Sister Princess episode 12

Sister Princess episode 12
Vacance ha Love yo
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2001.09.17
The start of the show showed the Welcome House as it always does, but there was nobody there. Michael, Marie's dog, was walking around outside looking out into the sea. The screen was flashing images from his digital camera of his sisters before they got on the submarine. Then it showed the present time, with the submarine wrecked against the rocky shore.

Meanwhile, Wataru was imagining his letter to Akio. He mentioned that he had taken the tour with his sisters, but then he was separated from them. He said that he was with Mami, but he had no idea where his sisters went.


Apparently the submarine had drifted hundreds of feet away from the nearest dry land now. It was still afloat, but listing heavily to its side. Wataru and Mami were sitting on the sandy beach of the small island. Wataru had lost his right shoe, and his clothes were slightly torn.

Wataru and Mami were wondering where they were. Then Mami asked what should they do. Wataru didn't know either. Mami then tried to relax and spread out on her back--probably an instinctive reaction to stress. But Wataru got a little upset because she seemed so callous to the situation, and she apologized, looking a bit guilty.

Wataru was wondering if his younger sisters were okay. He wished that he knew where they were. Then his face became very solemn and he curled up, probably to cover the fact that he was crying. Mami sat up but she didn't say anything. Suddenly, Wataru got up and started to walk out to sea. Mami wondered what he was doing. But then she heard a "moo" sound from her PC.

She ran behind the bushes and pulled out a carefully wrapped package from her pants. She apparently had her PC still with her. The PostPet animation showed her pet getting beaten up again. The e-mail said something callous about her situation. Then Mami brightened, saying that she could reply and request for help. But then an animation on her screen said, "3... 2... 1... Your batteries are empty." And the screen promptly went black. Mami turned completely white from the horror.

NOTE: There is something interesting in this scene. For the first time, you are allowed to see Mami's entire screen when she was reading her e-mail. I do not know if the producers expected you to see this or not, but it is very clear. Perhaps this is something that should be known in previous episodes, but I'm not totally sure.

The e-mail address from Mami's benefactor is:

The classification of the e-mail is: hi-mi-tsu (secret)

By this time, Wataru was waist deep in water, and he was trying to get back to the submarine. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his right foot. Because he was not wearing a shoe, he had stepped on a sea urchin. The urchin was stuck to his foot, and he tried to get it out. But then his left leg cramped, and he fell over. As he drifted slowly to the sandy bottom, he thought that this couldn't be happening--and he knew that Mami didn't know where he was. He let out a gasp of air.

As he was lying on the sea floor, he thought that he heard Chikage's voice. Wataru figured that it was the ocean talking to him, and he mentioned something about the fish that she had mentioned earlier. The sea urchin suddenly morphed into a black pair of hands, and it grew to form the figure of a nude Chikage caressing him. She said that he didn't need to be afraid. The urchin mixed with Chikage's face. Then she was somehow holding the urchin.

Then everything blurred and Chikage (who was actually wearing a nice green top) was holding the urchin. She mentioned something about it. Wataru was lying on the beach again, surrounded by girls. He heard Karen's voice asking if he was okay.

Wataru sat up with a start. He looked up and saw that all 12 of his sisters were staring at him with happy expressions on their faces. They were all wearing unique outfits, which were assumedly the only things they could wear from the wreckage. Sakuya said that they were grateful that he was okay. Wataru almost couldn't believe that they were there. Then Haruka said that she found his other shoe, and gently put it on his right foot. Wataru's eyes almost got watery, and he finally said that he was glad that they were all okay. Then the girls all laughed happily.

Mami was standing at a distance. Then she asked where did the girls get those new clothes. Hinako said that they made them from curtains. Wataru and Mami couldn't believe it. The outfits, incidentally, were almost disgustingly cute. As they were all matching, they were all light green and yellow.

Then the girls took the two over to their shelter. It was very large and extravagant. They found this place but they had not seen anybody else on the island but them. However, the home was open to them. Yotsuba said, "It's very mysterious!" A familiar looking yellow hat was near the table by the foyer.

Karen mentioned that somehow everything seemed like it was recent. She mentioned that the magazines in the shelf were even current. Mami didn't seem to mind and she grabbed one saying that she didn't get a chance to read this issue yet.

Shirayuki mentioned that the kitchen was fully stocked with food and drinks. Wataru wondered why this would be, if nobody was living here. But then they noticed that it even had a refrigerator. Wataru couldn't figure out how they had electricity. The kitchen table also had fresh fruit bowl on it, meaning that somebody had put it there only a day ago at most.

