Sister Princess episode 7

Sister Princess episode 7
Koisuru Kisetsu
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.01.02
Wataru was thinking about his letter to Akio, while he was standing outside in his pajamas. He was saying how warm (I think?) it was now. (Or maybe he meant warm feelings?)

Sakuya and Hinako were hanging up the laundry. Sakuya was putting the sheets on the drying rack, as Hinako held the basket. A butterfly came down and landed briefly on the basket before it flew away again. This made Hinako very happy.

Wataru smiled after he saw this. But then he frowned as he thought "This can't be happening. What am I doing here?"


Wataru was back in his room writing.

Sakuya and Hinako were now taking the sheets that had dried off of the drying rack. Hinako was going to help, and she began pulling one of the long sheets off the rack. Sakuya quickly ran to catch it because the sheet was going to drag on the ground and get dirty again. Hinako, however, was very adept and managed to catch and fold the entire sheet before it hit the ground. However, Sakuya in her haste ended up pulling a sheet over herself. Hinako mentioned that she looked like a ghost, and Sakuya sounded frustrated.

The church bell began to toll in the distance, indicating that it was probably around noon. Sakuya mentioned that they had to hurry or something. When Hinako looked at Sakuya, however, she said that she was very pretty. Sakuya had managed to pull the sheet off her head in a way that it was now draped around herself like a veil, and it was very dramatic looking. "What's pretty?" Sakuya asked. Then Hinako said something like, "I want to look like that".

At the other end of the house, Haruka was practicing with her naginata. Then Mamoru came up to her and greeted her. The two of them heard some commotion, and they saw Hinako pulling Sakuya (who was still wearing the sheet) into the house. The other two girls didn't know what was happening.

The sisters were dressing up Sakuya using the laundry sheets. They were also applying makeup to her face, and they gave her a bouquet of flowers in the end. When you got to see Sakuya, she was now wearing a wedding dress, and she then thanked everyone with a somber expression. All the girls quickly said that she was very pretty. Sakuya then blushed.

Wataru heard something downstairs. I believe that he went downstairs so he could get something to eat. He saw all the girls fawning over Sakuya and he wondered what was happening. Out of nowhere, Chikage appeared next to him. She was talking to him, but her hand reached out as if to touch him. But then she merely pulled off a hair from his clothes. She then quickly left as she seemed to be more interested in it than him.

Then Sakuya went up to Wataru and said that Hinako came up for this idea for this dress. She wanted to know what he thought of it. But instead Wataru wanted to know if lunch was ready. Sakuya was very shocked at the response. Shirayuki said that she totally forgot about cooking. Karen said that they were so busy with Sakuya's dress that they didn't bother making anything. But Wataru said that it was okay.

Sakuya left sounding disappointed, and Mami yelled at him for being insensitive. But Wataru said that he didn't understand and he just walked away in the other direction.

Meanwhile, back in Chikage's room, she was putting Wataru's hair into a bottle. She then placed it in a collection rack of things that Wataru had touched or used, including bits of pencils and other weird things. [Kev's Note: I thought that this was a bit creepy.]

Sakuya was in her room, and she seemed upset that her brother didn't understand her feelings.

Meanwhile, Wataru was in his room, sitting in his chair. He had a pencil in his mouth, and seemed to be lost in a thought.

Back downstairs, Karen was saying that Sayuka was very pretty. She said that she would like to wear a wedding dress. Mami said something to sound uninterested. But the other girls quickly said that they would like to wear one, too. Mami was saying, I think, that it was impossible to get 12 wedding dresses. But Rinrin said that she could probably look into making them.

Wataru was still in his room. His stomach grumbled because he was so hungry. Aria looked sleepy on the couch, and she didn't participate in the other girls' discussion.

Mami got the girls talking about wedding cakes. Then the others noticed that Marie was very quiet with her eyes closed. Karen asked if Marie was okay, since she was sitting quietly by herself. She then described her ideal image of how she wanted to be married by the sea.

Then it showed an image with Yamada wearing a white tuxedo. The wedding chapel opened, and Marie was in her wedding dress. But then the doors opened all the way, revealing that all the girls were actually in wedding dresses. They all rushed at him because they all wanted to marry him. Then Yamada woke up from his dream. He was very upset and ran down to the Welcome House and began to annoy Wataru about it.

Chikage was in her room with the Tarot cards again. She flipped one over, and it was The Fool.

The other girls were waiting around the dinner table. Karen said that she couldn't wait for the dress to be made. Most of the other girls said the same, as well as Yamada. Wataru was with Aria on the couch. He said that he was waiting to eat. Aria said that she was sleepy.

Then the others decided to make a costume for their brother. Yamada thought that they would make one for him, but they were ignoring him. Wataru kept talking about how he wanted to eat something. Aria had fallen asleep on his lap.

Sakuya was still in her room. She was looking at herself in the mirror and thought about her wedding dress.

Back on the couch, Aria now had a blanket covering her. Instead of Wataru, she was now sleeping against Michael (Marie's dog) who was also sleeping. Wataru was in the kitchen wondering what to do.

Chikage was in her room and flipped over another Tarot card. This time it was the Wheel of Fortune.


Wataru had made himself some tea, and had some bread on the counter. He was struggling trying to open a jar of strawberry jam. Then Karen came in the room and apologized for not making him anything. She took the jar out of his hands and unscrewed the lid without any effort. Then she handed the jar back to him.

