Sister Princess episode 21

Sister Princess episode 21
Aniki ni me too 
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.04.11
    [they printed the ASCII smiley in the title]
NOTE: In this summary, I call Mecha-Rinrin, "Mecha Rinrin 2", because there are actually several Mecha-Rinrin if you recall.

Wataru was thinking about his letter to Akio again. He was eating breakfast with his sisters. He noticed that Rinrin was in deep thought. She was using the syrup bottle to draw electrical diagrams on her French toast. She was trying to figure out what to do about her latest invention.

Kaho looked very happy, and was pouring A LOT of honey on her French toast. Sakuya said that she must really like French toast. Kaho agreed, saying that Shirayuki's French toast was the most delicious. Shirayuki then thanked her for the compliment.

Rinrin was still trying to figure out the problem when she reached over absent-mindedly and grabbed Kaho's toast. She was about to eat it when Wataru called out to her that she was eating Kaho's breakfast. Rinrin quickly apologized and put the toast back in Kaho's hands. Kaho said that it was okay, and she looked very relieved.

Yotsuba was watching Wataru and writing "data files" on Wataru in a small notebook. Meanwhile, Rinrin was still trying to figure out her problem as she ate her breakfast. Outside, Haruka was sweeping as Mecha-Rinrin was holding the dustpan.

Wataru wondered what Rinrin was making.


Wataru and Karen had their backs pressed against each other, holding brooms. Then Kaho said, "Ready... Start!" Then Wataru and Karen pressed a button on their brooms that activated a spinning sweeper brush, and they began to run around the house with it.

But Wataru stopped at the kitchen. Rinrin had a special camera and sensors put onto Shirayuki so she could collect her data. Rinrin was making pancakes and Rinrin was collecting her body movement onto the computer. Shirayuki asked her what was she going to do with this data, but Rinrin said that it was a secret.

Then Rinrin went and collected similar data from Mamoru as she ran. She also collected data from Haruka who performed a traditional dance with a Japanese fan. Then she put the sensors onto Aria. But Aria didn't move at all.

Wataru saw this and wondered what secret project could she be doing. Then she noticed that Yotsuba, who was wearing a Sherlock Holmes style cap, was collecting more data on him from behind a slightly ajar door. She was now up to entry 0375. Wataru asked her what was she doing from behind the door. Yotsuba said that it was a secret project for Rinrin's new Mecha Rinrin.

Wataru then stood in front of Yotsuba and asked, "Mecha Rinrin?"

Yotsuba got very shocked as she wasn't supposed to tell him. But she snapped a picture of him with an old-style camera anyway. She acted very strange, and ran around a column. Wataru snapped a picture of her with his digital camera.

Marie was reading a story to Hinako about a boy and his robot.

Meanwhile, Yotsuba walked up the stairs very sneakily. Then she passed Rinrin's room and said, "Check!" very quietly as she looked in both directions. Seeing no one, she knocked on a door that appeared to have no sign on it. Rinrin unlocked the electronic lock on the door, and let her enter.

Wataru was looking back at some of his old books. As he was flipping through the pages, some sakura petals fell out onto the table. He wondered if they were from the dream that he had (with the phantom girl) when he was first travelling to the island.

But then Wataru's computer let out a rooster crow, indicating that he got e-mail. The mail asked if he would fill out a survey, as his reward would be some prize. Wataru agreed, and began filling out the survey.

Above his room was Aria's room. I think that Aria was staring out the room, singing some kind of song.

Above that was a room filled with boxes and plastic bags. Mami was inside. Her room was so full that it only had room for her desk and not much more. Mamoru said that she was going to vacuum her room. But Mami quickly said that it was okay and she'd take care of it herself.

Meanwhile, Shirayuki and Haruka were baking some pastries in the oven and they were watching it bake.

Back in Wataru's room, he was still filling out the long survey. He thought that the questions were strange because they were fairly personal in nature. But he filled it out anyway and sent the reply.

Rinrin was in her room looking at her computer with Yotsuba. They were happy when Wataru sent them the reply.

