Sister Princess episode 8

Sister Princess episode 8
Itsu no Hika Futari de (Someday, the Two of them)
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.27
Wataru was thinking about his letter to Akio. Outside it was raining hard (perhaps it was monsoon season?). Nobody was outside, and even the boat docks were closed. Inside the Welcome House, Kaho was holding a ladder as Hinako hung up a rain doll [to ward away bad weather] by the front door. Mamoru was skating indoors as usual.

Marie was in her bedroom in bed. She had just finished reading the book "Legend I" and she seemed deeply moved by it. She said that she'd get the next volume when the weather got better (I think). (She might have said that she also wanted to be like the characters in the book, but I'm not entirely sure).


The rain had stopped and Kaho and Hinako were washing the Marie's dog, and Marie was watching them. Marie asked the dog, Michael (or Mikhail, or something close--can somebody confirm?), if it felt good. But the dog just shook himself and sprayed water all over the girls. But it seemed that the girls didn't mind.

Sakuya and Karen were commenting on how nice the weather was now.

Inside, Wataru was trying to do his homework. But he was digging thorugh all of his stuff in his suitcase looking for something. But he didn't have what he needed.

Marie was going to towel off her dog. But Wataru came outside and mentioned that he was going to step out for a bit. Then Michael ran away from Marie and jumped on Wataru, knocking him over. Then Michael shook himself again and sprayed water on him.

Everybody went back inside the house. Marie had given the towel to Wataru and he was drying himself off. Marie apologized for getting him wet, but he said that it wasn't a big deal. Marie told Michael to apologize to her older brother, but the dog naturally didn't do anything.

Then Wataru said that he was going out again. Kaho and Hinako wanted to know if he was going to buy books. Hinako wanted to know if he was going to buy picture books. But Wataru said that he was getting "suji no hon" (I don't get it). Hinako said that she didn't like those books (but she said "suji no gohon") for some reason and hid behind Kaho. Marie wanted to ask a favor from Wataru about the books, but she was too embarrassed to ask him.

Marie went to her room and talked to Michael and told him that she really wanted him to get a book for her, but she couldn't trouble him for such a thing. But then Michael grabbed her Legend I book in his mouth and bolted out of the room. As Wataru was leaving, Michael jumped up and tackled him. Wataru saw the book in his mouth and asked if it was Marie's.

Marie then said that she felt bad to trouble him, but apparently she wanted to come along. Sakuya told Wataru that he was going to be her "escort" and she told Marie that she'd be safe with him and Michael. Then Karen gave Marie a straw hat so she wouldn't get too much sun. Then Michael was pulling Marie outside as he wanted to leave quickly.

On the escalator, Marie was looking around at the surroundings and said that the scenery was so pretty. Then a breeze came and blew off her hat, but Michael quickly ran and retrieved it for her.

At the stop for the bookstore, Wataru caught her as she had to jump off of the trolley. But as Marie was being held by Wataru, the two of them blushed a little. Then they went into the bookstore, as Michael waited outside, with the hat still in his mouth. Wataru found the book that he wanted. Marie couldn't reach the Legend II book that she wanted, and Wataru helped her to get it.

The two of them were sitting at the park bench waiting for the trolley. Marie was wearing her hat again. Wataru asked Marie what kind of book was it. She said that it was about a girl that wore glasses and it was some sort of romance story. I'm sure that it had many parallels to Marie's life. Wataru said that it must be inspirational to read it and she looked down and said yes.

A breeze came and Wataru stood up and stretched his arms, saying that it felt good. Marie looked up at him and thought, "But I don't want it to be just a story in book." Wataru then looked at her, and she blushed and quickly pulled her hat down to cover her face. Wataru asked if she got too much sun. But Marie quickly said that she was okay.

Wataru said that since the day was so nice, perhaps they could do some extra shopping. Marie got very happy. The two of them went to the jewelry store (where Karen bought Wataru's watch). Marie wanted this music box with dancing ballerinas in it. Then they went to the clothes store and Wataru was looking at some pants, but Marie was looking at a pullover sweater. Then they went to the collectibles shop and saw the Garudan model kit. Wataru said that Yamada would like to have it. Back at his apartment, Yamada sneezed suddenly.

