Sister Princess episode 20

Sister Princess episode 20
Christmas Love Destiny
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.04.07
Wataru was writing an e-mail to Akio telling about the upcoming Christmas party with his younger sisters. He said that he was a little nervous about it. Mamoru called him downstairs to look at something, and Wataru sent the e-mail and left his room.

All of his sisters were waiting by the bottom of the stairs next to a huge undecorated Christmas tree. They both said good morning to each other.

Hinako then said that it was her turn to visit the calendar. She ran to a 3-D calendar and went to the box marked "21" and pulled out a surprise. Hinako was very pleased to see that it was some chocolate candy and ate it quickly. But Aria was going to cry as she wanted some. Hinako apologized, but then Wataru said that Aria could go visit the calendar tomorrow.

Then the sisters started leaving the Welcome House to go to school. Wataru wondered out loud what would happen at the party (I think). Then he left. Kaho was still inside staring at tree until Wataru called for her.

At school later that day, Wataru and Yamada were on the rooftop of the school. Yamada looked sad, and asked Wataru what was a good Christmas present (i.e., to give to his sisters). But Wataru seemed to be happy, and wasn't listening to him. He instead talked about how he never had a party outside Tokyo, and he wondered what it would be like. Yamada kept talking, but it seemed like Wataru wasn't really listening to him. This infuriated Yamada.

After school, the girls were all decorating the Christmas tree. (NOTE: Hinako was sitting on the top step of the ladder--something that is actually very dangerous, and I'm surprised that they showed it). Wataru asked where Rinrin was, and Sakuya said that she was in her room trying to come up with some decorating ideas.

In Rinrin's room, Rinrin, Mami, Mamoru, and Marie were all staring at some blueprints. Rinrin wondered how they could decorate the outside. Marie said that she had an idea, and she quickly drew a very ornate sketch of how the lights should be hung outside. The other sisters were very impressed because it was very good.

Downstairs, Haruka was looking at her watch. She quietly called out to Sakuya and she gave a signal. Sakuya understood and called to Wataru, saying that she needed him to accompany her to get something.

It was evening, and Sakuya and Wataru were walking through the shopping area. Sakuya said that she wanted him to help her find the best Christmas present for him. Wataru seemed surprised. But Sakuya clasped his hand, saying that she needed help finding what he liked. So they went through the streets and looked at all the pretty decorations and shops.

Wataru said that this was the first Christmas that he had on the Promised Island. Sakuya said that it was hers, as well. Sakuya then saw the giant, decorated Christmas tree in the middle of town, and grabbed Wataru's hand and ran toward it. Wataru was surprised that she was holding his hand so tight. Sakuya said that it was so pretty.

Wataru then asked what present would she like. Sakuya quickly became upset saying that girls didn't want to tell men what gifts they wanted. Wataru quickly apologized. But Sakuya smiled and giggled. Then she held onto Wataru.

Back at the Welcome House, the other girls went to the church. They seemed to be holding black binders. Karen asked if he was really didn't know. Haruka said that it was okay. The other girls then went back to the house.

Sakuya looked at her watch and asked if they could head back to the house. But Wataru said that he would come back with her later. Sakuya asked if he was trying to do something suspicious. But Wataru quickly panicked and said that it wasn't like that. Sakuya said that she understood and left.

Then Wataru went shopping. He looked at some watches, kimonos, and even stuffed animals. But in the end Wataru didn't get anything, saying that there weren't any good presents for his sisters. But as he was leaving, he saw a music box in the window. It was a male angel surrounded by twelve female angels.

Wataru returned home with a large wrapped box. The other sisters quickly welcomed him home. Wataru hid the box behind his back and said, "I'm home." But then Wataru noticed that there was a piece of sheet music on the ground. Kaho quickly snatched it and hid it behind her back.

Sakuya said that he took so long that she was worried about him. Then Wataru apologized. But Sakuya looked like she wasn't totally serious. Then Shirayuki said that it was time to eat.

The next day, Hinako pulled out another candy from the calendar. She then gave it to Aria. It was soft and Aria had fun squeezing it before eating it.

The other girls continued decorating their immense tree.

Days passed, as Hinako was seen pulling out a cookie on the 23rd of December.

Wataru was out on the town with Sakuya again. They were eating at a cafe, when something lit up outside. They looked at it with awe.

Back at the Welcome House, the girls left from whatever they were doing in the church again, holding their binders.

Out on the street, Yamada was wearing a Santa outfit (he wasn't wearing the beard correctly, however), holding a sign that said "Christmas Sale". He looked very miserable and he sneezed. Wataru and Sakuya were walking down the street looking at more of the decorations. Yamada saw them and said that it must be nice. But he hid so they wouldn't see him in such a pathetic state.

Wataru wrote to Akio about his Christmas present to his sisters. Meanwhile, there were scenes of him having a good time eating dinner with all of his sisters.

Kaho snuck out and looked into the hallway, as if to check to see if Wataru was there. Then she closed the door again.


