Sister Princess episode 6

Sister Princess episode 6
Oniichan ha Oojisama (Oniichan, The Prince)
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.21
Early that morning, Wataru was already dressed, and he had a hammer in one hand. His other hand was covered in bandages as he must've hit it quite often with the hammer. He was thinking about his letter to Akio when Kaho called out to him.

She was standing on top of a large wooden deck that he had built. She jumped in the air, cheering, "Gambate!!" as she held up a script to a play. I can't read the script name for now. Then Wataru laughed and hit himself in the head with the hammer. "This can't be happening," he said.


All of the sisters were studying the script to the play, and Wataru was photographing them. Then Karen was on stage practicing her lines. But Yamada was complaining that she wasn't putting enough "heart" into it, as he was the director. I think that the sisters were all upset because they wanted Wataru to be the director. But Yamada made some excuse. So the sisters had to keep practicing.

I believe that there was a flashback. There was an old man (who looked like Jiiya) promoting a contest for the Promised Island festival. There was something large that was covered with a large sheet on display. This was the prize for the winners of the best performance of the contest. Before Wataru could say anything, Hinako and Kaho had signed up for the contest. Then everybody said that they'd give it their best, but Wataru didn't look as excited as the other girls.

At school, Wataru was lamenting about his predictament. But Yamada quickly got excited. He started doing all kinds of research, like costume designs and such, for the girls. Then he made himself director. Yamada made Wataru as the stage hand.

Wataru had finally built one of the props. It looked like a tree trunk with stars on it. But I think that it wasn't supposed to look like that. (Like maybe he was supposed to create flowers). The other sisters, however, quickly gave him plenty of encouragement. Sakuya was talking very kindly and began leaning in very close to his face. But when they were only inches apart, Yamada appeared with a megaphone and yelled at Wataru to get back to work. Then the sisters left as he told them to continue their practice.

Hinako looked at the stars on the tree and said something (it was probably funny). Then all the stars fell off.

Karen was back on stage performing the same scene that she had done earlier. But Yamada still didn't like it.

Just then, Mami appeared in very dark robes and started talking to Wataru. She mentioned that perhaps they were all expecting a lot out of him. And Wataru said that he understood. But as he left, Mami wondered if he really did.

Later that day, everybody was in the dining room discussing the play. Shirayuki served Wataru some tea. Wataru wondered what it was, and she said that it was her special blend. But Wataru was surprised that it tasted good. Then she apologized for making him go through so much trouble. When he looked up he saw that the rest of his sisters were in front of him looking at him. Wataru said that it was okay. Mami didn't seem to think so.

Later that evening, Karen came in with her costume that she was going to wear for the play. It was an interesting dress, as it had a long skirt, but it came with a vest with a string tie on top. She wanted to apologize again.

But before he could have a real conversation, Hinako ran in the room as she wanted to show her costume to him. She was wearing a bright red hooded coat with a wicker basket filled with goodies. Then Aria came into the room. For the most part, it was the same outfit but now she was carrying a large leaf prop as an umbrella (like in Totoro). Wataru said they were very cute. Then Aria mentioned that he would be the prince. Then Wataru became very shocked.

Yotsuba and Haruka appeared in the room and began taking his measurements so he could make his outfit.

Sakuya and Mamoru were downstairs in the dining room complaining about the play. For some reason they had reservations about Wataru being the prince. It seemed that half of the sisters didn't like this new direction in the play. But Yamada quickly showed his new rewrite which would include princesses as well. Most people seemed to like it. But then Marie said that these plays always ended up in some kind of marriage, and she wondered if that was really okay. Wataru quickly agreed. But Yamada started screaming something, and I didn't understand the rest of this dialogue. I think that Yamada wanted to cast himself as the prince, but the other sisters quickly refused saying that Wataru had to be the prince.

Everybody wished Wataru luck. It seemed that the ending wasn't completely decided, so they would have to decide which "princess" would he marry later. All twelve sisters and Mami put their hands together in a circle and said, "Everybody, good luck!" Neither Wataru nor Yamada seemed to like how where this was going.

That night, everybody was in their room. Wataru was wondering how did he end up in this kind of situation. Everybody else was in the room studying the script except for Kaho and Aria (who had gone to sleep because they were younger) and Shirayuki had fallen asleep in her chair while holding the play. Chikage seemed to be in her room with all the lit candles around her. She was rubbing something in her hand, and it turned out to be a bright red apple.


The day of the festival they had fireworks and everybody came to the theater to see the shows.

They had a group of four women and men forming the group from "Family Harmony". But instead of singing, they seemed to argue with each other. (Weird).

The sisters were all dressed in their costumes discussing last minute preparations. Karen went to Wataru, who was wearing a prince outfit and a tiny crown. She was telling him to relax, but he was as stiff as a board.

Then the announcer said that it was time for the production from the "Welcome House" and the audience applauded. When the curtains raised, you could see four identical "trees" that Wataru had made with stars on them. But then nothing happened. The audience seemed confused.

Before anybody could appear, Wataru was supposed to tell an introduction. However, Wataru was supposed to be the narrator, but he had turned into a zombie from the stage fright. Mami got scared and grabbed the microphone. She told the audience that this would only take a moment. Then, everybody pulled out the script so she could read the script.