Wataru noticed that Michael was hungry. He went to the ice cream store and bought a cone. He was probably expecting for the dog to take a lick of it, but instead Michael bit off almost the whole cone, leaving Wataru with nothing. Wataru looked very unhappy after that. [Kev's Note: I don't know about you, but I thought that this was pretty darn gross. Was he seriously going to lick the cone after the dog slobbered on it??]

Marie was having so much fun that she was chasing Michael as the dog ran in the streets. Wataru wondered if this was good for her since she had a weak body. But Marie said that she never felt better. Then she asked Wataru if they could see the ocean. Apparently her dream was to walk along the white sandy beach in her bare feet, and listen to the ocean inside a seashell. Wataru said that one day he'd give that to her as a present. Marie was grateful.

More and more clouds were appearing in the sky. Suddenly it started raining. The raining quickly turned into a downpour.

The other girls back at the Welcome House ran back inside the house to get out of the rain. Hinako was disappointed that her rain doll ("Tera-Tera-san") didn't work. Then the others realized that Wataru and Marie were still out and hadn't returned. Karen immediately said that she'd find them, and immediately ran out into the rain. Mamoru said that she'd come too. But they didn't get very far as they saw two people and a dog in the rain coming into the grounds.

Wataru was using his jacket as an umbrella and the two of them were running into the house. When they got into the house, Michael shook and sprayed water on Kaho and Hinako again. Karen gave Wataru a towel. Sakuya asked if Marie was cold, but she said that she was okay. Shirayuki came out with some hot towels and Haruka was telling them that if you wrapped it around your hands, it would make you feel warm.

Wataru said thanks, and as he was going to hold Marie's hands, he noticed that she was burning up. Marie said, "Older brother..." and fainted in his arms. The other girls in the house looked shocked. She was losing consciousness and Wataru started to panic. Sakuya told him to calm down as they needed him. Wataru was going to lift Marie onto his back and carry her to his room. But then he stopped. The others asked what was happening, and he said, "Nothing", but Marie started to slip off of him.


That evening, Wataru was out in the rain with Michael. He was pounding on the door asking for the doctor to open the door. The doctor opened the door finally, and Wataru was shocked that he also looked like Jiiya. "Ah, we don't have time for this gag!" he said, and he grabbed him and dragged him back to the house.

Back at the Welcome House, Marie was in bed, breathing very hard. Marie was only mumbling for her older brother occasionally. The other sisters were in the room waiting for the diagnosis. Wataru was outside pacing. He was blaming himself for getting her sick and was worried. Then the doctor came outside and said that she'd be okay but only if they helped. Wataru fell to his knees in gratitude.

Haruka and Shirayuki were in the kitchen. Shirayuki was making some ugly looking soup, and Haruka was chipping ice for Marie's fever. Mami was watching them. They seemed to be very sad. Outside by the front door, a second rain doll had been placed.

Hinako and Aria were sitting by the stairs. Karen walked by with some fresh towels and asked what was wrong. Hinako said that they hoped that the dolls would make Marie feel better. Karen hoped that their magic would work. So Hinako asked Aria if they would make more of them.

Upstairs, Michael slept by Marie's door. But when he heard Wataru approach, he got up and Wataru patted his head. Wataru was about to open the door when he heard Karen and Sakuya talking inside mentioning about trying to change Marie's clothes. But Wataru opened the door and asked what was happening. His eyes went real big, and Karen screamed for him to leave. Wataru shut the door very quickly. Mami, who had appeared right next to Wataru, asked him what was happening. She was carrying a special pillow. But he said that it was nothing, very nervously. Then she said never mind, and she dumped the pillow in his arms and left. Wataru didn't know why she did that. Then Karen opened the door and apologized for yelling at him.

They put the pillow, which was filled with water, underneath Marie's head. Karen thanked him for bringing it. Even then, Marie kept calling out for her older brother in her delirium. She lifted her hand, and Wataru quickly grasped it and he said that she needed to get better. Marie seemed to be relieved by this.

