Sister Princess episode 15

Sister Princess episode 15
Aria no O-ribon
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.03.06
    It must be my imagination because it looks like the character designs reverted back to the old ones again.
Wataru was standing out by the porch thinking about his letter to Akio. He had an art notebook with him. He was wondering when he would be able to go home.

Aria was also outside and she had a sparkling ribbon (as in a gift ribbon) in her hands. She seemed very happy just staring at it for some reason. Then a wind came and blew the ribbon away. Aria became very distraught by this.


Aria was walking through a park trying to find her ribbon. But then she stopped at a tree and asked what was troubling it. When she put her hand on the tree then she heard the tree speak to her. She turned to look behind the tree, and there was an strange old man there. He held a leaf in his hand and turned it into a rose for Aria.

Despite that Aria liked the rose, she started crying again. The old man asked her what was wrong, and she said that she couldn't find the ribbon. Suddenly, the old man reached out and touched the back of her head. Aria was shocked, but the man then read her memories:

Apparently Wataru had gotten a present from his sisters. When he unwrapped the present, he gave Aria the ribbon. As a result, she holds it very dearly.

The man said that he would go look for it with her.

Back at the Welcome House, Mami had gotten another e-mail from her benefactor. The Post Pet beat up her pet again. Mami said that she knew her job, however, she also had to do her art assignment that she hadn't started.

In Yamada's apartment, he had the TV on his sci-fi show again, but he didn't have his art assignment done either.

Wataru was sitting outside with his blank book. He didn't know what to draw either. Karen came up to him and asked what was wrong. Wataru told her and asked where were the other sisters. She said that they were walking around looking for scenery to draw. So Wataru decided to go wander around too. Wataru asked Karen if she was going to draw scenery too. But Karen's face turned red and said that she had drawn a portrait of him. Then Wataru blushed too.

The man was walking down the street with Aria. Aria stopped in front of a doll shop. She saw an expensive European style doll and said that it was very pretty. Then the old man snapped his fingers, and the doll moved on its own. It did a curtsy for Aria. Aria curtsied back.

Wataru was riding up the escalator. But in the middle of the escalator were Mamoru and Kaho. They were facing sideways, and they appeared to be bouncing in place as Wataru passed them. Wataru turned around and began to walk backwards on the stairs to talk to them.

The two girls were trying to draw the landscape from the middle of the escalator. In order to stay in the same spot, they were walking (dangerously) sideways on it. Kaho, who was breathing hard from the exercise, said that this was the best spot for the cityscape, and she seemed to be right.

Wataru asked if this was safe. Mamoru didn't seem bothered by it, saying that it was just like an exercise machine. Just then, Kaho slipped and fell on Wataru. The two collapsed on the escalator unconscious. Mamoru turned around and wondered where the two of them went.

Aria and the old man passed by a candy store. While many of the boxes of chocolate were wrapped, Aria said that none of them were the same as her ribbon. The old man asked if she was ready to go, but then Aria wished that she could have some of the sweets. So the old man removed his hat, and waved his hand over it. Then he pulled out a fancy wrapped package from it.

Wataru was walking around near a grassy area outside of the city. He was still hurting from falling on the escalator. He thought that this would be a good spot to draw. But then he noticed that Marie, Haruka, and Shirayuki were there drawing already. Michael barked, and the other girls saw that Wataru was there.

Below all of them was a playground. It seemed that Rinrin and Yotsuba were playing with the new Rinrin-2 robot.

Aria was with the old man. She had opened the box revealing six pieces of fancy chocolate cake. Aria was eating one of the pieces using a handkerchief. But then a wind blew and it reminded Aria of the ribbon. So the old man suggested that they leave to go find it.

Back at the playground, Yotsuba was taking pictures with her digital camera as Rinrin-2 pushed Hinako on the swing. They saw that Wataru was there and apparently the other three sisters had joined him. Apparently they wanted to play.

Aria was holding the old man's hand as they were walking down the street. Aria didn't know where her ribbon was still. But then she noticed a dress maker's shop and looked at the pretty dresses. She said that they were so pretty. So the old man snapped his fingers, and Aria's dress magically changed colors. She said that it was very pretty. The man said that she should remain "genki".

Wataru was playing "tag" apparently, and was getting winded trying to chase down his sisters. Kaho fell down, and Wataru gently put his hands on her saying that he "caught" her. Hinako ran up to Wataru and hugged him, and he said that he caught her as well.

Wataru grabbed the hand of Sakuya saying that he caught her. But Sakuya's face turned red saying that he was being to forward with her, grabbing her hand. Then Wataru's face turned red and he apologized.

