Sister Princess episode 18

Sister Princess episode 18
Towa no .. Chigiri wo ..
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.03.25
Wataru was looking out in the ocean near evening and he saw Chikage standing there. Chikage was having a conversation with nobody (it seemed). Wataru went to her and asked her about something. She said, "Do you really want to know? I'll tell you." But then Wataru blushed, and he quickly changed the subject. But then Chikage told him something about love, I think. Wataru imagined his letter to Akio and mentioned that he was listening to something mysterious. (Man, I hate these talky episodes, because I never understand what Chikage is saying anyway).


There was some valley with green grass and flowers in full bloom. Chikage was standing there wearing an unusual simple dress. She told Wataru that it was time to go. She pulled out a crucifix necklace. As Wataru reached for it, she grabbed his hand and put it on her chest against the necklace. She said something like she would never forget him. Then a black hole appeared and began devouring all of the scenery. Chikage was being sucked into it as well, and Wataru held onto her. But as Wataru tried to hold onto her, she flew into the darkness.

Wataru cried out to her, but then he found himself in his bedroom, talking to the wall. He thought that it was a dream, but then he noticed that his body was still on the bed. Wataru screamed, "This can't be happening!" When he tried to touch the body, he fell right on through the bed.

He fell through the wall, and he ended up in Karen's room. She rolled over and said, "Niichan, daisuki," in her sleep. Wataru freaked out and kept running (through Karen). He ran through a number of sister's rooms, the kitchen and finally he ran upstairs. Rinrin was in her room and said that she had just finished. Wataru kept running and went down the stairs again.

Wataru was clutching his head, wishing that he could ask Akio just what was happening. But when he went to his room, Wataru couldn't type on his computer because he wasn't able to touch anything.

The next morning, Wataru went downstairs in the dining room. Mamoru, Kaho, and Haruka were all setting up the table for breakfast. But none of them could see Wataru. Finally, all the other sisters came down and said good morning to each other. But even though Wataru called to Karen, she didn't hear him. The sisters wondering what was going on with Wataru, as he hadn't come down yet. The others wanted to check on him.

As Wataru sat sullenly, he noticed that Aria was staring right where he was sitting. Wataru thought that Aria could see him. But then Kaho put a steamed bun on her plate. She began poking at it, saying that she liked it. Wataru seemed disappointed.

Suddenly, Michael jumped on on Wataru's chair and tried to lick his face. Wataru seemed shocked. But Marie just said that he must miss Wataru not being there. Hinako began jumping up and down saying that she wanted to see him too. But Mami told her to just relax.

As Michael began licking Wataru's ethereal face, he heard Chikage talking to him inside his mind. Wataru asked if she could see him, and she said that she could. Then he asked how he could return to his body, but Chikage didn't answer, and only telepathically told him to follow her. Chikage then left the room. The sisters asked if she wanted to eat breakfast. Chikage said that she was in too much shock to eat, and left. Mami grumbled that she never understood what Chikage was saying.

In Chikage's room, a number of candles were arranged in a rectangle. The candles all began to light themselves, one by one. Wataru was standing in the middle of them.

Then Chikage went into her closet and pulled out some things. On the table, she put a glass and filled it with some clear liquid. Then she sprinkled a little powder into it. The glass began to fizz and the liquid turned dark. It was apparently made out of mandrake root and some other things. Wataru tried to drink it, but he couldn't hold the glass.

In Chikage's hand was a crucifix, similar to the one that Wataru saw in his dream. I think that she mentioned that she wasn't sure how to get him back. But Wataru protested saying that he wanted his sisters to be able to see him. I think that Chikage could try something (I think that scaring him to death must be it), holding out the crucifix, but it would be dangerous. Wataru said that it was okay.

Then Wataru sat in a chair. Chikage held a mirror up to him. In the mirror, you could see that he had invisible arms were grabbing at him. Wataru let out a scream.

Karen was standing outside of Wataru's room holding a book. Hinako appeared with a book and asked if he had awoken yet. But Karen said no. Yotsuba was wondering what was happening. Aria started to cry. Mami just said that it wasn't a big deal.

Meanwhile, Wataru's spirit was saying that he didn't want to do anymore. But Chikage had an urn and said that they needed to keep trying. Then Chikage opened the jar. Whatever was inside made Wataru scream in horror, and he tumbled down the stairs.

The other sisters finally left from the front of Wataru's room, as they muttered to themselves what was happening. Wataru asked Chikage if there was any other way to return to his body. Chikage asked why did he want to return. He replied that everyone was worried about him. Chikage seemed disappointed in this answer. But she held out the crucifix and said that he had to remember something. Then the crucifix let out a bright light, and a black hole appeared from behind Wataru and sucked him into it.


Wataru opened his eyes and saw that he was back in the green field, but the sky was gray. He recognized it as the dream world that he had been in earlier. A voice asked if he was okay. Wataru turned around, and Chikage (or at least, a dream version of Chikage) was standing behind him wearing a flowing, beautiful green dress. She was also wearing the crucifix.

