Sister Princess episode 11

Sister Princess episode 11
Aniki to Secret Tour
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.09.03
Wataru was wearing a backpack and looking out into the ocean. He was thinking about his letter to Akio. He mentioned that today that were going to explore the ocean. Apparently Rinrin had invented something that was going to help them travel on it. Meanwhile, Rinrin was finishing up on something large.


Kaho was watering the plants. Wataru went up to her and talked to her. I think that Kaho was saying that she had to take care of the plants one last time because they were going to be on vacation for a while. (I didn't understand the dialogue).

Then Karen, Mami, and Marie appeared at the doorway as Wataru was about to enter. I didn't understand the dialogue at all. I think that Karen wanted to know if Wataru had read Rinrin's guidebook (manual?) about their field trip, but Wataru said that he hadn't.

Then Wataru helped move Aria's suitcase. Hinako wanted to ride on it, so he put her on the suitcase. Seeing that Aria was there, he also put her on the suitcase. But then it was so heavy that he couldn't move it.

Chikage wanted some help moving something also. Wataru said to wait just a minute, but when he looked, she had her huge chair from her room wrapped. Chikage wondered if it was going to be trouble for him, Wataru said that it was fine.

Wataru finally got to push the suitcase outside with Aria and Hinako on it. Then Rinrin appeared with a crescent wrench saying that it was all done. Karen told everyone to leave, and Rinrin said to hurry. They went to a place in the middle of the forest.

A large crane had a huge cloth covering some very immense object. A number of the sisters were already waiting there. Sakuya saw Wataru and ran up to him saying that he made them wait. When Wataru apologized, but she leaned in closely to him and whispered something (I didn't get it) in his ear. Wataru turned a bit red as it probably had a dual meaning.

Rinrin said it was time to show off her invention, and an old man from the docks pulled the cord and the curtain dropped. Wataru was shocked. Rinrin had built a massive yellow and pink submarine. Rinrin was proud of it. But Wataru couldn't believe it, and he asked how did he manage to build such a thing by herself. She said that she had help from the old man. Wataru was still in disbelief, but Rinrin started to get upset, asking if he didn't trust her work. Wataru quickly apologized.

Yamada appeared out of nowhere and complemented Rinrin on her work. Wataru wondered how he got there. Yamada must've known about it as he had a suitcase with him. Meanwhile, as Yamada was explaining, the old man pushed Chikage's chair onto the boat. Aria started to play with Yamada's suitcase, and he gently pulled it away from her.

But before Wataru could really say anything, Yotsuba appeared and began snapping photos of him. I believe that she wanted pictures of "older brother and the secret project." Yamada then tried to force himself into the picture and Yotsuba quickly moved the camera to exclude him.

But then Haruka appeared and leaned against Wataru. She blushed saying that she would protect him, and she pulled out her huge naginata blade. Wataru was a bit shocked, but Yamada thought that it was impressive.

Finally, Hinako pulled at his shirt, saying that he had to hurry because they wanted to leave. Mamoru appeared and talked to him about something. Marie was telling Michael that she was going to leave for a bit, but she would be back. Shirayuki appeared with a huge picnic basket saying that she had packed lunch.

As everybody went onto the boat with the rest of their things, Rinrin was still talking to the old man, and she suddenly yelled for them to wait. Then Rinrin and Wataru were at the front of the line, and they both did a ceremonial "jumping on the deck", indicating that the voyage had officially started.

Yamada was trying to get on board also, but the old man grabbed him and said that he couldn't come. Yamada demanded to know why. But the old man told him some weird legend or myth or something about how he couldn't come along (I didn't get it). Yamada begged, but the old man stood firm.

Then the crane picked up the submarine and moved it to the docks. A large crowd had suddenly appeared and they bid them goodbye. Rinrin started the boat and they started to pull away from the shore. Yamada appeared at the dock jumping and screaming for them to wait. But Karen just waved at him instead. Sakuya promised that they'd get him a souvenir.