But then Chikage appeared and asked him if there was something wrong with all of the sisters that he had "caught". Wataru remembered that Karen and Mami were still at the house. Then he paused. Sakuya was still holding Wataru's arm and holding her face in embarrassment. But then she stopped and asked him what was wrong. Wataru said that he didn't know where Aria was.

Aria and the old man were sitting on a bench in the city. Aria thought that maybe the ribbon was lost forever. But the old man told her not to give up yet. He said that things could appear very mysteriously (I think). So he convinced Aria to keep looking.


Wataru was riding the escalator back into town. He was wondering if Aria was all right. He thought that he saw something in the distance. Using his digital camera, he zoomed the view and saw that Aria was walking down the street by herself. Wataru became very concerned and began to run.

Meanwhile, Aria was looking around for the old man. She saw that a hand was waving from an alley, beckoning her to come. The old man then disappeared into it. The alley was just a mere gap between two buildings, and it was very narrow. When Aria looked down it, she didn't see anyone. But then a gold butterfly appeared and flew into the darkness of the alley. Aria decided to follow. But since her parasol wouldn't fit while opened, she just dropped it and walked into the alley.

Wataru was now in the street wondering where she went. He saw her parasol and looked into the alley. He didn't see anybody. But he decided to slip sideways into the alley to make sure.

Aria was in some strange forest somewhere. She was still following the butterfly. The butterfly eventually returned to the old man. He snapped his fingers and the butterfly turned red in color. Then it flew away, vanishing into the sky. Aria said goodbye to it. Then the man said that they should go to keep looking for the ribbon.

Wataru reached the end of the alley and there wasn't anybody there. He was very confused. Just then a small magical portal appeared in the wall. The red butterfly came out of it and flew away. Wataru didn't know how it got into the alley.

In the other world, Aria was walking through a vast garden, filled with plants and fountains. But it was so bright and she didn't have her parasol. The old man pulled out a flower and it magically grew into a parasol-sized item for her.

Wataru was looking around the lake wondering where she could have been. But then he saw something was poking upwards from the water. Wataru couldn't figure out what it was. Then it turned out to be Aria's flower parasol. Wataru figured that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

In the other world, Aria was playing with her umbrella, sticking it into a fountain. The man beckoned for her to follow. When she walked up to a path, a large castle magically appeared in the distance.

The two of them walked around the castle that was filled with vines and stairways. She went to the top tower and said that the view was pretty. But then she remembered that she hadn't found the ribbon.

The man held her hand and took her to somewhere else. Aria wasn't going to forget about the ribbon anytime soon. The man said that her older brother must be important to her. She said that she absolutely had to get it back. Then the man stopped in the middle of the field. As a wind blew, he said that it might be that it might not come back. Aria got sad, but he said that they would just return home.

The old man was back at the tree where Aria first met him. The old man apologized for not being able to find it. But Aria started to cry again. Then a wind came, and the old man looked up at the tree. The ribbon was up in the tree branches, and Aria became very happy. He said that he was glad that they found it. Then the ribbon floated down to the man, and he handed it back to her.

The old man said that it was time for him to go. But Aria stopped him. Removing her hair band, she tied it around his wrist. She said that she was going to give something to him. The man thanked her and said his farewells.

Wataru was walking down the park wondering where she could have been. He was also holding her parasol in his arm. Then he saw a figure in the distance. Using his camera again, he figured out that it was Aria. He called out to her.

As Wataru came running to Aria, the old man bowed and vanished. Aria waved goodbye to him. Then Wataru ran up to her and said that he was glad that she was safe. He asked where she was. She only replied, "My ribbon..."

Then the tree changed its leaves from green to gold. Aria's ribbon seemed to be wrapped around one of the high branches of the tree. Wataru wondered how did it get there. But then she said that she found the ribbon, showing him the ribbon that he gave to her. Then Wataru said, "I understand... it's very pretty," he said as he looked at the tree.

That evening Wataru showed his drawing. It showed the gold-leaved tree and it had all 13 of his sisters standing around it. The other girls said that it was very good.

Then one of the sisters asked why was there a ribbon in the tree. He said that he didn't know. Wataru said to himself that it was very mysterious how that appeared in the painting but perhaps Aria had something to do with it.

Then the sisters asked Aria what did she draw. Then Aria had remembered that she hadn't drawn anything because she was busy that entire day. But as she stared sullenly at her blank page, a picture appeared on it. It was the tree with a portrait of her older brother standing next to it. The sisters commented that it was very good. In the background of the picture, you could see the old man peeking from behind the tree. Aria was very happy.

That evening, Yamada was sitting outside in the cold trying to draw the statue that was on top of the Promise Island. He was apparently very bad at drawing. He sneezed from the cold. Then he heard somebody else sneeze. Looking up, he saw that Mami was there drawing the statue as well. They stared at each other and they couldn't believe that they were both doing the same thing.

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