As he got dressed, he saw that all the other sisters were waiting to go to school with him. Then he realized that they would also go to the same school as his. "This can't be happening," he said in dismay. Mami looked around the corner of the house (dressed in the school uniform) said that she had to go school with him as well.


Wataru was riding the escalator to school. All of his sisters were riding behind him in a cluster.

When he got to the class, Yamada was waiting at the door for him. He tried to become good friends with Wataru. It was obvious that he was trying to become buddies with Wataru so he could manipulate his sisters better. Wataru didn't seem overly impressed with the act.

Karen was by the window and saw that Wataru was in her class. Wataru asked how she could be in the same class as him since she was in a lower grade. But Karen said that the school had multiple grades in each classroom (I think??). Wataru said, "I can't believe it!" Karen on the other hand was overjoyed to see him in her class.

Yamada had listened to this and was disappointed. He could tell that Karen was ignoring him and he went to go sulk. But Karen turned toward him and introduced herself as Wataru's younger sister. Yamada immediately brightened and started patting Wataru's shoulder, and pretended to be his best friend.

Then Mami peeked around the doorway of the classroom. Karen called out to her and started waving at her. Then Mami saw that Yamada was in the classroom and said, "Great, I've got to be in class with that weirdo." Yamada naturally started to come on to her. Meanwhile, Wataru put his head on the wall because he couldn't believe that she had to be in his class also.

Then class started suddenly. The teacher looked like Jiiya and it shocked him. The teacher told him to take a seat. "This can't be happening!" Wataru said.

After class, Wataru was walking along a field where they had a several students in cheerleader practice. One of the students fell over on her butt. Wataru looked and saw that it was Kaho. Kaho ran up to him and said that she wanted him to watch her in the future. Then the coach told Kaho to come back. She ran back and Wataru was about the leave. However, Kaho called out to him.

"Oniichama!! Gambare!!" she yelled, as she leapt in the air waving her pompoms. The entire class giggled and Wataru left feeling completely embarrassed.

He hid around the corner hoping to get away. However, he ended up standing right in front of Shirayuki. She wanted to eat her lunch that she had prepared. However, from the sounds from the box, Wataru could tell that whatever it was, it was still alive. He quickly said that he wasn't hungry and ran.

As Wataru was sitting on the steps trying to relax, he noticed that Haruka was watching him from behing a pillar. She said that she wanted to make sure that he was "safe". Suddenly, she screamed, "LOOK OUT!" and tackled him from behind. Seconds later, a soccer ball flew over where he was sitting. Wataru groaned in pain as Haruka was lying on top of him. Then Haruka quickly got up and apologized. As she was talking about trying to protect him, the soccer ball fell on top of his head. Haruka didn't notice, but as she was talking Wataru had already left. Then the boys playing soccer asked for their ball.

Wataru was running away from the scene. But then Mamoru ran alongside him. She saw him and challenged him to a race. "Let's go!" she cried out, and she took off like a rocket. But Wataru instead turned and ran in a different direction.

But then he ran into Yotsuba who was carrying her magnifying glass. She was screaming, "Check! Check! Check!" and hopping around while making a "peace" sign with one hand. Wataru was confused and he began hopping in synch with her and he also put his hands into a similar pose. He asked her what was she trying to "check", and she said, "What do you think?" But Yamada saved him by accident as he began jumping with her (with some jump rope) and tried to put the moves on her.

Wataru went and leaned against the chain link fence. He heard some dog panting, and he saw that behind him was Marie and her dog. Marie was sitting down by the tree and Wataru asked if she was okay. Marie said that she had a weak body, and she tried to go to Wataru to talk to him. But then she fell unconscious to the ground. Wataru panicked and grabbed her and ran to the nurse. Fortunately, she apparently had only fainted and was okay.

Just then a giant robot appeared outside of the nurse's office. Wataru fell over backwards from the shock. Rinrin appeared and said that this was her new invention, Mecha Rinrin. But then she asked for some money because she couldn't pay for it (I think), and both Rinrin and Mecha Rinrin rubbed the backs of their heads and giggled nervously. Wataru took out his wallet. After the robot took out some money, Rinrin and her robot quickly ran left.

As Wataru was lying on the ground, Sakuya went and gave him a hand. She was standing in a sexy pose and she was wearing a very short skirt. Then she stood very close to him and started talking to him. Then she ran away, and Wataru banged his head against the wall.

Mami and Yamada were spying on Wataru from around the corner. Yamada was jealous that Wataru had so many cute girls around him, and he began talking about his fantasies. Karen passed by him on the stairs.

Back at the classroom, Wataru had his head down on his desk. It was after school and Karen went up to him. But Wataru said that he wanted her to leave him alone. She sounded hurt and said that she would go home by herself then. Yamada quickly said that he would go home with her.

Wataru stayed until sunset in the classroom. He took out his digital camera and took a picture of himself. Then he left to go home.

Outside, Hinako was waiting outside with her bookbag balanced on top of her head. She said that she wanted to walk home with him. Then Aria appeared and grabbed onto his jacket sleeve. Wataru said that it was okay and said that they could walk home.