Then Yamada wanted to know if there were any other boats. But there weren't any. Then the old man told him another story (which I still didn't get) about why he couldn't go.

Wataru was on the top deck, and was feeling the breeze and looking out into the view. He noticed that Chikage was there with her crystal ball. He went to her, and she said that she was helping make predictions for Rinrin. Rinrin appeared and laughed nervously, saying that the GPS and navigation systems weren't quite working correctly. Wataru said, "This can't be happening!" But Chikage said that he wouldn't need to fear as she knew where they would be going with her crystal.

Wataru saw three dorsal fins come out of the water near the boat. They looked exactly like the sharks that Wataru saw in the first episode. He was very scared, but then one of them jumped, revealing the creatures to be friendly dolphins. Hinako, Aria, and Kaho were watching from the very top of the boat. They thought that it was really cool to see the dolphins play near the ship.


The sub sailed further away from the island.

The front of the ship, which was covered with glass, was underwater. Hinako and Kaho were looking at all the fish that were surrounding them. Aria was still on the top deck looking out into the sea.

Wataru was lying on the middle deck relaxing. Suddenly he noticed that things got shady. He opened his eyes and saw that Haruka had managed to put an umbrella. When he realized that his head was in her lap, he quickly jumped back from embarrassment. She had also taken off of his shoes as they were now on top of a blanket. She said that now that he was awake that she'd make tea. She was making it like in a tea ceremony. Haruka was going to tell him something, but she couldn't say it, and she began stirring the tea very quickly in the cup. Wataru saw the expression in her eyes, and he blushed.

But then Mamoru yelled out to him. She was on the top deck with Aria and said that she wanted him. Yotsuba also wanted to take pictures of him as they sat for tea. Marie was also on the scene. Soon they had joined him on the blanket. Kaho and Hinako appeared and asked if they could join also. Wataru had some tea and said that it was delicious.

Marie was looking at Wataru and her face was slightly flushed. Mamoru leaned in closer to her and whispered if she was feeling okay. But Marie said that she was fine, and it was something else. Then she looked at Wataru again, and mentioned something about her dream. When Wataru looked at Marie, she quickly looked away. Mamoru asked her to tell her the rest, but Marie got embarrassed and said that it was nothing.

Haruka was asking him if he wanted some more tea. Yotsuba just kept snapping pictures of the tea set. Karen appeared saying that she had something for him. Then Kaho and Hinako also wanted some tea too. Then Karen noticed Mami. Mami was sprawled out on the deck, saying that she felt really sick.

Then Haruka began making some tea for everybody else. Wataru kept snapping pictures of everyone. Apparently Karen had a small tea cup (I think) that was special. Meanwhile, Mami was lying face down underneath the umbrella and moaning.

Karen began talking about something about this item and her feelings, and she blushed a little. Wataru must've figured out the implied meaning, and he blushed a little as well. But it seemed that the others didn't understand, and thought that the story was really cool. Mami, meanwhile, moaned asking for some tea.

When the others began asking Karen more about the cup, she pulled it away and got nervous. She said something like she would give it when the time was right. Then she quickly left. Mami was still lying moaning for some tea. The others decided that they would also want to make some "promises" or something like that, much to Wataru's dismay.

Wataru was going into the boat. There was a ladder leading to the upper deck, and Sakuya was standing up on it. She was above him and Wataru could almost look up her skirt. Sakuya said that she wanted to come up so she could show him something.

But Sakuya just wanted to show him outfits and asked if he liked any of them. Aria was there too and showed him her dresses as well. Sakuya seemed to want to go through her whole wardrobe. Wataru seemed to be uncomfortable with this, and he blushed furiously, saying that he didn't know anything about that stuff. When Sakuya pretended to be hurt, he quickly became more sympathetic, and this seemed to please her.

