Sister Princess episode 16

Sister Princess episode 16
Kaho no Ganbachau!
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.03.06
Wataru was running with Mamoru, and he looked very tired. Mamoru then took a drink of water and didn't look tired at all. She told Wataru that they would do this again tomorrow. Wataru couldn't believe it. He thought about his letter to Akio saying that this would be for the daiundokai.

[Kev's Note: If you don't remember, daiundokai is the large athletic competition held in schools across Japan once a year. Because of the school system, many students end up being together for most of their academic career. To encourage bonding, the classes are pitted against each other (from the same school) in daiundokai. Each class sends representatives to compete in various events. Winners are given "points" to their classrooms, and the class that gets the most points often gets some extravagant prize (a school paid trip maybe). Depending on your viewpoint, you could see it as minor as intramural sports, or as grand as a scaled-down Olympics. While not every person must compete, and maybe not every class chooses to compete, it is considered lacking in school spirit.]

Later, Kaho told Wataru that she had to leave. She was carrying a hoop baton in her hands. Wataru said that she was leaving early. But she said that she had to do some special cheerleading practice. They were cheering for the daiundokai competition. She wanted to cheer for him. Then she left, but she quickly turned around looking embarrassed. Wataru asked what was wrong. Kaho walked back and picked up her hoop, saying that she almost forgot it.


At school, the poster read that there were only seven days left to daiundokai. Wataru was at his desk wondering what was so special about it. Then Yamada called out to him. Yamada wanted to get into some event, mostly because he wanted to be near his sisters. Karen asked if he was going to enter, I think, but Wataru said that he was undecided and asked if she was going to be in anything. Karen blushed and said that she would be in whatever he was going to participate.

At lunch time, Shirayuki, Haruka, and Yotsuba were eating lunch with Wataru. Shirayuki gave her special lunch to Wataru. It was katsu, because it rhymed with "guts". She was expecting Wataru to be in the daiundokai. Wataru just ate and laughed nervously. Yotsuba suspected something. She said that he was planning to be the big champion, I think. Wataru quickly said that it wasn't true. But then Yotsuba wondered what secret was he hiding. Haruka then gave him a special meal that she had made herself. Then she got embarrassed that she sounded like they were lovers.

From a distance, Yamada and Mami watched them. Yamada said that he wished that he was Wataru. Mami said, "Day after day, you say the same thing!" Then her laptop gave a mooing sound. She quickly ran away.

Mami's Post Pet got beat up again. But the e-mail from her mysterious benefactor told her to do something strange.

Meanwhile, Wataru and the others were watching Kaho and the rest of the cheerleaders practice. They were commenting that they were really good. But then Kaho lost control of her baton again. The hoop rolled and bounced off of Wataru's legs. Wataru returned the hoop to Kaho, and wished her luck on practice. But then as she left, she said that she would perform really hard for him at daiundokai. Wataru looked a bit guilty.

Kaho finally left school late that afternoon. Wataru had been waiting for her so they could go home together. On the way home, Kaho looked a bit sad.

Then they ran into a Chinese salesperson that was selling niku-man (steamed meat buns). So Wataru bought two and they sat by a bench. Kaho looked confused by her bun, and so Wataru tore his in half and gave one half to her. But it was very hot, and so Wataru said for her to be careful. She said that it was very delicious. Wataru looked distressed as he was thinking about something, but when Kaho asked, he changed the subject.

Wataru asked her about her cheerleading practice. She said that it was going okay. However, she said that she was worried that she wasn't getting any better. Wataru said that it wasn't true (I think), and Kaho got very happy. Then she ran out to the railing of the park and said that he inspired her to not give up on her practice.

Then they continued to walk home. Wataru asked her why did she want to do cheerleading. Kaho giggled, but then she said that it was because he always gave her encouragement. She said that she wanted to find a way to give some of it back to him. Kaho said that as a result, the performance at the daiundokai was very, very important. Wataru was very moved.

That evening, the girls were setting the table. Rinrin asked Kaho to get some spoons. But Kaho looked very tired, and Mami ended up getting them. Then Kaho almost bumped into Shirayuki who was carrying hot bowls of soup. Then Mami suggested that she just sit down and relax a bit. When dinner was served, Kaho looked very sleepy and she dropped her spoon by accident. Mami wondered what she was doing that was wearing her out so much.