Mami narrated the story, saying that once upon a time, there was a princess. Then Kaho and Karen walked out on stage wearing identical dresses. Kaho didn't realize that Karen was out on stage at the same time. All the other sisters were in shock, and Mami dropped the script in horror. But Yamada quickly grabbed a microphone and began to ad-lib the story. In the back, the announcer hit a button to make the applause sound effect, and the audience clapped nervously.

The two princesses on stage bowed and told the audience that it was nice to meet them. Mami told Yamada that it was a good save. But when the other sisters asked what would happen next, he said that he didn't know. Everybody went into shock again. Meanwhile, Wataru was still looking like a zombie.

Hinako thought that it was her cue to go on stage, so she ran out. Everybody was surprised. Then Yamada started to ad-lib more of the story. Hinako said that she was Red-Riding Hood, I think. Then the old man in the back cued the applause sound effect, and the audience clapped nervously again.

Then Yamada said that there was some wicked stepmother and Mami took her cue and went out on stage. But they also had to get the mirror prop so one of the sisters grabbed it and held it up on stage. But when Mami asked, "Who is the fairest of them all?" The curtain opened on the "mirror" revealing Mamoru. Everybody was shocked, as this wasn't a character that Yamada was expecting. Sayuka began to throttle Yamada as this was turning out to be very bad.

Then Shirayuki went on stage and said that the mirror had a false vision. In reality, she said, the fairest was actually Princess Shirayuki. Sakuya was so horrified that she stopped shaking Yamada and he fell on the ground. Marie was asking Sakuya what to do. Then Yotsuba came out wondering the same thing. She had her magnifying glass out and noticed that the director was passed out on the ground.

Meanwhile, Chikage flipped over one of her Tarot cards and saw that it was Death. But then Aria walked past her very quietly. Chikage said, "I see. Are you going?" she said to herself.

Suddenly Aria walked out to the stage and the audience wondered what was happening. Aria just went to the middle of the stage and smiled at the audience. Yotsuba threw a note at Mamoru, telling her not to do anything. Mamoru whispered to Aria to just wait a minute. Then Chikage flipped over another card, and this time it was The Fool.

Then Yotsuba said (with her magnifying glass still held up to her face) that it was okay to Mamoru. Apparently, Sakuya and Marie had hurriedly put together a script. Then Sakuya read the new play out which explained Aria's character. Marie was telling Wataru to have courage, but he was still in zombie mode.

Somehow, they introduced more characters into the story: Yotsuba, Haruka, Marie, and Rinrin. (I didn't understand this, but somehow they were girls from distant lands, apparently). When Rinrin appeared, she came riding onto stage on Mecha Rinrin. The audience was deeply amazed by her robot and clapped.

Then Sakuya went to Wataru (who was still a zombie) and said that the rest was up to him. But Wataru wasn't really listening. Then Sakuya went out on stage and called out for the prince. The other girls also called out for him. But Chikage had flipped over another Tarot card and this time it was The Hanged Man.

Wataru was sweating furiously and couldn't move despite that the girls were calling out for him repeatedly. Then Yamada suddenly appeared wearing a prince outfit saying that he was the prince. But Sakuya quickly said that he wasn't the real prince, and tears poured down Yamada's face from the humiliation. Then the girls called out for the real prince.

Wataru still couldn't move from the stage fright. However, in his mind he saw all the photos that he took of the girls practicing for this play. He remembered Mami's words saying that the girls were really trying hard, and they were really counting on him. Then Wataru finally snapped out of it and he went on stage. The audience was shocked.

Then the girls asked Sakuya what was going to happen next. But then Sakuya remembered that that part of the script wasn't determined yet. Everybody, including Mami, was surprised.

Suddenly, somebody threw apples into all the girl's hands. Chikage was off stage with one of the apples and took a bite into one of them. Then the other girls understood. Mami grabbed the mike and said that they were magical and once they took a bite, they would all fall asleep. Then each of the girls took a bite and collapsed on the ground. Mami said that they could only be awaken by a kiss from a prince.

Everybody was lying on the ground. But Sakuya revealed that they were all faking it. Mami asked the audience, "Who will it be that the prince will choose to kiss??" Wataru said to himself, "This can't be happening!" Meanwhile Chikage flipped over another Tarot card and looked pleased for some reason (I believe that it was The Magician).

Wataru was blushing and didn't know what to do. Then Wataru yelled out that it was the end of the story. The audience clapped.

In the end, the judges voted for the best performance to... "Family Harmony". Wataru looked very disappointed.

The runners-up apparently got to go home with little necklaces with a charm on it. The charm was a heart featuring a small cross and wings--the Sister Princess logo. Wataru sounded a bit disappointed. But then the sisters said that they were still happy. Everybody was wearing their charm necklace, including Mami. Wataru seemed to be a bit relieved.

When they got home, they still received a large prize that was wrapped in a cloth. When they removed the cloth, it turned out to be a replica of the trolley train that everybody rides to get around the island. Everybody was very excited.

Everybody was playing around on the train, and Wataru snapped pictures. Then he thought about his letter to Akio which talked about today's events.

Meanwhile, Yamada was at home with his prize, which was apparently a talking toy set featuring characters from his favorite Garudan anime.

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