Kaho had gone to the calendar and pulled out a star. Hinako wished that she could have it. Kaho seemed a bit disappointed when she unwrapped it, perhaps hoping that it was something else. But she ate it and quickly said that it was delicious.

That day, after school, Wataru saw that all of his sisters had waited for him outside. The other sisters said that there was a party for him that night. They said that they would give him his present that day. Sakuya quickly put her arm around Wataru and suggested that they walked home together.

At the house, the Rinrin was finishing up putting up all the lights around the house and the other decorations. Some other girls were working inside on a huge wreath. They asked Chikage if she liked it (I think). Chikage noticed that it had apples on it, and she smiled.

That evening, Yamada was standing outside the store again with his sign. He didn't look very interested in working and he was using his sign as a crutch. He wished that he could be at a party. He looked at the statue on top of the island, and it had been decorated to look like Santa.

The next evening, Sakuya and Wataru were out on the town together again. They had arrived early, as Sakuya said that she wanted to show him something. They went to the giant Christmas tree, but none of the lights were lit. Then the spotlights were turned on the tree, and a light whipped around the tree and lit the star on top. The entire tree then lit up.

Sakuya said that it was awesome, and her hand instinctively reached out and clasped Wataru's hand. Wataru was surprised that she would be so bold, but Sakuya was lost in the moment. Then he said, "Pretty..." but Sakuya noticed that he was looking at her. Sakuya mentioned something to him, which made Wataru blush. Then, Sakuya leaned forward and whispered a secret to him. Then she said that they should go home.

When they got to the house, Wataru was in awe. The girls had turned on the lights that were strung around the Welcome House. Above the doorway was a wreath that the girls had made earlier, created using apples and a pineapple.

When they went inside, the other sisters welcomed him home. Wataru thanked them all for such a great present. But Aria and Hinako laughed. Sakuya said that there was more of his "present" to come, much to Wataru's shock.

Wataru waited outside the church. Then Sakuya said that he could come inside. Wataru went in but it was dark. Then a number of candles were lit and finally the spotlights hit the girls. The girls apologized for giving him a shock, but they had been working on something secret as his special present. But Wataru seemed surprised that they would do something like that, but his sisters seemed to think of him very highly. His special gift was a song.

Karen then played the organ. Aria began to sing. (She sounds VERY different from her character, as her seiyuu is singing in her normal voice). Then the other sisters joined in the song as well.

Wataru was in awe, and he walked toward the front of the church where the sisters were. Then when the song was done, they said, "Merry Christmas, older brother." Wataru said that this was the best gift that he ever got. Then he thanked him.

That evening, they had a large feast. Mami was eating two drumsticks at the same time, saying that Christmas was the best. Shirayuki wanted Wataru to try out her yule log cake. Wataru ate a bit and said that it was very delicious. Michael was dressed up as Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and he was chewing his gift--a bone.

Then the sisters decided to do the gift exchange. Basically, the girls all made gifts and they had to draw for a "Secret Santa". Karen got a very lovely flowering plant. Kaho got some very ornate gloves, and she thanked Mamoru. Mamoru had received a picture frame. Marie thanked Haruka for her cookies, and Haruka thanked Marie for her postcards. Shirayuki got a very nice handkerchief. Hinako got a jar full of candy, and Aria got a stuffed teddy bear that was dressed like Santa. Chikage got a jar of perfume (I think), and Sakuya got a small crucifix pendant. Yotsuba got a package of dried curry (very cheap), and wondered if it was from Shirayuki. But Mami looked guilty and said that it was hers. Then she held out her gift. It looked like some robotic clock, and she asked if Rinrin made it. "Pinpon!" Rinrin said happily, holding up her gift of an apron.

Then Wataru said that he would give them all his present now. He took out the music box and opened it. The male angel (and a teddy bear) would rotate in the middle as the music box played. The music box played the theme to the song that the girls had sung earlier. The angels in the box, if you looked closely, had strangely familiar looking hairstyles. The girls then looked with awe at it. Then they thanked Wataru for the gift.

Somebody banged on the door. Wataru wondered who could it be at this hour. But Hinako said that it was Santa. She went to door. Mami couldn't believe it, and thought that he was really there. Wataru opened the door, and Mami went white as she saw Yamada's ugly face, dressed as Santa.

Yamada ran inside and hugged Wataru. Yamada looked like he had a terrible time. But Mami screamed saying that Santa was actually Yamada. Yamada then gorged himself on the Christmas feast, and he looked very grateful. Mami then demanded "Santa" for their presents. But Yamada said that there wasn't much left, and he emptied a few gifts out of his sack.

There was a star, however, that fell out of the bag. Kaho said that they could use it for the tree. Wataru helped fasten it to the top.

Then Sakuya requested for the other girls to come look. Michael got up on one of the chairs to look at the music box, which was still playing its song.

The scene panned to the outside, where the girls were in the same position as the 12 female angels, and the male angel was in the same spot as Wataru. Mami was replacing the teddy bear. They were all excited because it was snowing outside. Sakuya then mentioned something to Wataru and winked, but I didn't understand it.

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