Outside, the girls had taken all of their clothes and shoes and put them outside on the balcony to dry. This would explain why they were wearing clothes from curtains. They said that they were freezing because the clothes were wet.

The others seemed to hesitate before taking anything from the house. Mami was trying to reach across the large table so she could grab the fruit. Then Wataru said that it was probably okay to use it.

Then Karen wondered what they were going to do. Wataru said that they would have to wait for the others to rescue them. Karen wondered what if the others didn't come. But Wataru didn't know.

Then suddenly he was thinking about asking Chikage something. Then she suddenly appeared right behind him, startling him. He wanted to know if she knew something about (something), but she was very quiet. He figured that she didn't know. But then she smiled and walked away.

Sakuya got up from the table and stretched. Then she said that she needed to unwind (or something) and she walked over to the balcony. Despite that she was wearing an extremely short skirt, she stepped up onto the ledge and jumped off the balcony. Wataru ran over out of concern, but Sakuya had just jumped off into the ocean below.

She was floating saying that it was okay. Rinrin, Kaho, Yotsuba, and Aria were watching her. Then Mamoru mentioned that he top had fallen off, and Yotsuba began laughing at her. Rinrin quickly turned around. Sakuya mentioned that the ocean was pretty and they should all just relax.

Wataru wondered what she meant by that. Then the other girls talked to him and mentioned that they couldn't do anything, then they should all just fool around for now. Wataru seemed to accept this after he saw Karen's expression.

Wataru went back to the submarine with Rinrin. He managed to find some of their stored gear. Then he took a picture of Rinrin blowing up an inflatable ring (cute!). She also had a number of items tied up in clear bags so they'd stay dry.

An airplane passed overhead, and Mamoru got excited. But she figured that they couldn't see them.

Meanwhile, Wataru was making more photographs. Hinako was sitting in the ring that Mamoru had inflated and Karen was swimming and pushing it around for her. The other girls were playing volleyball and splashing in the water.

Wataru was carrying large logs. He finally collapsed after all the large work. The logs were arranged to crudely form the letters "SOS" on the shore.

Meanwhile, Hinako had found a large floating raft. She asked what it was. Mamoru mentioned that it was a float ride. Hinako sat on it, and naturally nothing happened. Mamoru said that they had to hook it up to a jet ski to make it move. So Hinako got off as there wasn't any nearby. But Aria got on it anyway, and she seemed pleased despite that it wasn't moving.

The tide was coming in, and it washed away some of the logs that Wataru had used. Wataru was shocked.

Later, you saw Kaho patting down in the sand a small green plant. She and Haruka had planted plants into very neat and ordered letters "S.O.S" She asked if this was okay to Wataru who was photographing them from the balcony. He said that this was better quietly and waved back to them.

Then Wataru heard some chimes. Shirayuki was putting up a wind chime made of sea shells by the patio door. Marie said that they had found this in the kitchen.

That evening they had a rather extravagant dinner. Mami didn't have a problem with the dinner and she was eating it very rapidly. Shirayuki said that she might have made it too spicy (I think), but Mami didn't care. Then the others began to discuss what they would do the next day. Wataru was surprised because nobody seemed to be thinking about going home.

Later, everybody went to sleep. It looked like they just got some mats and blankets and slept on the floor. It seemed that everybody had to sleep in threes. Wataru was with Hinako and Aria, but he wasn't sleeping. He finally got up and decided to take a walk.

But as he walked past Sakuya, she called out to him quietly. Wataru apologized for waking her up, but she mentioned that she wanted to go home and see her friends. She said that she didn't know what to do, and her eyes became watery. Wataru clasped her hand and told her not to worry. He waited a bit, and she continued to grip his hand. Then she thanked him for staying there.


Perhaps after Sakuya had gone to sleep, Wataru was outside on the beach staring at the moon. There was only the wind blowing, the windchime twinkling, and the shores lapping at his feet. Suddenly, a shadowy face appeared out of the darkness. Chikage's voice called out, "Were you not able to sleep?"

Wataru was a little surprised that she knew where he was. She wanted to know what was bothering him. He said that he didn't understand why nobody seemed to think about getting home. She asked him what was wrong about not going home. Wataru was about to say, but then he asked, "Chikage, don't you want to go home?"

She then asked him again, "Why do you want to go home?"

Wataru mentioned that he had responsibilities like school. Chikage said, "And so?"

Wataru asked her again, "Don't you want to go home?"

Chikage said that he was very kind, but she was fine where she was. She then said that everybody had everything that they wanted here, I believe. (She was giving a detailed explanation and I can't translate the dialogue, sadly). Then Wataru looked up at the sky. When he turned to look back at Chikage, she was gone, but he could still hear her echoing voice. Did he just dream the conversation in his mind? But then he wished him good night.

