Sister Princess episode 17

Sister Princess episode 17
Okyu desu ha.. po!
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.03.13
Akio was thinking about his letter to Akio. He was at watching the kyuudo (archery) club, which meant that it was probably after school. Haruka was practicing and the other members were watching her quietly. Haruka released the arrow, and it immediately went into the center of the target. Wataru clapped quietly to show his amazement. When Haruka turned around and saw that it was Wataru, she became very happy.


Wataru and Haruka were walking home together. Haruka said that it was the first time that she had Wataru attend the club. Wataru asked if she was very surprised. There was a flashback about what had happened earlier.

Haruka was in her room playing with a pair of tickets, lost in a thought. Then Wataru called out to her and said that it was time for dinner. Haruka became nervous and quickly got up to hide the tickets in her dresser. Wataru came into the room, and Haruka quickly said that they should go, as she closed the dresser drawer. But Wataru noticed her bow and quiver by the corner of the room.

The flashback ended, and Wataru said that after seeing that, he wanted to see her practice. He said that she was very good at it. During their conversation, Haruka stopped and Wataru wondered what was wrong.

In front of the two of them was a vicious looking dog. It growled and bared its teeth. The dog began to approach them. Haruka quickly took her bow and used it as a staff. She quickly told Wataru that she was going to protect him. She thrust her bow at the dog, and gave it a fierce look. The dog eventually got scared and left. Wataru said that she was awesome, but Haruka said that she didn't do anything special.

Then Haruka noticed that there was a very fancy hair clip of some sort by the ground. She wondered who had dropped it.

Meanwhile, an old man was wandering the streets. He looked very sad.

Haruka and Wataru were riding the escalator home. I think that Haruka mentioned something about the sunset. Wataru looked out at the horizon and shielded his eyes. Then Haruka looked at Wataru's face and thought that his expression was so cool.

Haruka blushed and dug in her bag. She asked him if it was okay if he could go to the dance with her tomorrow. She produced the two tickets that she had hidden in her drawer earlier. Wataru was about to turn her down, but then Haruka became extremely emotional. She said that it was her dream to do this with him. Wataru quickly said that he would go with her. Haruka then brightened considerably.

As they continued to ride down the elevator, they passed the old man. He was apparently going in the opposite direction. He looked very sad, and Wataru wondered what had happened.

Haruka was still thinking that her dream would come true tomorrow, and she was overwhelmed with the thought. Wataru was thinking that he really couldn't dance, but he couldn't stand to see her unhappy so he would try.

A dragonfly came down and landed on Haruka's head. Wataru told her not to move as he was going to pick it off. Haruka looked at him as his face got very close to hers, and she blushed and her heart began pounding. But then the escalator ride ended, and Wataru fell off it. Then the dragonfly flew away when Haruka went to go help him.

That evening, Shirayuki was trying to make something for dinner. She asked Aria if she could help her instead of snacking. So Aria tried to crack an egg into a bowl, but she hit it so softly that it didn't crack. Shirayuki couldn't believe it.

Then Wataru said that he was home. The sisters all welcomed him home, but then were shocked to see that he was limping and Haruka was helping him walk. Sakuya asked what had happened, and Wataru said that he had an accident.

That night, Haruka put a bandage on his ankle. All the other sisters were worried, and Karen asked if he was okay. But Wataru said that it just hurt a little. Hinako rubbed her hand on his ankle, and said for the pain to fly away. Wataru patted her head and thanked her for her help. But then Sakuya grabbed his hand and began rubbing on her face, saying that she was very concerned with him. Then Michael went and rubbed his face on his foot. Marie said that Michael was worried about him, and Wataru thanked him for his concern. Shirayuki said that she would make him a special meal. Kaho got out her pompoms and cheered for him saying that she wanted him to get better soon. The other sisters quickly asked to chip in to make sure that he got better. Aria even offered her lollypop to him. But Wataru said that it would just take time.

Haruka kowtowed to Wataru saying that she was the one that got him into this mess. But Wataru quickly waved his hand saying that it wasn't her fault. But Haruka said that she would take care of him.

The next day at school, it was raining, and Haruka held the umbrella since Wataru was using a crutch. For dinner the next day, Haruka began feeding him. Wataru seemed embarrassed, but Haruka insisted and she closed her eyes and opened her mouth until he mimicked her. All the other sisters were standing around the two of them, also with their eyes closed and their mouths open in a reflex.

Wataru was in the bath keeping his bandaged leg out of the water. Haruka said that she was coming in to help him. But Wataru quickly said that he was okay. But she came in anyway, causing Wataru to become hysterical. She was washing his back for him; Wataru was wearing a towel around his waist. She said that she felt happy doing it for him. Later she left, and said that she wanted to see him in her bedroom. Wataru got very embarrassed.


In Haruka's bedroom, Wataru said that he hadn't had anything like this before. But Haruka began making gasping sounds. Wataru began moaning and groaning loudly. She said for him to hold on a little longer.

The camera panned away and it showed Wataru lying on his back. Haruka was putting on hot cauteries on his back.

