Sister Princess episode 5

Sister Princess episode 5
Aniki no Letter
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.12
Early that morning, Wataru was in his pajamas, standing outside facing the ocean. He had his laptop PC and he was writing a letter to Akio. As usual, he was writing about his journals and he talked his sisters and such. He didn't notice that Hinako had walked up to him and said good morning. Then she started to watch what he was writing.

When he hit send, Hinako asked him what he was doing on his PC. Wataru realized that she had scene what he was writing, and quickly yanked the computer away in shock.


Rinrin was in her room working hard on a project. Then her alarm clock said (in Wataru's voice) that it was time to get up as it was morning. She was surprised that she had worked all night on the project. She opened the window curtains to see that it was bright outside. She had apparently built a special cellular telephone.

Mami was sleeping in her little sloppy room. Suddenly she got e-mail. By the way, her incoming mail sound is a cow saying, "Mooooo!" Her PostPet got beat up again. The e-mail said that it was time to get started on her new "project". Mami started to complain and then she got several more nasty e-mails.

Hinako was sitting on the steps of the stairwell with Kaho and Mamoru. Hinako had a calculator on her lap and was pushing the buttons randomly as she talked to it. "To Oniitama," she said, "Hinako is feeling very, very well right now. Are you also very, very well as well?"

Rinrin came down and asked what she was doing. Hinako had a simple handwritten letter in her hand and said that she was trying to send something like her older brother. She said that he sent a letter by somehow punching the keys on his computer, so she was trying to do the same. Mamoru explained that he was sending "e-mail" on the computer she built for him. Then she showed Hinako her cellular phone that she built, as it probably had e-mail capability.

Wataru came into the house, and the Hinako's letter flew from the stairwell and it landed on the floor near him. He picked up the letter, and Hinako said that, "Wai! You've got my letter!"

Then Kaho explained that Hinako had seen him writing e-mail on his computer earlier so she was interested in it. Then the others asked him about it. But Wataru got nervous and said that it was just a report for school. But Karen was in the room and said that she didn't remember any report being due in class. But he made up an excuse and left the room. Hinako said that he was weird.

Wataru went back to his room and shut the door. For some reason, he didn't want anybody to find out about his e-mail. (Also, the computer that Wataru uses in every episode to write e-mail is in fact Rinrin's computer that she built for him). He heard his computer make a rooster call, which apparently meant that he got mail. He then wrote a reply to it.

In the living room, almost all of the sisters were gathering around the couch looking at something. Then Shirayuki came in wheeling in a large pot, and said that she had finished her beef stew. But nobody paid any attention to her. Apparently Hinako was typing an e-mail on Rinrin's cellular phone, and everybody was staring at it. She had typed the phrase, "Aririririririri..." She asked if that was okay. The Rinrin said that she should send it. Then Hinako excitedly sent it to her older brother. The others seemed to think that it was very cool as they could then communicate with her older brother all the time. Everybody wanted Rinrin to make one for them, too. But Shirayuki asked something (I wonder if this was important). Rinrin seemed surprised.

In Chikage's room, it was very dark, and candles were surrounding a table. (Continuity failure: The table had Tarot cards in the distant shot). Chikage was looking at her crystal ball, and she made a prediction about her older brother. (I didn't get it).

Suddenly, Wataru got another e-mail on his computer. He opened it, and it said, "Aririririririririri..." He didn't know what it meant. But Hinako quickly ran into the room and asked if she got her letter. He asked if that was her letter that he just got. Then Hinako said, "Wai!" Rinrin said that they were all going to be able to send e-mail to each other in the future. When she asked if that was okay, he stammered. Then Yotsuba jumped into his face, holding out her magnifying glass, and asked him if he was trying to hide some secrets and said that she might want to "check" it out. But Wataru quickly said that it was okay to send him mail, and everybody said, "Wai!" and left the room.

But then Mecha Rinrin appeared for more money in order to pay for the new phones. Wataru pulled out his wallet again. As Rinrin yelled, "Thanks to older brother, we can continue!" Then Wataru slumped in his chair and said, "This can't be happening." Mami, who was staring through the window from the outside, seemed to agree.

Wataru was at school looking tired. He was pushing the "send" button many times. Yamada was wondering what he was doing. Then he got another e-mail, saying, "It's from her!" But then Yotsuba appeared with her magnifying glass and asked who "she" was. But Wataru covered his screen and began to make an excuse. Then Chikage appeared and mentioned that he should be careful (or something like that). Yotsuba wanted to know if it was somebody related to him. Then Mami jumped in wanting to see this letter. Then he yelled for everybody to leave him alone.

But he was in the room all alone with Yamada. Apparently he had a hallucination. Yamada was wondering what he was doing. Wataru said that he was going to hate getting all the e-mail from his sisters everyday. But Yamada didn't think that it was so bad.

Suddenly the teacher appeared in front of him asking him what kind of mail was it. Then he said that perhaps he should leave his personal things until after class. The rest of the class laughed, and Wataru put away the PC. Yamada had put a letter on his desk. But Wataru was saying, "This can't be happening." But Karen was hoping that Yamada had done something for her.

Back in Chikage's room, which was still dark and lit by candles, she was now staring at her laptop computer, which looked very much like Rinrin's design.