Wataru went back to the house and tucked in Hinako back under the covers. He thought out loud that he wasn't going to worry about returning. Then he bid everybody good night and went to sleep.

Wataru heard some noise in the background. As he opened his eyes, he realized that it was morning. He then noticed that nobody was there in the room but him. He panicked and called out for them, as he didn't realize that they were behind him in the dining room.

He got up and said good morning. But then he realized that he had lost all of his regular clothes and he tried to cover himself. Kaho mentioned that his clothes were all dirty and torn, so they also gave him some new clothes. He was wearing shorts, which were also yellow and green as they were made from the curtains. Mamoru asked if it was okay, and Wataru sort of blushed and said that it wasn't a big deal.

Wataru took a picture of Kaho because she was smiling at him. He wanted to know why she looked so happy. She said it was because she was with him. Then Kaho wanted to ask him a favor, but then Sakuya asked him first.

She was sunbathing and she wanted him to put suntan lotion on her back. Wataru did it, but only very gingerly and he couldn't watch her as he did it. Sakuya requested for their talk yesterday to be a secret, I believe. Kaho returned and wanted to ask him a favor, but then she heard a loud noise.

Below, Rinrin had found a jet ski to connect to the float that Hinako and Aria had found the day earlier. Rinrin revved the engine and Aria covered her ears from the noise. But they were soon all screaming with joy as Rinrin was taking half of the girls and Wataru on the float. The jet ski looked like a dolphin, incidentally. Then Rinrin intentionally swerved the ski hard to the right so the float would toss everybody. All the girls seemed to be laughing hard, but Wataru looked scared. Aria and Marie watched them from the shore.

Then Wataru took pictures of the girls playing. They were climbing around the wrecked submarine, buried in the sand, and poking at starfish among other things.

At dusk, Wataru was walking down the sandy beach with Marie. She was listening to the seashell, and then she gave it to Wataru so he could try it. They sat down, and Wataru commented that it was strange that they got to accomplish her dream in such unusual circumstances, I believe. Marie's said that she was very happy.

Suddenly Mamoru said that she had found them. The girls went behind a rock and did a janken. Sakuya said that she had won.

That evening, the girls were all sitting around looking at the ocean and the stars. One of the girls mentioned that it would be cool if they had fireworks. Then Chikage said that she would be right back. She soon returned with a candle and a bag of fireworks. Wataru asked her where did she get such things, but she just giggled.

Soon everybody was playing with sparklers. Then they lined the shore with a large number of sparklers and just watched them. Sakuya said that it was incredibly pretty, and Wataru agreed. Wataru mentioned something about doing something tomorrow.

Suddenly, they saw a large number of fireworks being shot in the sky. Wataru wondered who it could be, and then suddenly the old man from the dock appeared right behind him. Wataru thought that he had come to rescue them. He mentioned that they got the fireworks from him. Suddenly Yamada fell out of a tree. Yamada was jealous because he was fooling around shooting fireworks with his sisters.

Wataru asked, "This place... it can't be..." Yamada couldn't understand what he was thinking. Wataru looked up and saw the spinning statue on top of the island.

Wataru screamed very loudly, "This can't be happening!!"

Then Wataru realized that they had been on the Promised Island all of this time. His eyes got all watery as he could go home. But then his sisters asked if he had such a bad time out there with them. Wataru felt bad and said that he understood what Chikage meant now. The others seemed to get upset with him for a bit.

The next morning, Wataru was writing a letter to Akio again. I'm sure that there was some moral in here, as they always do, but I didn't understand it.

The girls taped a sign on the door of the mysterious house. It read (paraphrased): "To the owner, we are very sorry [for using your home]. But we didn't really know. Welcome House residents." As they hiked back home, they kept looking back at the house.

Finally, they made it to the other side of the island, and saw all of the shops and houses that they knew. Marie and the others were very glad to meet up with Michael who was waiting at the door for them. Then Wataru screamed out that he had forgotten to do his homework. The girls suddenly screamed out that they had forgotten it also.

Back at Yamada's apartment, the anime show was playing on the TV again. Yamada looked exhausted. Mami was there, doing homework with him.


[Normally there is no second eyecatch and they go to directly commercials prior to the ED song. But this is a special episode.]

Back at the beach house, somebody was vacuuming the floor. The person also put the covers back over all the furniture and removed the wind chime. It was Jiiya. He took the note off of the door, and put it in his pocket. He mentioned that he would hope to see them again. Then he closed the door.

As he closed the door, the camera focused on the table by the door, as it still had the yellow hat--which matches the girl's hat in Wataru's dream and in the ending--resting on it.

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