Sister Princess episode 4

Sister Princess episode 4
Kuma-san Doko?
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.05
Wataru, in his pajamas, was looking out into the open ocean thinking about his next letter to Akio. He was saying how going to school with everybody else was pretty trying and such. You could see that Mamoru skating in the background. Wataru's hand had bandages on it. She went up to him and thanked him for the other day (which probably had something to do with his hand, but I couldn't understand it). But he wasn't paying attention.

He continued to think to himself, and he looked at the house. Mamoru looked as well, trying to figure out what he was trying to see. He thought to himself, "Perhaps this is all a dream." Then he pinched himself in the cheek very hard, and Mamoru was shocked. When he didn't "awake", he said, "This can't be happening!"


NOTE: Starting with episode 4, Sister Princess uses a "real" opening animation. There are two very interesting scenes. One is the very beginning where you see Karen genuflecting toward the sun. As she stretches her arms, you see a number of her sisters' hands doing the same. The second is seeing Mami and Yamada doing a very silly dance to the rhythm of the song.

Chikage was in a dark room with a bunch of candles. She was sitting at a low table and she had five Tarot cards on it. She turned over one of the cards. It was The Moon. She said (something, I didn't understand it).

Meanwhile, Hinako was dreaming that she was in a land where the ground was covered with stuffed animals. A rainbow was cast over the blue sky. Hinako was hugging a very large teddy bear and she said to it, "Kuma-san, you're really big, aren't you?" But then she awoke and she became very frustrated when she didn't see Mr. Bear in her room.

Wataru was out raking the lawn for leaves. Then Yotsuba appeared and began taking many digital photographs of him. She said that she wanted to take pictures of him taking out the garbage (or something?).

Meanwhile, Aria was in her dress and parasol, staring at a few leaves that had fallen to the ground. Wataru thought that she wanted them picked up, so he went over with his rake and swept them up into his carrier. But Aria looked upset and was going to cry. He quickly threw some leaves on the ground for her. Aria quickly smiled again. Wataru couldn't believe it.

Karen was also outside trying to hang up the laundry. There was a strong wind, so she was having trouble.

Sakuya was in her room trying out several types of perfume.

Rinrin was in bed, still wearing her goggles, when her alarm clock rang. It looked like a tiny version of Mecha Rinrin, but it instead had Wataru's voice. It was telling her to wake up. But Rinrin only mumbled in her sleep. Finally, the robot said, "Do you want (something)?" Rinrin immediately awoke screaming, "Eh?? Really?!"

Shirayuki was in the kitchen making something with a wok. She poured something over some bread--it was brown and had chunks of tofu in it. She said that it was French Toast combined with (something). She seemed very proud of her recipe.

Chikage was still in the dark room, and she turned over another Tarot card. (Kev's Note: This scene appears quite a bit in this episode, and it's really annoying. The same animation is used over and over again except for the kind of card it is). This time the card was The Devil. She said something about it again.

Kaho was knocking on Hinako's door, but she didn't answer.

Back outside, Wataru was helping Karen hang up the laundry onto the drying rack. But as he was trying to hang up the sheet, the wind suddenly blew and he fell over because the sheet flew into his face. However, he had landed on top of Karen. She was lying face up on her back and he was very close to her face. Wataru paused for a second, until Karen mentioned his name. Then Wataru quickly jumped back and apologized.

Karen, who wrapped herself in her sheet said that he really surprised her. She hoped that he wasn't hurt, but he said that he wasn't. Karen was pleased. However, Wataru's face was a little red and he laughed nervously.

Kaho knocked on Hinako's door again. Then Sakuya came out of her room and asked what was wrong. Kaho said that she wasn't coming out of her room. Sakuya was surprised that she wasn't up yet.

Meanwhile, Haruka was admiring a pretty teacup with sakura blossoms on it. But then Marie held out her cherry tea that she said would go with it. Wataru was coming toward the dining table. As he was passing by the kitchen door, Shirayuki ran out it with her special breakfast, and ran right into Wataru. Karen and Shirayuki were shocked to see that Wataru ended up wearing the meal.

