Sister Princess episode 23

Hajimete no Okyaku-sama
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.04.15
Wataru was thinking about his final letter to Akio before he arrived. Then Karen called out to him, saying that she had changed out his bed sheets. Wataru said thanks, but continued to look out into the sea toward Tokyo. Karen smiled as she understood. She walked out of his room with a vacuum cleaner. On his PC, the e-mail said that Akio was coming today. Wataru was still looking out to sea, excitedly thinking that today Akio would come to Promised Island.

In Japan, Akio was dressed very unusually, as he had on an aviator's uniform. An attendant told him that all the preparations were ready and he was cleared to leave.


Somewhere on Promised Island, a large theme park was being built. The workers said that it was almost done.

Yotsuba was looking from the roof wearing her investigator's cap and a pair of binoculars. She was scanning the shoreline, and reporting to Rinrin with a walkie-talkie. They were using silly codenames and Yotsuba said that she had no sign of any Akio's boat yet. Downstairs, Rinrin was cleaning the floor along with Mecha-Rinrin.

Mamoru had returned quickly with groceries. Shirayuki (humming the incidental music for Sister Princess) was cooking a special meal for her brother's friend.

Kaho had put out a pretty flowering plant by Wataru's window. When Wataru said that it was very beautiful, Kaho said that it was because his friend was coming. At the same time, Hinako and Sakuya were helping setup a second bed in his bedroom. Hinako decided to play on the bed. Sakuya was asking a lot of questions, like when his friend was coming and what was he like. Wataru talked very fondly about him. Sakuya seemed to get jealous, but Wataru said that he was just a boy. Then Karen giggled because she knew that Sakuya was jealous.

Downstairs Haruka and Marie were helping set the dinner table with some tea cups and saucers. Marie wondered what kind of tea that he would like (I think). Aria had fallen asleep on the couch and was talking in her sleep. Aria was mumbling about not liking this new person, which made Haruka and Marie very confused.

In Chikage's room, she turned over a Tarot card. It was The Moon.

Mami was outside by the front gate, looking at her laptop PC. She seemed to dread the arrival of Akio. But then Wataru appeared. Mami fell over in shock and tried to hide the PC very quickly.

Wataru asked what was wrong. But Mami made some excuse, I think that she said that she was feeling sick. Wataru panicked and began running to get help, but Mami was clinging to him, dragging on the ground, saying that it was okay. She quickly said that she suddenly felt better, and Wataru was relieved. Wataru said that he would see her later, and she waved goodbye. After he left, Mami said quietly that her brother was very kind. She seemed bothered as she stared at her PC again.

Wataru was running to the dock to meet him. But the old man at the dock said that there were no scheduled arrivals for today. Wataru said that was strange, as he wondered how Akio was going to get here. At the sound of Akio's name, the old man began choking on his pipe. Wataru asked him if he knew him, and the old man quickly denied it. Then Wataru continued talking to himself, saying that he should be arriving any minute (or something like that). The old man began choking on his pipe again. Wataru asked if he knew something about this, and the old man quickly denied it again. Wataru then began talking about how he was his old classmate in Tokyo, with Jiiya. The old man began sweating profusely, thinking that Wataru had figured out something. But in the end, Wataru didn't get to draw any conclusions because he heard a sound.

They looked and saw that Akio was arriving by parafoil. He had strapped a large blower to his back and was flying into Promised Island. It looked as if he was going toward the Welcome House. Wataru was so excited that he almost fell off the dock, and then he ran off to go meet him at the Welcome House.

Then Yotsuba noticed that Wataru was running along the sidewalk back toward the house. She didn't understand but Wataru was pointing into the sky very emphatically. She looked and saw that Akio was flying in toward the house. Then she quickly reported to Rinrin downstairs that the "target" had been spotted and was coming.

Rinrin announced to the others that her brother's friend was arriving. Then a huge crowd of sisters ran past her, knocking her into a spin. Marie ran a bit slower than the others. Finally, Chikage and Aria walked calmly outside. Aria saw Rinrin, who was still dizzy and spinning in place. Aria said that she liked to twirl. Rinrin replied, while still spinning and semi-unconscious, that she didn't like it.

