Sister Princess episode 14 comments

  • Comments by Kevin Lew, 2002.02.19
This episode marks the beginning of the new character designs. SisPri has had the character designs in flux for some time, but they have changed to ones that are totally different now. Their eyes are now very angular and they are spaced further apart. Also, they have completely changed the school uniform style. I'm shocked that they would do such drastic changes in the dead center of a series.

There's new OP animation, perhaps because of the design changes. The new OP uses a little of the old one, but they now have more images showing closeups of their faces. Unfortunately, it is mostly still images.

The ending part is the most interesting. It shows Wataru (not in uniform) crossing a busy street in Tokyo. The little phantom girl with the yellow dress and hat walks past him. Wataru turns to look at her, but there's nobody there--only a yellow hat that's blowing in the wind.

It could be my imagination, but the songs sound like they have been remixed as well. Horie Yui's voice is much more strongly emphasized in them now.

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