(Cautery: Hot incense put on "pressure points" on the body. This is traditional medicine. And obviously quite painful, I might add).

Wataru looked like he wasn't going to be able to take the pain. But then he saw the tickets for the dance on the table next to him. He remembered that Haruka wanted to go to the dance very badly, and he had to miss it because of his injury. He figured that he was going to get better for her sake.

The next day, Haruka and the other sisters were waiting outside the front door for Wataru. Wataru appeared without any crutches. Haruka asked if he was okay. Wataru tapped his foot on the ground and said that he had gotten better. The other sisters were very pleased. He thanked Haruka for getting better, and she quickly acted modest and got embarrassed.

During lunch, Wataru was talking to Yamada. But Yamada said that he couldn't forgive him for dropping the baton at the daiundokai. Wataru looked hurt when he said that. He was asking Yamada a question about what to do in his situation. But Mami responded from an unknown location saying that they didn't know anything. Yamada looked around to see where she was. It turned out that she was on the gabled roof above them, taking a nap. She said that it was a good listening point. She didn't give him much advice but said that he had to understand a girl's feelings.

Wataru rode the escalator back down that afternoon. He felt sorry for Haruka because he didn't get to do anything for her. Wataru saw a banner mentioning the a town festival, and he got excited.

Meanwhile, the old man was wandering around the school looking for something among the leaves. But he didn't find it.

Haruka was at a cloth shop picking out fabric for a kimono. But then Wataru passed by it and saw her. She seemed happy to see him. Then Wataru asked if she wanted to go to the festival.

Haruka went in her new kimono. They went to many of the shops including the goldfish scoop stand.

The old man was still looking. Mamoru showed up on her bike and asked if he found the pin. But the old man said that he hadn't found anything yet. She wished him luck and rode off on her bike.

Haruka and Wataru were playing with the cork rifles and they both knocked over one prize each. Haruka was so excited that she grabbed Wataru and hugged him tightly. Then she realized what she was doing and quickly released him and looked embarrassed. Then they both got their fortunes read, and theirs both said that they would have great fortune.

Rinrin and Yotsuba were walking down the street. Rinrin was busy carrying a box full of her unfinished projects. Yotsuba seemed happy that Rinrin had gotten her a new zoom lens for her digital camera. Yotsuba was looking through the lens and saw the old man walking down the street towards them.

Yotsuba asked the old man if he found the hairpin yet. The old man quickly shook his head no and kept on walking without saying anything. Rinrin asked Yotsuba what was this about, and Yotsuba gave her a short answer.

Haruka and Wataru were eating an Asian dessert. I believe that it was one of those almond tofu dishes. (I remember their particular dish, and it actually tastes really good). Haruka said that she was so happy. Then Haruka took some food and told Wataru to open his mouth and say, "Aah". Wataru tried to refuse, but Haruka insisted. Finally, Wataru did it, and Haruka got very giggly. The others around them started to stare at them. Haruka said that she was never this happy.

The old man was walking through the park. Marie was on a park bench knitting. Michael saw the old man and barked once. Marie looked up and said hello. The old man asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was knitting something for her older brother. Marie asked if he was not able to find it. The old man said that he couldn't. Marie looked saddened by this. Then Michael barked, as if he understood the situation.

Haruka and Wataru were out on a boat on the lake. Wataru had closed his eyes, and he was enjoying the breeze. He said that it felt good. Haruka was staring at Wataru and said that it did.

Afterwards, Wataru helped Haruka out of the boat. But Haruka slipped and fell into Wataru's arms. Wataru asked if she was okay. But Haruka seemed to enjoy the fact that they were basically embracing.

That early evening, Wataru and Haruka were sitting by a park bench near a fountain. The old man was coincidentally sitting adjacent to them. Wataru asked Haruka if she had a good time that day. She said that it was the best. Wataru apologized that he hadn't had a chance to go to the dance with her. Haruka said that it was okay.

The old man sighed. The two of them looked and asked what was wrong. He said that that they reminded him of he and his wife Achiko when they were young. Unfortunately, the old man lost his hairpin recently and he wasn't able to find it.

Haruka remembered that she found the hairpin earlier and she dug into her bag and pulled it out. She ran to the old man and asked if this was it. The old man got very happy and said that it was. The old man was extremely grateful. He said that he owned the dance hall, and he would open it up for a special private party just for them.

That evening, Haruka looked very different as she was wearing a Western style dress, and she looked extremely elegant. The old man had allowed her to wear the hairpin for that evening. Then Haruka asked Wataru for a dance.

Wataru flushed slightly and said that she was beautiful. Then the two of them danced. The old man watched them. The sisters who had been helping the old man look for the hairpin came into the hall and watched also. Wataru asked if she ever did this in Japan. But Haruka said that this was her first time, and she said that she this was the happiest time of her life.

As the old man watched them dance, he saw himself and his wife dancing on the same floor years ago. His eyes began to water as a result. The other sisters all gathered around the old man. When Wataru and Haruka looked back at them, the other sisters waved at them.

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