Akio landed his parafoil just outside the house. Akio quickly said that he thanked for all of Wataru's younger sisters to give him such a walm welcome. Then in a flash, he pulled off his aviation uniform, revealing a fancy school uniform underneath it. The other sisters were shocked to see somebody so cool. He introduced himself, and then handed a bouquet of flowers to the girls. The others seemed to be still in shock, but Kaho took the flowers and thanked him. But when he said hello to Aria, she quickly ran and hid behind Chikage. But Akio didn't seem bothered and laughed it off.

Mamoru, Rinrin, and Yotsuba were inspecting his flying rig. They were all saying that it was very cool. Akio said that if they wanted, they could ride it. Then three quickly said that they wanted to do it sometime.

Wataru called out to him, as he finally made it back to the Welcome House. Wataru said welcome to the Welcome House, but Akio seemed confused. Then Wataru realized that he must not recognize him since he looked so different when he left Tokyo. But he figured it out quickly and hugged. The other sisters seemed relieved, except for Mami, who was watching Akio from around the corner. Wataru said that he would take his things to his room, and the other sisters gave him a formal welcome. But Akio looked right at Mami, and she became very shocked.

Once he got inside, he said that he had presents for all the sisters. All the girls got something that they liked. Wataru snapped pictures of all the girls as they opened their gifts. Karen got a tea set, Hinako got a picture book and Sakuya got some perfume. Mamoru got a baseball cap (with an "M" on it) and Kaho got some seeds (I think). Haruka got some potpourri. Marie received a photo book called "Around the World". Then Yotsuba got a scarf; Shirayuki, a jam set; and Rinrin, a fancy mouse (for her computer). A shocked Aria got some candy. Chikage got a journal.

All the sisters were very pleased, and they quickly grew a liking to him. Wataru seemed surprised that he knew what to get them so well. Mami looked displeased with her gift, which appeared to be an omamori to help with her studies.

Later, Akio and Wataru were in their room. Wataru still seemed to be thinking about earlier. But then Akio asked him why something seemed to be troubling him. But Wataru quickly covered it up saying that it was nothing.

But then Karen knocked on the door. She was going to ask them to go out with them. But Akio said that he would like to go by himself as he wanted to talk with Mami. Mami was shocked that he knew that she was hiding outside the door. Then the other sisters bid them goodbye, and they left. But Mami didn't look too happy to go with Akio. After he left, the other sisters sighed with disappointment, as they wanted to hang out with him some more. The other sisters talked as if there was something strange happening.

But then Haruka said that she received a Promised Pack from Akio. On it, there was a map showing something on the island which none of the sisters had ever seen: Promised Park, a new theme park on the island. But then Wataru asked if they would like to go.

However, when they got to the approximate location, they could only find a clearing with some arches. They didn't know where it was. Yotsuba said that she would investigate. Chikage also seemed to already know where it was somehow and walked toward one of the arches. Then Yotsuba and Chikage said that there was something down one of the particular archways.

When they all went through and kept walking through the forest walkway. They ended up on an elevated clearing looking over the entire gigantic theme park. Wataru said, "This can't be happening!"


In the theme park, the workers were trying out the teacup ride. One of the men was spinning the center wheel so the cup would spin faster.

Wataru and the other sisters had arrived at the gate, and they called out to the workers. The other workers said that they were surprised to see them, as the theme park hadn't officially opened yet. But then they said that it was okay to let them in and try out the rides if they liked. The other sisters got very excited. Wataru asked where did they want to go. Kaho and Hinako quickly said that they wanted to do the teacup ride. Aria said that she liked twirling, again.

I think that the workers were a little jealous.

Wataru said that they would do all the rides, or something like that. Sakuya clung onto him saying that going with a theme park with him was so wonderful. Wataru seemed to be embarrassed, but then she pushed him.

Wataru sat on the teacup ride with Kaho, Yotsuba, Hinako, and Mamoru. Several of the older sisters decided to opt out and wait outside for them to finish. Hinako started to spin the wheel in the center so it would go faster. Then Mamoru said that she wanted it to go even faster, and began spinning the wheel VERY quickly. The other sisters were laughing with excitement, but Wataru was screaming.

Then on the carousel, Aria said that she liked twirling. Wataru was inside one of the pumpkin coaches with Shirayuki. He looked like the teacup ride had really gotten the best of him. But the maintenance man said that the ride wasn't working yet. However, Shirayuki said that it was okay, but I didn't understand the reason.