Then Rinrin handed out the new phones to her sister. Hinako said it reminded her of Kuma-san because of the shape. Aria seemed to be pleased with her copy as well. Marie and most of the older sisters had small palmtop computers. Everybody wondered what they could write to their older brother.

Wataru sat in his room waiting for all the e-mail to arrive. Rinrin came into his room saying that it wasn't going to be long for the messages to arrive. Then everybody began sending e-mails.

Wataru looked at his PC when he got a letter from Aiko-chan. Then suddenly he got a flood of e-mail all addressed to "older brother". Never-ending visitors were swarming his PostPet.

The others were still writing messages. Wataru suddenly burst into the room, panting as if he had ran. Hinako asked if he got her mail. But then Wataru yelled for them to stop it, that it was too much. The others quickly looked very hurt. They asked if he didn't like getting mail from them. But Wataru stammered. Meanwhile, Mami slid down the stairwell railing, still pounding on her keyboard. She said that it looked like her plan was working, and this was fun. (Perhaps not all of the e-mail was actually sent by his sisters? Or maybe she was just e-mailing her mysterious employers.)


Wataru was walking to school by himself early in the morning the next day. Mami was watching him from the doorway and was pleased.

Wataru was in class looking bored. The guy in front of him handed him a note. He pointed to Karen who waved at him from the front row. The note said to please read the last messages from her. Wataru sighed and pulled out his notebook PC. The PC said that he had 12 new messages for him.

He opened the first one. It was from Karen. She addressed him as "daisuki oniichan" (my beloved older brother). She mentioned that she had a dream about him. She hoped that she was having a good time also. Then she mentioned that she loved him, and it was difficult to determine if she meant that in a sisterly way or not. Wataru's face was a little red when he saw the words, "I love you" on the message. And when he looked at Karen's face, she was also blushing a little. Meanwhile, Yamada was peeping over his shoulder reading his mail, and he looked very jealous.

The teacher kept on rambling in class, and Wataru continued to read his mail. Yamada continued to read his mail with him. (I probably got some of the following details wrong as it was hard for me to follow).

Sakuya (address: "To Oniisama") was talking about something that I didn't understand. But she said that she wasn't going to give up.

Kaho (address: "To my kind oniichama") wrote him saying (I think) that she was glad that he gave her courage not to give up in cheerleading squad, although she was a little clumsy. Then she ended it with her usual "Gambare, onichama!" cheer.

Mamoru (address: "Hi, ani") said that writing mail was really cool, but she thought that she would spend more time doing more of her sports. The scene showed that she had climbed to the very peak of Promise Island, and she was sitting on top of the head of the statue.

Hinako (address: "Dai-dai-daisuki na oniitama") mentioned that she was in class and she was trying to draw a picture for him. Or something like that. Yamada had a strange look on his face when he read this.

Marie (can't hear her address) said that she was hoping that she would get better soon. She said that she'd like to go out and do things together with him then. Yamada looked like he was going to cry after reading this.

Shirayuki (address: "Hi, niisama") wrote that she was thinking about what kind of menu would make him happy. She seemed to be sitting in class thinking about it.

Rinrin (address: "Hi, aniki") said that she was developing some kind of new machine for him. Whatever it was, it was large. Apparently it blew up and she wished for better luck. Yamada looked angry or bitterly jealous after this letter.

Chikage ("Ya, ani-kun") wrote that she hoped that he was okay. She said that she consulted the Tarot cards, and she knew what was going to happen. The scene showed the card and it was "The Lovers" on her table. Yamada had another strange watery eyes expression on his face.

Haruka ("Watashi no anikisama") hoped that he was doing okay. I couldn't understand her dialogue. But Wataru said out loud that he wished her luck.

Aria ("Nii-a") asked if he was feeling okay. Because she said that she wasn't feeling okay... because he wasn't near her. Wataru seemed touched and said for her to take care. But Yamada was openly crying behind him.

Yotsuba ("Yoh-ho, anichama") said that she was investigating some secret of his. She wanted to know who this "Aiko-chan" person was.

Wataru was walking home when he read the last e-mail. Yamada and Mami were spying on him behind some bushes. Yamada was furious that he got so much e-mail from his cute sisters. He wanted to have some mail so badly.

Meanwhile, all the sisters were sitting around the table checking for messages. They still haven't received any reply, and they were very anxious. Mami was writing an e-mail to her superiors about the progress, saying that this looked like the dividing point between the sisters and Wataru.

However, suddenly Aria got a message. Then everybody else got paged saying that they had mail from Wataru. Hinako was very excited and tried to read it. It said, "Everybody..." She had trouble reading it, so Wataru (who suddenly appeared in the room) finished it for her: "I'm very sorry about making you worry. Everybody, I'm sorry." He had sent the same message to all of his sisters.

Then Hinako got up and hugged him. Everybody gathered around him, during dinner, except for Chikage, who was in her room and pleased nonetheless.

Mami said that she would have to try again another day.

Back in his room, Wataru recanted the day's events to his friend Akio, and sent the e-mail to him. "Oh, well," he said. But then he got an e-mail response from Akio. I didn't understand his reply. But Wataru got shocked and said, "This can't be happening," and sent him back another reply.

Meanwhile, Yamada was staring at his robot toy. He seemed to be still waiting for his e-mail. I think.

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