Sister Princess episode 13

Sister Princess episode 13
Oniichan tono Natsu
The Summer with my "brother"
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.02.04
Wataru started writing his letter to Akio in his room. The summer break was ending, and it was turning into fall. Karen was by his window removing the wind chime from his window. She held it in her hands and closed her eyes. She said that the summer was really great (I believe).


Wataru was acting very nervous around Sakuya. She was pressing up against him on the couch as she was reading a book. Wataru was going to complain, but she said that she was just studying. Sakuya was positioned in a way that he was able to almost see down her blouse, and Wataru blushed slightly.

Wataru then had a flashback of when he first met her, and went through all of the events that he had with her. He believed that Sakuya had never hung around boys very much, so she was very aggressive around them.

Much time had passed but Wataru didn't realize it. Sakuya was now on all fours on the couch, staring at him. She asked him what was wrong, and Wataru was shocked that she was so close to him. He jumped back, and said that he was glad that she was finished studying (I think).

Outside on the drying rack, Hinako's inflatable pool ring was still hanging on it.

Wataru went up to Hinako and asked what she was doing. Hinako was on the floor with crayons drawing a picture. She said that she was drawing a picture of when he was playing in the pool with her.

Then he had a flashback of all the events he had with Hinako. He said that she was always very energetic. He also gave more descriptions of her, which I didn't understand.

It was now in the middle of the day. Outside on the porch, there were a number of flowers, wreaths, and ears of corn being hung up to become dried decorations.

Inside, Wataru was helping Shirayuki with her homework in the kitchen. She had a covered pot that was boiling on the stove. Although he was asking her questions, she was only saying, "Yes" without really listening and looking off into the distance. Suddenly she got up to leave, and Wataru didn't notice until some time later. She had gone over to the stove and said that she was working on some sauce and stirred it. Shirayuki said that she would be making a good lunch for him today.

Wataru then had a flashback of all the events with Shirayuki. Wataru said that she always cooked for everyone and her meals were excellent.

Marie was sitting outside petting Michael. She had a book with a pinecone sitting on top of it. Michael woke up and Marie opened her eyes and saw that Wataru had approached them. She seemed to be pleased. A wind blew and leaves were floating by them.

Wataru then reminisced about Marie. He said that Marie was never without her best friend Michael. He said that she was very happy and looking well.

Wataru was walking back to the house when he heard a sound. He looked and saw that Haruka was practicing her archery. She was using a traditional Japanese longbow and was hitting the center of the target every time.

Wataru thought about Haruka. He said that she was a yamato nadeshiko, and she practiced a variety of traditional martial arts. She always looked out to protect him, and he thanked her in his mind.

In front of Mami's room, there was the dolphin pool toy drying outside her window on a rack. In her room, papers were flying around everywhere. She was apparently trying to find something, but she couldn't find it.

Wataru stopped by Yotsuba's room. She was asleep at her desk in front of all of her homework. She had her window open and her famous magnifying glass was sitting on the ledge.

Then Wataru remembered all the events that happened with Yotsuba. He said that she was always energetic.

There was a flash that surprised Wataru. Her bobbing bird toy had dipped its beak and pressed the shutter on her camera and photographed him. Yotsuba said in her sleep, "Check..." (or "Checky", whatever she is supposed to be saying).

Yamada was in his apartment wearing a bandanna and his school athletic shirt. He looked like he hadn't slept in a while. He was pounding the homework very hard as he probably hadn't done any of it over summer vacation. He was also keeping himself going by drinking those energy drinks. (This is the same old garbage as Red Bull).

Mamoru was showing Wataru that she had a tan line on her shoulder. Then she moved very close to him and asked if he thought that it made her not pretty. But Mamoru looked a little embarrassed and vaguely said that he didn't think so. Mamoru became very happy.

Then Wataru remembered about Mamoru and how she liked sports and helped him to swim. While Wataru was thinking, Mamoru had grabbed his shirt and lifted it. She yelled out that he had a tan line, too. Wataru jumped away from her as he was very shocked.