Wataru was in the process of tying up some of his old books (for storage/recycling). Then his computer made another sound indicating that he got e-mail. The service said that they thanked him for the reply and his present would be coming shortly. It was signed by Rinrin, and then Wataru finally understood.

When Wataru went to Rinrin's room, Mecha-Rinrin answered the door. He went inside but nobody was there. He asked Mecha-Rinrin where she was, and the robot pointed at the closet. When he opened the closet, he saw that Rinrin had connected the room next door together.

There was a large canister that was glowing with a greenish light. The door opened and he saw Rinrin inside it. He asked her what was she doing, and then he let out a scream. There was another Rinrin standing outside by the computer. He was clinging onto Mecha-Rinrin and asked how there could be two of them. Then Yotsuba took another picture of him saying that it was for his files.

Rinrin said that it looked just like her. Wataru figured out that this was her secret project. She said that the robot would be his new support person (assistant). Yotsuba asked him a few more questions, and Wataru replied. Then Rinrin said that the programming was finished and she'd activate the robot.

The new Mecha-Rinrin 2 opened her eyes and lifted her head. Wataru was very excited, saying that she opened her eyes. Then Mecha-Rinrin 2 stepped out and tried to walk toward him. There was some electrical problem downstairs in the fuse box. Then Rinrin noted that there was an overheat warning.

Mecha-Rinrin 2 stretched out her arms, as if to hold Wataru, but then the fuse box blew out. Mecha-Rinrin 2 started to fall. Wataru tried to catch her, but she was so heavy that he fell down with her.

Downstairs, the cream puffs collapsed in the oven, much to Shirayuki's dismay. In Mami's room, the room went completely dark without her light and she couldn't find her way out of the room. Yamada's TV went out. But he noticed that his kotatsu (??) was still working. He figured that his TV must've just broken, and he began to freak out because he was missing the TV special.

Meanwhile Rinrin and Wataru were looking at the basement. They figured that one of the fuses had blown out. The other sisters wanted to know what was happening. Yotsuba said to please wait a moment while they repaired it, and both Yotsuba and the old Mecha-Rinrin took a bow.

Rinrin looked in her boxes of goods and realized that she didn't have any fuses in her supplies. Then Wataru suggested that they go out and buy one. Rinrin sounded very upset as she apologized to Mecha-Rinrin 2 (who was in a service compartment) and gently brushed her hair with her hand. But Wataru said that they would get more parts so they could fix her. Then Rinrin became very happy and made a jumping hug, knocking him down. The old Mecha-Rinrin took a picture while Yotsuba made more notes.


Marie was continuing to read the story to Hinako. Hinako noticed that the story was very similar to Rinrin's dilemma.

Wataru and Rinrin had gone to the electric shop to buy some parts. The two of them had apparently ridden in their personal train. (If you recall, this was the train that they won from the play in the earlier episodes--perhaps Rinrin had made it functional). Wataru drove the train back to the Welcome House. Rinrin thanked Wataru for the parts, but Wataru said that it wasn't a big deal.

They put the fuse back in the box. Wataru told her to be careful. Then she switched on the power. The lights in the house came on again. Then Rinrin said that she'd go work on Mecha-Rinrin 2 next. Wataru seemed confused that she'd be so interested in making it work.

That evening at dinner, everybody seemed to be having a good time. But Rinrin was still thinking about her project. She was drawing electrical diagrams with her sauce. She made a breakthrough and got up and left. Yotsuba then said that she'd go too. The other sisters just giggled.

Later that night, Wataru went to knock on Rinrin's door. But he noticed that there was a strange glowing light coming from the next room (i.e., the room that Rinrin had expanded into from her closet). Inside Rinrin was still working on Mecha-Rinrin 2 and a green glow was coming from the containment unit. When Wataru knocked on the door, she got up and noticed that Yotsuba had fallen asleep. She put a blanket on her and let Wataru in the room. Rinrin said that she'd be ready tomorrow. Then Wataru helped her put together the android with her. Wataru asked her why was this so important to her. But Rinrin didn't give a straight answer.