Later, Wataru had his hand on Marie's forehead when she awoke in the middle of the night. Marie got up and suddenly embraced him. I think that she wanted to apologize that she made him worry about her. But Wataru told her to don't worry about it and just get some rest, so she could get better. She said yes, but she turned away as she began to weep from emotion.

But Wataru in reality was calling out to her as she was still unconscious on her bed. She was talking quietly in her sleep, saying, "I'm sorry, older brother." Wataru wondered what he could do.

Then he ran out of the house in the rain, even without an umbrella or raincoat. Incidentally, above the front entrance were five rain dolls. He ran all the way to the dock but there wasn't anybody there. He mentioned that he couldn't even return home, perhaps so he could get help. But then Michael appeared from below the surface of the water. Wataru noticed that he had something in his mouth, and he had a seashell.

Back at the house, Haruka and the others were around the bed. Haruka said that Marie's fever had broke and the others were very relieved. But Marie called out for her older brother again, and then Sakuya noticed that he wasn't in the room anymore. But then Wataru came in the room soaking wet. Mami was trying to ask him just what had he done, but he wasn't listening. He went to Marie's bed and put the shell in her hand. He said, "Please get better. So that way, we can go see the ocean like we promised."

The next morning, the rain had finally stopped. Above the front door were seven rain dolls. Wataru had fallen asleep sitting next to Marie's bed. Marie picked up her glasses and noticed that she had a shell on her bed. She said good morning to Michael, who started barking. Then Wataru woke up and she said good morning to him. She said that she heard everything that he said to her, and Wataru replied that he was glad that she was feeling better. But then Wataru fainted much to Marie's shock.

Back at Yamada's apartment, Yamada was also sick and was lying in his futon. The TV was still playing the Garudan anime show. Yamada was really really feeling bad.

Rinrin was washing their trolley car outside with the help of Mecha Rinrin. Mamoru was skating back from the store with supplies.

Wataru was sick in bed because he had run around in the cold rain. He had a thermometer in his mouth. Wataru remembered something about Jiiya (perhaps about how he used to take care of him).

Then the door opened, and Karen, Kaho, Sakuya, and Hinako were there. They said good morning. Hinako said that she made two rain dolls so he would get better. Wataru said morning to them.

Shortly later, Yotsuba, Shirayuki, Haruka, and Rinrin appeared at this door. (Rinrin was making a funny pose, perhaps because she was too short and she couldn't see over the other girls' heads). Yotsuba said that she wanted to "check" on him with her magnifying glass. Shirayuki had made him soup and Haruka made him another water pillow. (I couldn't tell what Rinrin was saying). Wataru said thanks.

Then the door opened again, and Mamoru had gotten a bottle of milk for him. Chikage had a small vial of medicine that she had made. Aria didn't say anything but she had two rain dolls that she had made in her hands. Wataru couldn't believe it and his thermometer fell out of his mouth, but he said thanks. He asked them where was Marie, but they replied that she was outside with Michael.

Marie was walking outside listening to the ocean inside the seashell. Wataru had come out of the house to talk to her. She quickly apologized for all the trouble she brought him. But Wataru said it wasn't a big deal. Marie talked about the dream that she had, and she listened to the shell she had.

Suddenly, Michael ran off to the edge of their property. They went to go look. From Promised Island, there was now a thin sandy path that had appeared in the ocean, and it went all the way to the island to Japan (I think). Marie said that it was pretty. Wataru agreed and then he noticed that the sandy path was covered with pretty seashells. Marie leaned against him and mentioned something (I couldn't translate the dialogue).

Then Wataru thought about his letter to Akio which summarized the day's events. The scene flashed back to Marie's room. They were showing a closeup of her book. There was a picture on the page showing an older boy walking along the beach with a younger girl. The young girl was wearing a yellow dress and hat, and looked exactly like the phantom girl in Wataru's dream (and in the closing credits). Then a light breeze came into the room, and the pages turned.

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