Wataru noticed that there was a room and asked what this was. But then he heard Chikage's voice saying that he could enter. Despite that the ship was supposed to be fairly small, Chikage was somehow in a vast room filled with candles and she was sitting in her chair. She was talking about some fish. Then Wataru said, "Oh, I see," and quickly left out of fear.

Rinrin waved at him, indicating that she wanted him to come over there. The submarine went further under the water and she showed him the view from the front of the ship. Rinrin asked if it was really awesome.

He was going to say something, but then Rinrin got close to him screaming that there was a really neat looking fish. Afterwards, she turned to him as if expecting him to say something. But Wataru said that it was nothing. He blushed because she was so close to him. Meanwhile, the computer console indicated that the ship was on auto-pilot.

After a moment or two, he told Rinrin that he was really grateful that she made something like this submarine. It was something that everybody really liked. Rinrin seemed very glad. And then, despite that she was wearing a dress, she suddenly got into his lap and put her arms around him and embraced him. She talked to him in this position, and mostly mentioned that she was happy whenever he was happy. She was actually just trying to hug him, but in this position, it looked very illicit. Wataru seemed to be nervous and he kept his hands off of her. Then she released her hug.

But then Shirayuki appeared in the room announcing that she had some food ready. Then everybody went and ate (I think).

The ship dived completely below the surface and went close to the sea floor. The bottom of the submarine opened to reveal a glass bottom. Everybody seemed to be excited to look at all the wildlife they could see from all the windows. Haruka asked if Mami was okay, but she replied that she was still seasick.

Rinrin asked for Wataru to come into the control room for a second. The computer display had the word "Caution" on it. Rinrin said that the ocean was turning rough. She hit the metal shutters so the glass in front of the ship would be covered. Wataru asked if this was okay. Rinrin had a concerned look on her face, but she quickly said, "Well, I'm sure that it'll be okay!" Wataru didn't sound totally convinced. Meanwhile, Chikage was looking at her crystal ball with some concern.

Lightning appeared in the sky and the water turned very rough. The boat was being tossed around in the currents. Everybody was now in the upper deck and buckled into safety harnesses. All the girls were screaming in terror. But Wataru told everybody to relax because Rinrin would handle it.

Then Rinrin appeared from the control room and asked to see him again. He took a peek and Rinrin said, very slowly and quietly, that the controls had broken. She held the rudder controls in her hands. Wataru was too horrified to say anything. Hinako asked him from outside what was wrong.

At that moment, the submarine sprung a leak inside the crew compartment. Hinako screamed. Then the lights went to emergency power. Wataru looked around the room and noticed that the girls were all so scared that they couldn't speak.

So he did the only thing that he could, which was to take his hands and vainly attempt to prevent the water from coming into the ship. The other girls were impressed and told him not to give up. But the water pressure was great, so Rinrin quickly said that she'd help and helped push with him.

Other leaks appeared in the ship. But all the girls got out of their seats, and put their hands on the leaks. Karen, Kaho, and Hinako said that they had some promises to keep, so they were going to help. Then the others said that they were going to survive. Wataru said that they were all going to make it. But then the sea turned extremely violent and everybody screamed. Then everything went black.

Wataru awoke and noticed that he had been lying on the floor unconscious for an unknown amount of time. The sun was shining in his face from outside, however. When he got out of the submarine, he saw that it was listing to the side, as the boat had been plowed up against a rock. He was on some island that he hadn't seen.

Mami was sitting on a rock near some floating debris from the ship. Wataru went to her, and she was looking at her feet. He was grateful that she had made it. Then he asked her where the others were. There was a long pause and she finally said that she didn't know.

Wataru then thought about his hypothetical letter to Akio. The content sounded very solemn. He was wearing only one shoe, the other had apparently fallen off his right foot. A bottle rested near his feet.

Meanwhile, Yamada's TV was playing some drama show again. But somebody called his phone. Yamada wasn't there so his answering machine picked up. Yamada's outgoing message said that he had left for a bit.

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