Kaho didn't eat much of her dinner that night. Karen seemed concerned, but Wataru said that it was okay. He remembered that they had eaten the niku-man earlier and it had spoiled her appetite.

Then Chikage waved a program for the upcoming daiundokai and asked what was he going to do. Then Chikage said that she was going to do "this event". Wataru became very shocked and Chikage just chuckled quietly. The other girls commented on the undokai. They said that Kaho practiced every day very hard. Hinako said that she wanted to cheer too, and she began her very cute cheer at the table. Aria also had pompoms and said that she liked them.

Then Wataru noticed that Kaho had fallen asleep at the table. But even then, Kaho talked in her sleep and was saying cheers for her brother. Sakuya said that even cheered in her dreams. The others were both impressed and a bit concerned. Then Hinako said that she wanted to practice that way too, and closed her eyes. Wataru thought about how she was doing it for him.


At school, the poster now said that there was only three days left to the competition. Wataru kept thinking about what Kaho said to him. Suddenly the teacher appeared in front of Wataru, scaring him. Then Wataru told him that he wanted to be in the daiundokai in the timed relay competition. Karen, Yamada, and Mami were all very shocked. The teacher was unfazed and just said that he understood and wished him luck. Wataru said that this was the only way that he could pay back for what Kaho was doing.

Then Karen quickly said that she would join the team. Yamada stood up and said that everybody else needed to get into the spirit. The entire class became very excited and said that they would help. That is, except for Mami, who was holding a pencil with her upper lip. She couldn't figure out what the big deal was.

(Kev's Note: Relays are designed for speed and also involve a heavy amount of team unity. Perhaps Wataru knew this, but he knew that relays required the most "guts" (to use the Japanese term) of all the daiundokai competitions. This is probably why the others were surprised, as this is probably considered a bold move.)

Starting that day, Wataru and Karen began their training. They also got to see Kaho and the other cheerleading squad practicing hard also. But Kaho still dropped the baton often.

Wataru was riding the escalator down with Kaho. He said that the next day would be the daiundokai. Kaho didn't look very pleased, and looked like she might cry. But Wataru said that she shouldn't worry about it, since she practiced very hard. Kaho didn't change her unhappy expression.

Wataru then said that tomorrow he was going to be the anchor for the relay team. He said that he didn't think that he can't run very fast, but he was going to run for the team and just do his best. Then Kaho wiped her eyes and said that she was going to cheer for him. She said that she would try to do her best also.

The next day, the competitions started. Mamoru was in one of the running competitions and she won very easily. Sakuya was the announcer for all of the events. While the others were cheering, Wataru looked a bit sad, perhaps thinking about how he would do in his race. Meanwhile Kaho waved her pom poms with a very determined expression on her face for the participants.

Then Yotsuba appeared with her digital camera. She told Wataru to say "Check!", and he did with the traditional "peace" hand gesture. Then she took his picture. Yotsuba also took pictures of Sakuya announcing the winner of the last competition, which was Mamoru again. Then Yotsuba took a picture of Mamoru, who apparently had won six competitions already. She called out to Wataru and jumped in the air. Wataru waved back, but he looked embarrassed as everybody was staring at him. Yotsuba took a picture of Kaho who was cheering very hard.

The next competition was for the younger students as the objective was to throw balls into a basket that was placed very high in the air. Hinako was very excited and threw balls with both hands. Aria just stared at her ball instead. Balls that missed the basket just bounced off of her head, making Aria feel unhappy.

The next competition involved Haruka and she got very nervous. She said that this is the first time that she was watched in competition by her brother and blushed. Wataru didn't understand. Meanwhile, Kaho continued to wave her pom poms, but she almost lost her balance.

Then Sakuya announced the next competition. Then she let out a squeal because she was in it. It was apparently some scavenger hunt. Both Karen and Sakuya were in it, and they both looked at Wataru in the stands as they did it. Wataru waved back at them. Meanwhile, Kaho had gotten her baton out but she dropped it.