Wataru thought that she was very strong, but she denied it. Then she began looking in the cabinets for some materials. She grabbed some materials and told him that she would prepare dinner later and left. Wataru said that it was okay. But after she left, Wataru noticed that he had accidentally screwed the cap back on the jam jar, and he couldn't remove it any more.

Mami was peeking into the doors leading into the dining room. The other girls were very busy trying to put together the dresses. Kaho was having trouble trying to thread a needle. Yamada said that he could help out with something and quickly ran out of the house.

Sakuya was sitting on her bed, still in her room. In the distance, the bell rang at the church.

Back downstairs, Mami had taken the needle and threaded it. Kaho was very impressed. Hinako asked Karen for some help in reviewing perhaps some of the fabric materials. Mami came over and looked at it. She said that she had something that might help. She went to her room and pulled out a large case. Just as she left, Mami received an e-mail on her laptop, but she didn't know. When Mami opened the case downstairs, it turned out to be a portable sewing machine. She began setting it up. In Mami's room, the computer opened the e-mail automatically, and (I think) the e-mail was asking what she was doing.

On the couch, Michael was now sleeping by himself with the blanket over him.

Mami had the sewing machine running, so the other girls were watching her sew some of the dresses together. She was explaining to the other girls how to use it and to assist her. The other girls were very impressed and excited, and they were helping her finish. Wataru was outside of the dining room with a plate and a glass of milk, and he was listening to them. He left sullenly as their conversation indicated that he would not be able to eat for a while.

Chikage, in her room, was looking at her wedding dress. She had not been with the girls downstairs during this entire time, as she had her own dress already made. It was red and gold, and it was a bit unusual looking. She wondered out loud if Wataru would like it.

Wataru was in his room snacking on his milk and cookies. He heard a knocking on the window and saw that Sakuya was outside it.

Sakuya, still wearing the dress, grabbed Wataru's hand and dragged him to the church. She said that she wanted to have pictures taken on the inside. The church was empty and Wataru yelled out and listened to the echo. When he looked at Sakuya, she had put on her veil and was walking down the aisle. She asked if he was willing to pretend to be her groom and he agreed. They walked down the aisle and Sakuya asked if she would remove her veil. Then Wataru hesitated, and Sakuya said that she knew that he was her brother. There was some discussion that she was just happy to have been able to perform the ceremony with him.

The two of them didn't realize that they were holding each other. They quickly separated, and Sakuya seemed a bit flustered. Suddenly there was an echoing laughter in the building. They looked around the room.

Yotsuba appeared on the second floor in her wedding dress. The wedding dress was identical to Sakuya's. She then slid down a banister of the stairs and fell off at the end. But she pulled out her magnifying glass and said that she wanted to "check" on them. Wataru was surprised that she was in a wedding dress. But Yotsuba said that she wasn't the only one and gestured at the door.

At the chapel door, the other sisters (sans Chikage) were all in wedding dresses, and all of them had the same dress as Sakuya's. They also had matching bouquets. The other girls seemed happy to have found Wataru, and they were asking if he would "roleplay" a marriage with them also.

Sakuya laughed and said that they would janken to see who would go first. Suddenly, Yamada appeared trying to run in so he could roleplay the groom. But Mami stopped him using a white sheet (Yamada was running so fast that he punched his head through it). Furious, Yamada had to roleplay the pastor that presided over the wedding in his new "uniform".

Kaho and Wataru were at the alter, and Yamada asked for the ring. The other girls looked shocked as they had totally forgotten about this detail. Sakuya was working at one of the pews, and said that she had a ring. She had taken a daisy and had braided the stem so it was a ring. Kaho said that it was cute. Then Sakuya told Wataru to take the ring.

Then Mami was the official photographer, and she was photographing the "couples" with Wataru's camera. She took pictures of Wataru and Kaho as they walked down the aisle. She also photographed Wataru talking to Shirayuki, and Shirayuki said that she had made a bouquet out of lollipop candy. [Samurai girl] was walking down the aisle with Wataru, but she was so embarrassed that she held her bouquet to cover her face. Finally, one of the girls had to grab her arm to reveal her surprised face. In turn, all the girls went and got photographed with Wataru.

Rinrin was special as she was wearing a blue cheong sam. [Kev's Note: This is actually very strange, as she should be wearing a red cheong sam for a Chinese wedding]. She had on a few electronic things around her waist and wrists. There was a flash, and the cheong sam transformed into a wedding dress.

Finally, Sakuya was walking down the aisle with Wataru. Wataru asked if it felt strange to be doing this. She said for a brother and sister to be doing this was a little strange.

Wataru got a group shot of all the girls in their wedding dresses, and Mami even wore the bridal headdress on her head (with the rest being her regular clothes). The girls were talking about throwing their bouquets after the ceremony. But then Yamada was giving Wataru a hard time again about his sisters. The girls chanted "one, two, three" and threw their bouquets at the same time in the air.

Wataru wrote a letter to Akio saying that how it was nice and warm (in terms of feelings or the weather, I couldn't tell).

That evening, Shirayuki was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Her bouquet was in a vase by the window. She was also dancing a bit and humming one of the theme songs for Sister Princess.

Wataru then sent his e-mail to Akio from his room. Karen knocked on the door and entered the room. She was blushing and she apologized for making him go through some more trouble. The other girls were actually outside his door out of view. Wataru laughed and said that it wasn't a big deal. Then they went to some clothing shop for some more fabric.

Back at Yamada's apartment, he was watching his favorite anime again on TV. He seemed very happy because he had caught one of the bouquets from earlier that day.

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