Sister Princess episode 9

Sister Princess episode 9
Natsu ga Kimashita
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.08.30
In the morning, Wataru was typing the letter to Akio on his personal computer as usual. Wataru was mentioning that summer had arrived. The girls were outside, and Mamoru was spraying her sisters with the hose. The girls seemed to like this for some reason, despite they were fully clothed. Mamoru held the spray in the air, and a rainbow formed.


Shirayuki called out to Rinrin as she had made some special ramen for her. She had a huge bowl of white noodles in her hands. Rinrin said that it was okay, as she had just finished her new outdoor kitchen table. Shirayuki poured all of the noodles into an input slide. Then Rinrin pushed a remote control button. Mecha Rinrin began turning a crank, and you could see that it was pumping water around a small canal in the circular table. The ramen were floating along in the current. Shirayuki thought that it was really cool.

Sakuya was in her room looking over some clothes. She was showing Aria a tight outfit with spaghetti straps and was wondering if this was good enough for her older brother. But Aria didn't reply directly, and she had a concerned look on her face. She held up a more ordinary blouse and asked (very slowly), "Do you think that he would like this instead?"

Meanwhile, Chikage was in her candle-lit room again sitting by her desk. She had Tarot cards on the desk. But instead of turning a card over, she instead said, "It's hot..."

Karen, Yotsuba, and Marie hung up a wind chime by the window of Wataru's room. They thought that the sound should be pleasing, and he would like it. Mami didn't see the big deal. But then Wataru asked what was happening. He saw the wind chime and he seemed pleased. Mami quickly acted like she was with the others on the plan.

But then Sakuya and Aria came into the room. Sakuya was wearing the orange blouse that Aria had picked. Sakuya asked if he liked it, and Aria said (very slowly) that she helped choose it. Wataru said that it was fine. Then Mamoru, Hinako, Kaho, and Haruka appeared at the window. Mamoru told them that it was time to eat. Hinako, Kaho, and Haruka said that it was very cool and pretty. Then Rinrin and Shirayuki entered the room. Rinrin was very proud of her new invention.

Outside, everybody sat at the table. They were having somen, which is a kind of cold noodle dish that is good in the summer when it's hot. Apparently you were supposed to dip your chopsticks into the water, and then you'd pinch out the noodles and put them into your bowl. Then you use a dipping sauce to give them flavor. However, it seemed that the fun value dropped quickly as it seemed that nobody could pick up the noodles as they would slip off of the chopsticks.

Meanwhile, Yamada was sitting in his apartment with a small fan. He was burning up from the summer heat.

Aria was having trouble getting noodles into her bowl. Then Yamada appeared and put some into her bowl. He was helping all 12 girls. They thought that he was so cool that they offered to feed him out of their bowls. Then Yamada woke up and realized that he was hallucinating. But he somehow knew that Wataru had somen. He ran out of his apartment screaming, "Somen, somen, somen!!" and began running toward the Welcome House.

Mamoru was slightly blushing when she asked Wataru if he would go out with her to go swimming. But then Sakuya quickly jumped in and said that she would be taking him instead. Then Karen and the others quickly began saying that they'd like to go. So Wataru said that perhaps everybody should go.

The next day, all of the girls went shopping for swimsuits. They all pulled out swimsuits and asked if he liked the outfit all at the same time. Wataru just said that they were fine, and they all asked, "Really?" again all the same time.

Wataru was backing away from them. But then he ran into the old man running the store. Wataru was very shocked that he looked exactly like Jiiya. (This gag is starting to become rather anti-funny). Wataru said that he was just going to wear his school issued swim trunks.

Back at the house, Mecha Rinrin was still pumping water in the dining table. Nobody was there anymore, except for Yamada, who was fishing out large quantities of somen into his bowl. He was slurping it all down and he ate everything. He seemed to be more pleased that it was something prepared by the pretty sisters than the taste of the food itself.

Wataru and his sisters were leaving the store. But Mami was dragging a huge, heavy sack past them on the street. Hinako asked what it was. Mami replied something that I didn't understand. But Hinako got excited and started laughing. Then the other girls talked to him about the pool (I didn't get it either).