Karen was calling out to both Wataru and Mamoru that lunch was ready. Shirayuki banged on her frying pan and said to hurry because she made a hamburger dish. Mamoru was pushing Wataru to the dinner table.


Shirayuki was in the kitchen humming one of the instrumental themes to the Sister Princess anime. She was swaying back and forth as she was stirring something on the stove.

Wataru was working with Kaho on her homework. It seemed that she was working on English as they showed one of her workbooks. Unfortunately, the English written in it wasn't very good. ("I say do your best in an elder brother"). Maybe the animators should have practiced too. Kaho seemed a bit doubtful in her abilities. But Wataru gave her encouragement and did the "gambare" pose with his arms. Then Kaho grabbed her pom poms and began to do a routine, saying that she would study hard for her brother.

Wataru then had a flashback about Kaho.

Near the beach was the salvaged wreckage of their submarine. Rinrin had put up a sign saying that nobody was allowed to go inside it.

But Rinrin was in her room trying to clean up. It was obvious that she had been working inside it as she still had a little bit of dirt on her face. Wataru was in her room trying to help her with her homework as well.

Then Wataru remembered things about Rinrin. He mentioned that she liked to invent all kinds of things, of course.

Wataru knocked at Chikage's door but there was no answer. His hand was going for the doorknob, but then he stopped. He thought that it was wrong for a brother to pry into her business.

Just then, Chikage grabbed his hand from behind him. She put her other hand on his shoulder so it was almost like she was hugging him. She asked if he wanted to see the inside. Wataru was very shocked.

Then Wataru remembered things about Chikage. He said that she was very mysterious. It was almost a little scary, I think.

While Wataru was standing there thinking about what to say to Chikage, Yamada rang the doorbell. I believe that he finished all of his homework so he could fool around at the Welcome House. But I think that nobody answered the door. Yamada left feeling very distraught. He said nobody even said "bye-bye" to him.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Aria was sitting on the stairwell waving at the door. Wataru asked just why she was there. Aria replied very slowly that she was saying bye-bye. Wataru didn't understand.

Wataru thought about Aria. He also said that she was very mysterious in personality, and always spoke slowly. While Wataru remembered how Aria would hold onto his clothes as they walked home from school, Aria did the same on the stairwell. Aria then said thanks to him.

Outside of Mami's room, she had a blue dolphin inflatable toy drying. Mami had all of her papers lying all over the room. However, she still didn't find what she wanted.

Wataru was with Aria when he knocked at her door. He wanted to know if she needed any help with her stuff. Mami looked moved, but she quickly closed the door and made she he couldn't enter. She replied that it was okay and she could take care of it. Looking over her homework she decided to get started.

Wataru went back to his room as he was a bit tired from running around with everyone. He noticed that there was a pot of tea in his room. Karen had left it with a note saying that it would help him relax.

Then Wataru remembered about Karen. She was of course the first sister that he met when he got to the island, and saved him from drowning. She also likes playing the piano.

The sun was starting to set. Wataru was in his room and it was looking over all of his pictures in his digital camera of all of his sisters. He thought about what they meant to him.

At night, Wataru and his sisters were outside. They counted down, "3... 2... 1..." and suddenly a massive fireworks display started. The girls were very happy about it. Meanwhile, Mami was still in her room trying to finish the loads of homework that she had to do. But hearing the ruckus outside, she saw that Wataru must've setup a fireworks event. All the girls thanked him for setting up the event.

But then Wataru remembered that he himself didn't finish all of his homework yet. Late at night, Wataru was working. Karen came in and apologized. She said that they had taken so much of his time that he didn't have time for his things. But Wataru said that it wasn't true.

That night, all the sisters were sleeping, except for maybe Mami who looked like she was struggling to finish the rest of her work. Chikage was sleeping in a bed of flowers (as if she was at a funeral). Rinrin fell asleep at her workshop desk. Chikage fell asleep holding her magnifying glass. Wataru eventually fell asleep sitting in a chair, in somebody else's room.

As everybody slept, the phantom girl was standing on top of the rotating statue that was at the peak of Promised Island.

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