Wataru ended up being in the "Monster House" ride with Chikage, Sakuya and Karen. Chikage didn't seem to be bothered by it very much. However, Sakuya and Karen used this opportunity to cling onto Wataru very tightly. Wataru said that it was okay, since the ride was supposed to make you scream, and Chikage agreed. But he sounded a bit afraid himself. He saw one of the shadowy figures move in the windows and Wataru screamed in terror.

But it was actually Mami looking in the window, wondering why Wataru was here. As she was walking down the hallway, there was a sign with an arrow. The sign said:

This point submarine-dock
There is a dolphin-boat additionally
please enjoy it.

Mami was following Akio through some secret passage that went through the park. Mami seemed to be shocked that there was such a thing here.

Wataru finally got out of the ride and was walking through one of the small relaxing parks inside the theme park. He looked like the ride had really gotten him, and he looked a bit tired.

He ran into Marie and Michael. Marie was reading a book by one of the park benches. She said that she couldn't handle any of the more active rides. But then Wataru saw a Ferris wheel in the distance.

Marie, Michael and Wataru went up in the ride. Marie seemed excited as she rode it. Wataru said that he thought that she would like it. Michael got excited and the cabin started to swing. Then Marie fell from her side and ended up in the arms of Wataru on the other side. Marie blushed, and held onto him.

Mami and Akio had walked to some underground submarine base in the park. Mami was getting frustrated and asked if they had to go farther. But Akio said that this was far enough. He asked her why had she not finished her job. Mami said that it was harder than she had expected. Then he asked Mami if he remembered her original mission. Mami said that it was to break up Wataru from his sisters. Akio applauded her sarcastically for remembering, but he was displeased that she had failed.

Haruka and Rinrin were pulling along Wataru for the next ride. It was the jet coaster ride. (Japanese call all roller coasters a "jet coaster"). Haruka seemed to be love thrill rides. Wataru looked like he didn't feel to good about this, and Rinrin asked if he was all right. But Wataru quickly said that he was okay.

On the ride, both Haruka and Rinrin were having the time of their lives. Wataru was only mumbling to himself, saying that he was so scared. Wataru looked like he was about to pass out. Then the ride got back to the station, and Wataru said that he made it. But then he noticed that the safety bar wouldn't lift. Then the ride started again, but this time it went backwards. Wataru screamed out, "This can't be happening!"

Mami and Akio were at a cafe somewhere downtown. Mami was saying that Wataru was like her older brother. Akio seemed amused by this. But Mami said that she had gotten to be close with his younger sisters. Akio began talking about the mission objectives again.

Then a waitress appeared and Akio ordered two coffees for them.

Mami didn't look pleased with Akio's orders and said that she wasn't a tool for him anymore. She said that Wataru was a nice man, and she said that she quit, and she turned and left. Akio said that he'd tell them the truth--that she was a plant. Mami paused a bit, as she knew that she was blackmailed. But she continued walking away without saying anything.

The waitress returned. But Akio apologized but said that they weren't going to be having anything after all. Then he got up and left.

On one of the park benches, Wataru was lying on Haruka's lap. It looked like Wataru probably couldn't stand anymore after the jet coaster ride. Haruka and Rinrin were concerned, and the other sisters were also there for him. But Wataru said that he was going to be okay. He apologized to everyone.

Then Wataru began babbling about Akio. I'm not sure what he said. But the other sisters said that they could just go home, as it wasn't fun without Wataru.

Yamada was walking down the street and he saw in the antique shop window a special edition kit for his favorite anime show. It was a rare item, and it cost 40,000 yen. Yamada wanted it so badly.

Inside the antique shop, it seemed that the owner just got a message delivered to him. He said that Akio had returned. He noticed that there was some book with the Sister Princess locket hanging from it. (I can't read the kanji, unfortunately). He mentioned something about the project being in jeopardy (or something like that).

That evening, Wataru and Akio were in their room together. They had just finished with the bath and they were in their pajamas. Wataru seemed better now.

Akio said that he had something to discuss with him. He gave Wataru a letter showing that Wataru had gotten an acceptance letter from a school. Akio said that it was the same school as him, and all he'd need to do is transfer. Akio said that they could be classmates again. Wataru said that he could return to Tokyo...

The phantom girl was sitting on the dock, and she had tears running down her face into the water.

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