She helped him stand. Wataru grabbed her and said that she had to hurry because something was coming for her. But Chikage blushed and said that this was the first time to be alone together. Wataru let go of her in embarrassment. But Chikage instead leaned her head against him, and told him something about being together (I didn't understand). Wataru kept wanting to protest, but Chikage said that it was okay. She said that she wanted to be with him forever here. She was blushing furiously, and Wataru couldn't believe it. Then Chikage said, "Let's go". Wataru wanted to ask her some more about something.

But then a figure that looked like the Grim Reaper appeared before them. Wataru stood in front of Chikage. But the Reaper swung its scythe and it cut Wataru's face. He couldn't believe it. Wataru then grabbed Chikage's hand and made a run for it.

At the Welcome House, Yamada had come to help out. He made a large production, telling the sisters that he would go check on him. Mami couldn't believe that he was making such a big deal out of it.

Yamada went inside, to the shock of Sakuya, and closed the door behind him. He went to Wataru's unconscious body. Yamada then began speaking in a feminine voice, trying to trick him into waking up or saying something stupid. But Wataru didn't awaken. Yamada tried picking him up, but instead Wataru just fell on him limply. Yamada was freaking out because it looked like a compromising position. Then Yamada thought about it and figured that Wataru must've died.

But then Karen asked Yamada if her brother was okay. Yamada freaked out, and said to wait. He knew that he couldn't tell his sisters that he was dead.

Back in the dream world, Wataru and Chikage had gotten deep into some forest. Chikage looked at Wataru's face and looked concerned. She went to a lake and washed a cloth. Then she cleaned his wound and asked if it hurt. She was standing very close to him. Then Chikage wondered why Wataru was staring at her, and she got embarrassed. But Wataru quickly changed the subject and she pinched him for doing that. Then they got *very* close to each other, and were about to kiss.

Suddenly, something in the lake jumped out at them. The Grim Reaper had found them again. Wataru yelled at Chikage to run, but she was frozen in the spot. Wataru made a leap at the Reaper, but the Reaper merely knocked him away with its scythe. Then the Reaper closed in on Chikage, as Wataru was lying in the bushes. The Reaper stole away with Chikage to some distant castle, and Wataru screamed for them to wait.

In the real world, Yamada was "playing chess" with an unconscious Wataru. This looked very much like "Weekend at Bernie's", if you know what I mean. But then Hinako came in with a book. She wanted for him to read to her. Yamada quickly said that Wataru was in deep concentration as he was thinking about the next big move.

Hinako thought that Wataru seemed strange and she poked him. But before Wataru fell over, Yamada stuck is foot underneath the table and pushed on him to prevent him from falling.

Aria had come into the room and wanted to see how he was doing. Then the rest of the sisters quickly appeared as well. They all wanted to check and see how Wataru was feeling. Yamada's face looked sick as he was worried that they were going to learn the truth.

Yotsuba stared at him very closely with her magnifying glass. Yamada thought that she would figure it out. But then she said that it was very cool for him to be meditating so hard. Yamada couldn't believe it.

In the dream world, Wataru was running in the castle. He went through some large doors that led to the main room. Chikage was bound to a chair with some vines that had thorns on them. Wataru called to her, and she opened her eyes. But before he could get to her, the Grim Reaper materialized in front of him.

But even though Wataru said that this was all a dream, he was running away in fear. The Reaper kept swinging his scythe at him. "This has to be a dream," Wataru said to himself. But then he saw Chikage's disappointed face.

Wataru then said that he was going to save Chikage for sure. Then he stopped and faced the Reaper. Chikage looked surprised. Wataru didn't look as he charged right at the Reaper, as the Reaper swung his scythe at him...

Wataru opened his eyes and saw that he was now in some bright church. He couldn't believe it. He called out to Chikage, and when he turned around, she was wearing an ornate dress with a veil on her head. She thanked him, and said that she was happy that he stayed. She said that they could stay together forever like this, and she put her head on his chest. She then held his face and handed him her crucifix. (I have trouble with this dialogue). But then Wataru backed away from her. She wanted to know why, as she loved him. But Wataru said that she was his sister, despite that she was very important to him. He said that he wanted to protect his other sisters, too.

Chikage seemed to take this surprisingly well. She walked away from him. The church surroundings faded to black. Chikage turned to face him, and held out her crucifix. The pendant flew from her hands and landed in Wataru's hands, and she said not to forget her. Then Chikage vanished into the darkness.

A bright light suddenly appeared in front of Wataru. Wataru walked toward it. In the very entrance to the light was the phantom girl that Wataru sees in his dreams. Wataru vanished in the bright light.

In the real world, Wataru's head hit the table. Yamada freaked out. Sakuya asked if he was okay. Yamada prayed that the worst wouldn't happen to him. But then Wataru asked him what was he doing. Yamada was shocked that he was standing up. Yamada began babbling about how glad he was, and then quickly ran out of the house. Wataru didn't understand what was happening.

Wataru saw Chikage and she had the crucifix pendant. He ran out of the room after her. But instead she acted like it wasn't a big deal. Wataru seemed stunned a bit. But in Chikage's room was the ornate wedding dress that appeared in Wataru's dream. Chikage was staring at it, blushing, and held the crucifix in her hand.

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