Hinako was very excited and was almost pulling his hand as she walked home. Aria was very quiet and just followed behind him, holding only onto his jacket sleeve. As they passed the others, everybody commented that he had very cute younger sisters.

Hinako talked about Kuma-san which she must've dreamt about recently. Then Aria noticed that his jacket was dirty, and she pulled out a handkerchief to go clean it.

When he got home, he saw that Chikage was waiting outside the gate with a crystal ball. She warned him of some kind of trouble.

Wataru couldn't take it, and he was going to turn to run away. But then he realized that all of his other sisters and Mami were behind him.

As the other sisters prepared dinner, Wataru laid in bed wondering about his predicament and wondered what he would do.


Early the next morning, Karen thought that she heard something rustling. She looked and saw that Wataru had packed all of his things and had left the house very quietly.

Wataru headed out to the dock and the old man told him that there weren't any boats for him to take. But Wataru said that it was okay, and he pulled out some shopping bags and tape. Mami was watching from a distance, and she seemed very pleased that he was going to leave. Wataru was building an inflatable raft and he was blowing it up by himself. But then the old man asked if this would really work, and he dropped his cigarette ashes on the raft, deflating it.

Then Wataru taped together several bottles of fresh water and put on goggles. The old man asked if he could really swim all the way. He said that he could probably swim that far. But the old man said that the swimming part wasn't the only problem. Then a large group of sharks appeared and splashed water onto his face. He said, "This can't be happening!"

Wataru sat there in dismay, and the old man said that he was going to go home.

[This segment was very confusing for me and I had trouble following it. This contains critical dialogue so I'll probably need corrections for sure on this section.]

Wataru sat on the docks for a time. Karen came up to him. Wataru asked if she saw everything (or something like that), and she said yes. Then Wataru gathered his things and left, not saying anything. Karen followed behind him.

Wataru was talking about all of his sisters and how things were complicated for him. Karen asked him if they were really that much of a bother, and looked down. But Wataru didn't answer. But at the intersection, he didn't head home and went to First Street instead. Karen said that he was very kind and everybody cared deeply about him. He mentioned that it was still a shock to suddenly discover that he had all these family members. Karen said that she was still pleased, and seeing him in class that day made her so happy. Wataru stopped walking, and Karen went behind him and hugged him.

Then Wataru said that he didn't want to go home. Karen apologized as she started to cry. Then she covered her face and turned to leave.

Wataru pointed his digital camera in her direction. He reviewed all the photographs he had taken, including the very first one, which was Karen in the white boat. He thought about how his sisters always needed him. But then, he said, "However... I... I still need them too." He put his hand on Karen's shoulder and said that they should both go home together.

Meanwhile, everybody else at home was wandering around concerned as to where Wataru went. They appeared to try to keep busy.

Aria sat on the steps waiting for him. Meanwhile, Marie swept with a broom, although she started coughing and Haruka asked if she was okay. Hinako looked very depressed and listless, and Mamoru was trying to cheer her up. Then Kaho put more fresh flowers in the vase in the dining table. Rinrin had completed her new project which was a laptop computer. She said that she could communicate with Wataru anywhere now. Yotsuba was sitting at the table wishing that he would come home. She was watching her drinking bird toy in a bird cage. Shirayuki said that she was preparing a special meal for her older brother, and Sakuya tasted it and it was awful. Only Chikage seemed to be less excited about the current events.

When Wataru and Karen got back home, Aria called out to him. The others quickly stood and welcomed him home. Then they all ran out to him. Chikage seemed to be pleased when she looked out the window.

Mami was unhappy as she saw that he had returned. She apparently couldn't go home (I think) until she had completed her mission. Then she got some e-mail. Once again, her Post-Pet was beaten up, and the message said, "Oh well. Maybe next time." Mami became paranoid, wondering how did her mysterious benefactor know what had happened so quickly.

Yamada was watching around the corner. He was also unhappy, as Wataru's presence meant that he wouldn't be able to scam on the girls. Then he ran home.

All of the girls had requests for him, and Wataru said that he would help them the next day. Sakuya went up to him and stood very close, asking if there was anything on her lip...

The next day, Wataru watched Kaho practice. When she fell, he gave her the "gambare" pose. Then he went running with Mamoru. Because she was so much faster, she would have to wait for him before she could continue running. Meanwhile, Shirayuki was running after him trying to get him to eat her lunch, and Haruka watched him from a distance to make sure that he was "safe".

Later, Marie straightened Wataru's tie when he was in the dining room at home. Then Hinako used him as a model for her drawing. Yotsuba appeared at the doorway and closed the door. Outside the door, the paper that had Wataru's list had been taken down.

Chikage wondered if he would really be okay, as she stared into the crystal ball.

Then Wataru finished his e-mail and sent it. He then thought about the day's events.

Meanwhile, Yamada was at home staring at his TV anime show again. He was yelling at the TV cast to go for it. Then the next door neighbor pounded on the wall and told him to shut up.

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