When they returned to the house, there was indeed a pool there. Yamada was helping to clean it. He didn't seem to mind because he wanted to score points with the girls. He figured that he could hang out and fool around with them in his Speedo trunks later. He started to laugh insanely, and Mami asked him just what was he doing. But Wataru just acted all gentlemanly again. Wataru wondered what kind of scheme he was planning, and Yamada acted like he was just a great humanitarian. But Karen thanked him for helping clean the pool. He noticed that she was carrying a package, and she said that it was her swimsuit. Yamada then freaked out as he began having perverted thoughts. He then ran away, leaving the others very confused.

Wataru was looking for something in his closet. The other sisters ran by his window telling him to hurry. Then all of the stuff jammed in his closet fell on him.


Wataru was still lying on the floor of his bedroom after the stuff fell on him. He was ashamed to tell anybody the truth about something. But then Mamoru came by his window again and said that he had to hurry and come out. Wataru, who was turned away from the window, simply said, "Yeah..."

Yamada went out and saw the others still preparing the pool. Hinako was running around fooling around the pool toys. Mamoru and Kaho were scrubbing the pool with brooms. Kaho was wearing a large yellow inner tube around her waist as she did this. Aria was standing in the three inch-deep water holding up the skirt of the dress.

Mami appeared with a megaphone and started to boss around Wataru, who was sweeeping out the walkway near the edge of the pool.

Sakuya, Mami, and Rinrin were setting up parasols and deck chairs. Sakuya decided to put on her sunglasses and relax on the deck chairs.

Shirayuki was putting tablecloths on the tables. Chikage was at one of the umbrella tables with her Tarot cards.

Yamada had gone to the store where Wataru and the sisters had shopped earlier. But the old man told Yamada that he didn't have any boy's swimming outfits. Yamada looked furious. He said the old man was lying, but the old man didn't flinch and only chuckled quietly.

Back at the pool, Karen, Haruka, and Marie were decorating the edges of the pool and the surrounding area with dozens of different potted flowers. The end result was very pretty.

Wataru was standing by the edge of the pool looking like he was troubled slightly. But Yotsuba called out to him and snapped a picture of him. She said that he wanted to "check" on him. Then a pool ball hit him in the head. Wataru turned and saw that Hinako was there and said that she wanted to go play with him. He said okay.

Yamada was still fighting with the man. The man suddenly said that he did have one swimsuit left for him. But then Yamada said, "You're lying aren't you." Then the man said, after a long pause, "Yes I am." And Yamada thought about Karen in her swimsuit and he began to cry and he passed out.

Mamoru, Kaho, and Hinako were bouncing a beach ball back and forth between each other. For some reason, Yamada was in the background wearing his Speedos, talking as if he wanted to play, but nobody was listening. Mamoru jumped up and spiked it like a volleyball, and it flew far past Kaho. Sakuya was sitting on the deck chair when suddenly the ball hit her on the head. She sat up wondering what had happened. The other girls quickly apologized and wondered if she was okay. But then Hinako asked for her to give the ball back. She grabbed the ball and said playfully, "I'll show you the ball all right!" and ran out to them. Yamada wanted to come along too, but nobody noticed him. (Another dream sequence?)

Wataru was sitting by the pool edge looking sad. Marie came and sat next him. The other sisters were still in the pool bouncing the ball back and forth to each other. Yamada was walking in the background talking but nobody was listening to him. The others wanted Wataru to come join in their game, but Wataru refused. In the end, he was joined by the edge of the pool by Chikage, Aria, Haruka, and Marie. Yamada was furious that Wataru got so much attention, and he just ran home. Nobody noticed that he had left. The others continued to play in the shallow pool.

Wataru was thinking about how nice today's events went.

That early evening, Mamoru was doing laps in the now-filled swimming pool. She came out, revealing that she was wearing a tight, professional competition swimsuit. She asked him if he would come swim with her. But Wataru looked sort of shamed and said went up to her. Then he told her that he never knew how to swim because he was afraid of the water. Mamoru was speechless because she was so surprised.

Wataru was thinking about his letter to Akio, and how nice his sisters were.

Mamoru changed her expression to a pleased one. She said that starting tomorrow, she would teach him how to swim.

[Kev's Note: Remember that the first episode, Wataru attempted to swim home to Japan. So this is a break in the story plot.]

Meanwhile, Yamada was back at his apartment. He was listening to the Garudan anime as he stared at his red Speedo shorts. I'm thinking that every episode there's an in-joke, as the dialogue on the TV somehow relates to the episode. But I can't figure out what they are saying.

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