Kaho and Sakuya were still at Hinako's door. Hinako finally opened it, rubbing her eyes and sounding very sleepy as she bid them good morning. Sakuya asked if she had heard them calling for her, and Hinako said that she had a rough night. Then Sakuya said that she should hurry anyway as breakfast was being served.

Wataru was in his room looking out of the window, after he had changed his clothes. He was thinking to himself that things were really getting out of hand staying here.

Meanwhile, Hinako had packed a backpack full of snacks and stuff. She put on a kiragumi hat and ran outside. She called out, "Bye bye!" although nobody was around to hear it.

Kaho passed by Hinako's room wondering where she was. As she stepped into the doorway, Kaho tripped and fell down again. But she noticed that the room was very clean and there was a note in the middle of the floor.

Wataru was in his room packing a suitcase full of all of his things. He was having trouble shutting it. But he said to himself that he had to get out of here. But then Kaho ran into the room. He was so surprised that he jumped on the suitcase and it immediately closed. Kaho said that something terrible had happened. She showed him the note and it said, "Gone to find Mr. Bear. Hina". Kaho was very distressed as Hinako was out by herself and she was going to cry. But Wataru said that he'd go look for her, and she brightened immediately.

Meanwhile, Mami was writing something on her PC about her "target" and how it would be "game over". (I didn't understand all of it). She sent the e-mail. But then Wataru went up to her, spooking her. He asked if she had seen Hinako, and she quickly said that she hadn't. Then Wataru left. Mami wondered what had happened, but she thought that this was perhaps a chance.

Hinako had made it all the way to Welcome Harbor. She asked the old man if the boat would take her places. He said that it would. She said that she wanted to go out and find Mr. Bear. He said that he would take her--if she knew exactly where it was. But Hinako said that she didn't know where it was.

Then Wataru appeared, and the old man said that perhaps he wanted to come along with her. Hinako got very excited at the idea. But Wataru showed her the note and asked her what she meant by this. Hinako looked down. He said that Kaho had worried about her. But Hinako didn't say anything. He suggested that that they should go home. Hinako said that she really wanted to find Mr. Bear, and it was important.

Later, Mami was spying on them through her binoculars. Hinako and Wataru were at the Cafe Phantasia. Hinako was eating pancakes, and Wataru seemed sort of depressed because he was hoping that this would appease her. She wanted to feed Wataru, but he said that it was okay. Then Hinako said something that surprised him (I didn't get it).

Chigake was still in her room. She stared at her Tarot cards but she didn't turn any over.

Kaho was out by the front porch waiting for Wataru. She remembered that Wataru had told her that he would be back shortly, so he told her not to tell anybody where he was or they'd worry. Then Sayuka went up to her and asked her what was wrong. Kaho then said, "Well, actually it's..." Then she quickly covered her mouth and said, "I absolutely don't know anything!" Sayuka seemed very confused, and Kaho ran away saying she didn't know anything.

Then Chikage turned over the card. It was The Hermit. Chikage said something.


Hinako said that she was finished. Wataru asked if she was ready to go home. But she instead asked where was Mr. Bear. But Wataru said that he didn't know. Hinako said that she wanted to find him, and began to cry loudly. A large crowd of people gathered to stare. Wataru said that they would go looking for him around town, and Hinako was pleased.

Wataru took her to a toy store. Mami was spying on them through the window from outside. Hinako went through the store for a very long time. However, she said that none of them were "Kuma-san". Then Wataru offered a small puppy dog doll and a koala bear, and Hinako said that they were very cute. Then Wataru produced a teddy bear and said that this was probably Mr. Bear, and he began to talk as the bear's voice. He said that he was her friend, and asked if she liked to eat pancakes. But this made Hinako depressed as it made her think about the Mr. Bear in her dream. She began to cry loudly, much to Wataru's horror.

Back at the house, Karen and Sayuka were at the dining table drinking tea. Karen asked Kaho where was Hinako. But Kaho quickly said that she absolutely didn't know anything. Sayuka seemed to think that something must be happening. Kaho covered her mouth quickly and said that she absolutely didn't know anything about it. Sayuka and Karen seemed a bit confused. Then Kaho said that she was finished and got up to leave. Karen then noticed that "oniichan" wasn't around anywhere. Kaho quickly said, "Oh, he and Hinako have gone out." Then she quickly covered her mouth after she realized what she had done.