In the end, both Karen and Sakuya tied for first. They both stood in the winner's circle, dragging Wataru in the picture so they could hold his arm.

For the next competition, Chikage was in it, and Sakuya couldn't believe it. When she removed her jacket, all the boys stared at her pretty legs. Wataru asked if she was really going to do this. Then Chikage said that she was going to be back in a minute. Afterwards, Chikage returned with the gold medal (first place winner). Wataru was speechless.

(NOTE: I don't think that they ever mentioned what Chikage's competition actually was.)

Marie was working the first aid station. It seemed that there were many people in line. One boy appeared to have an alligator biting him. Yamada was at the end, squealing like a little girl how his finger hurt, I believe.

It was lunchtime, and Wataru and all of his sisters went to eat on a large blanket. Shirayuki said that today they had a special lunch.

Yotsuba and Rinrin said that Wataru's competition hadn't started yet. Yotsuba said that she would definitely photograph him, but Wataru looked embarrassed. Rinrin had a large bag and she pulled out some shoes. She asked if he wanted her special spring-loaded shoes to help him. But Wataru said that it was okay, and he thanked her.

Wataru noticed that Kaho wasn't really eating her onigiri. He then told Kaho that he wanted her to please cheer for him. They both nodded to each other as an understanding.

It was almost time for the relay race. I think that Karen wished Wataru luck. But then Yamada butted in the conversation. Mami grabbed Yamada and dragged him away saying that they had to get ready. Kaho watched with some anxiety.

Sakuya announced the main event, the relays. But then she called out to her brother to wish him luck, and said some mushy things. The others stared at Wataru, and he was too embarrassed to look up.

Chikage, Mamoru, Rinrin, Haruka, Shirayuki, Hinako, Aria, and Yotsuba were together in the stands. All of them but Chikage and Aria quickly cheered for their brother. At the first aid station, Marie and Micheal watched the competition with total silence, but she had her hands clasped in nervousness. Kaho was holding on to her baton with some anxiety as well.

The starting gun fired, and Yamada was the first runner. He ran very fast leaving a cloud of dust behind him. But Wataru noticed that Kaho was too nervous to spin her baton with the other cheerleaders.

Yamada had finished his lap and gave the baton to Mami. She ran also very fast around the track. The sisters in the stand also yelled out encouragement to her.

Then Karen grabbed the baton from Mami and began running. She looked like she was also fairly fast as she ran with a determined look.

It was almost time for Wataru's to take over as anchor. Kaho was still not twirling her baton because she was so nervous. Karen called out to Wataru and they had a good handoff. Sakuya stood up and yelled in the microphone to her brother. Kaho still was motionless, and she looked down because she was ashamed of herself.

The other sisters in the stands continued yelling and Marie was still silent in the first aid station.

Suddenly, Wataru tripped and the baton flew out of his hand. All of his sisters watched in horror as the baton fell to the ground, and Wataru went face first into the dirt. Then all the other track members just ran past him. Wataru got up slowly and said that he blew it.

But from the stands, Kaho looked up and then began twirling her baton. She began calling out to Wataru not to give up. Wataru looked and saw that she was spinning the baton perfectly, and she was cheering for him. Seeing this, Wataru got a determined look on his face. Grabbing the baton he began running again.

All the sisters began cheering for Wataru, and even Marie began calling out to him. Sakuya began cheering for him again into the microphone. Kaho continued, and she looked her happiest.

The race ended. The other sisters went to Kaho saying that she did very well. Then Wataru came up and apologized (for not winning anything), but he quickly said that he heard Kaho's cheers. He said that it made him not want to give up, and he wanted to thank her. I think that Kaho said that she would always root for him. Wataru said that he would return the favor, I believe. The other sisters looked very happy as well.

Meanwhile, Yamada and Mami were sitting in the corner, looking as pale as a ghost. They were saying that nobody cared about them even though they had tried really hard.

That evening, everybody walked home after they had changed back into their formal school uniforms. Wataru thought about his letter to Akio telling him about what happened. Then Kaho fell down again, and Wataru helped her back up. Then Kaho said something kind to Wataru which I didn't understand (arggh).

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