The next morning, Rinrin showed off Mecha-Rinrin 2. Everybody was impressed. Yotsuba immediately said that she helped make it.

Then Rinrin tried to show off her new invention. As Mecha-Rinrin 2 dusted a vase she knocked it off the stand. The sisters screamed in shock. Mamoru dove and barely caught it before it hit the floor. Mecha-Rinrin 2 held her face and blushed in embarrassment.

Next, Rinrin let her android try to do the laundry. As she was snapping the sheets to straighten them, she tore the sheet in half. The sisters screamed in shock. Rinrin said that maybe she used too much power. Mecha-Rinrin 2 held her face and blushed again.

Then Mecha-Rinrin 2 tried to cook, but she made something very awful looking. She became embarrassed again.

Later, Chikage was poking at the robot's hard face as it stood silently there. Wataru asked her a question, but I didn't understand her answer.

Wataru was feeling sorry for Rinrin because she had tried so hard and her newest invention didn't work right.

He saw Sakuya on the stairwell with her eyes closed. Wataru called to her, but Sakuya didn't say anything. Instead she raised her arms, just like Mecha-Rinrin 2 did. Wataru thought that Rinrin had made Mecha Sakuya. But then she lunged forward and hugged him tightly. Wataru's face got really red, but then Sakuya said that she was just playing with him. Wataru was very shocked and became offended. But Sakuya winked saying that there were some things that were only good with the real thing. Then Wataru fainted.

Later in Wataru's room, Mecha-Rinrin 2 was going to help Wataru carry all of his old books into storage. But the books were too heavy for her, and Mecha-Rinrin 2 overheated and ended up dropping the books. Before she shut down, she held her embarrassed face with her hands.

The android's hat fell off her head. Hinako picked up the hat and put it on her head. She said that she was now Mecha Hinako.

Around the dinner table, the other sisters sighed with some collective pity. They felt bad that Rinrin tried so hard for her invention, but it wasn't very useful at all. Hinako put the hat on Michael and said that he was now Mecha Michael.

In Rinrin's room, Mecha-Rinrin 2 lay in the containment tube. The original Mecha-Rinrin looked at Rinrin with a sad face. Rinrin was filled with disappointment. But then she shook her head and said that she wasn't going to give up and she'd get it working.

Wataru knocked at her door and asked if they could take a walk together. They walked outside. Rinrin said that it felt good since she hadn't really been outside very much. Rinrin said that there was still a problem with the software for her robot, and apologized. Wataru then gave her words of encouragement to finish it.

Rinrin's face became serious and she walked away from Wataru for a bit. Rinrin said that she didn't want to see him sad. Then she said that she wanted to go to America eventually (probably to study at the universities, as American universities are viewed with high prestige). Wataru understood. Rinrin said that she made Mecha-Rinrin 2 so that she could always be there to help him.

Marie continued with the story about the robot to Hinako. Meanwhile, Mami had come downstairs with two full garbage bags from her room. Hinako wished her luck in cleaning her room. Marie continued with the story, saying that the inventor wasn't going to give up and would work on the robot.

Then Rinrin said that she wasn't going to give up. One day she'd have the support person that he needed. A jet plane flew overhead, and Rinrin stared at it, as it almost symbolized her future.

Marie finished the story saying that one day, the robot was finished and it was so good that it became a real person. Hinako was very glad that the inventor and the robot succeeded. Mami was listening outside the room and cried saying that it was a happy ending.

In her room, Mami was continuing to clean. She found some moldy bread and some very old freeze-dried ramen. She even found an old diary. Then she got an e-mail. She said out loud that she wondered what made her happy. Then she looked and became very excited, as she found a 10 yen coin.

Wataru then wrote an e-mail telling Akio about Rinrin. Rinrin was in her room continuing to work on Mecha-Rinrin 2.

Yamada was in his room and had torn apart the entire TV. While the TV had the sound (although not very good quality), it only had snow for the picture. Yamada cried in frustration.

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