The others figured out what had happened. Kaho seemed distressed because she broke a promise. But Sayuka said that she was sure that he wouldn't mind. Karen wanted to see this "Kuma-san". Then Sayuka said that they didn't need to worry, because Hinako was with their older brother, so she'd be okay. The others agreed, but you could tell that they were actually concerned.

Chikage was still in her room. She picked a Tarot card and turned it over. It was the Wheel of Fortune.

Wataru went with Hinako to every toy store in the entire island. But Hinako said that none of the bears were Mr. Bear.

The two of them ran into Yamada. He had just gotten out of a game center and he was carrying many UFO catcher dolls. But Hinako noticed one of the teddy bears looked like Kuma-san. Yamada quickly offered it to her, and she was very pleased. However, she noticed that the outfit was wrong and said that it wasn't Kuma-san after all. Then she walked away and both males were shocked. Wataru ran after Hinako. Then Mami ran after them.

Hinako said that she was tired. So Wataru said that he would go around asking for her. Wataru went to all the stores and people in the street asking them about the teddy bear. None of the folks knew anything about the bear. Hinako saw his effort and was very moved. He went over and grabbed his hand. She said that it was okay, and that they could leave.

In the antiques store, the old man said that he didn't know anything about the bear. Wataru apologized, but Hinako said that it was okay.

Back in Chikage's room, she turned over another Tarot card. This time it was the Hanged Man.

At dusk, Wataru carried Hinako on her back as he went home. They never did find Mr. Bear that Hinako wanted. He realized that it was late and hoped that the others weren't worried. As he was walking home, Hinako spoke very quietly that it was okay. She said that she didn't need to find Kuma-san anymore. She said that Wataru's back was warm, and it was better than holding Kuma-san. Then she said that she really, really appreciated for what he did today. Then she fell asleep.

Kaho was waiting by the door. When she saw him, she called out to him. Sayuka and Karen welcomed them home. Kaho looked worried and said that she accidentally told the others about Hinako's whereabouts. But Wataru smiled and said that it was okay. Then Kaho asked about Mr. Bear. But he said that they couldn't find it. The others were moved by his effort.

Then an old man, who looked like Jiiya, said that he was a delivery person. He had a package from the "old man"--I think the antiques store owner--and it was a huge package. Then Yotsuba appeared and examined the package with her magnifying glass. She said that it didn't look dangerous, and quickly opened it.

The she pulled out a huge teddy bear out of the box. The others wondered what it meant. Then Hinako woke up and said that it was Kuma-san. There was a simple note inside the box that read: "To everyone: Here you go." Then Wataru screamed that this couldn't be happening.

Chikage looked out from the upstairs window and said something. I can never figure out her dialogue. Then she looked out into the distance, and mentioned something about rainbows. There seemed to be a land bridge that appeared that would get you back to the mainland.

Wataru looked out into the ocean. He said that if he crossed the sea it would take home. The four sisters, who were behind him, looked very apprehensive. But he said that it was okay, and he didn't have to leave anytime soon. The others quickly became happy again.

Chikage seemed pleased as well.

But Mami, who was spying on the scene with her binoculars, said that she couldn't believe that he was going to stay. Then she got an e-mail. But this time her PostPet wasn't beat up. It basically said that tomorrow she could try again.

Then Hinako went back to Wataru and said that she really, really grateful that he helped her today. Then Wataru said that he was really, really grateful that she spent time with him today. Hinako became very happy.

Then Wataru finished his letter to Akio. He said that things were another challenge today. However, he said that it was okay. (There was some critical dialogue that I didn't understand). When he turned around and saw that all the sisters were standing behind him.

Meanwhile, Yamada was back at his apartment. He seemed to be enjoying playing with all of his UFO catcher dolls. The TV was also on playing some dramatic scene from his favorite anime, and the girl was yelling, "Are you sure that this is really okay?!"

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