Sister Princess episode 24

Sister Princess episode 24
Sayonara no Yokan
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.04.18
Wataru was lying away in bed. He was talking to Akio saying that it was strange to have all those things happen to him at once. Akio appearing suddenly and then an offer like that to appear. But Akio said that it wasn't strange at all, and said that it was fate or something. Wataru sounded like he wasn't sure. But Akio touched his arm and said that he liked him (as a friend), and he wanted to have Wataru join him in Tokyo.


Wataru was looking at his postcard of his acceptance to the school. He heard a knock on his door, and it was Karen in her nightgown. He quickly hid the letter and the two went outside the room. Akio opened his eyes, as he wasn't sleeping either.

Karen said that she had a bad dream and she was afraid. She held him close and told him, "Don't leave me," and started sobbing. Around the corner, Sakuya was also awake and listening.

That morning, Chikage turned over the Tarot card. It was The Lovers. Chikage wondered, however, with whom did he like.

Then Hinako lifted the dark cloak covering her doorway and said good morning. Candles surrounded Chikage's chair. Hinako asked what was wrong, but Chikage replied that it wasn't anything.

Shirayuki was getting some plates for the soup. But Yotsuba was making it and said that it was a little strange. Kaho and Mamoru looked at it and agreed. Then Rinrin and Shirayuki looked at it. It seemed to be a bit thin. But Shirayuki said that not to worry, as she could fix it.

Sakuya and Karen were putting out plates on the table. Karen was talking about Akio with Sakuya, Haruka, and Marie.

Meanwhile, Wataru was putting his books into his bag. He said that he wasn't going to forget that. Then Akio held up the acceptance letter again and said that he forgot this, but he quickly said that he was kidding.

Akio then began talking to him very intimately and Wataru backed into the wall. Akio then put his arm close to him and leaned very closely to him. "You don't have to worry about me," he whispered in his ear. (It was very shounen-ai).

Then Sakuya came into the room without knocking and said that it was time to eat. But Akio pointed toward the window. Somehow, Wataru had ended up on the other side of the room. He was acting like he was stretching, and he said good morning. She ran up to him and lightly hugged him, telling him about the soup. But then she saw the acceptance letter on the floor and picked it up. She asked what was it, with a sad expression. Wataru said, "Well, that's..."

Later, Wataru was downstairs with the rest of the sisters eating the soup. The soup had some dark chunks of something in it. Many of the sisters asked him if it was any good. Wataru said that it was very delicious and the girls seemed very happy.

But Sakuya seemed to look depressed. She recalled what Wataru happened earlier: He had told Sakuya that he was going to return to Tokyo tomorrow. Karen saw that she wasn't eating and asked what was wrong. But Sakuya quickly said that it was nothing.

Akio was talking about something about Tokyo and Wataru, perhaps that he might stay. He looked at Mami, as she seemed to be strangely pleased. But she quickly said sorry and looked unhappy as well. Later, Akio told Mami in her room that she was coming back with him if she helped him.

Downstairs Sakuya was listening to the music box again. Rinrin, Haruka, Karen, Marie, and Chikage were there and seemed concerned that she was acting so depressed. Sakuya said, "Tomorrow, oniisama will..."

Later, Wataru, Akio, and the rest of his sisters were all going to school. As Wataru and Akio were talking to each other, Hinako went up to Wataru and asked where was Mami. But Akio quickly covered for her, saying that she forgot something. Then Wataru looked in his bag and discovered that he apparently must have forgotten his book as well. He quickly apologized and then ran back home.

Sakuya, Karen, Haruka, Marie, and Chikage seemed shocked as if they wanted him to not leave. But then Akio said very calmly that it was his fault for forgetting things. Then he suggested that they should hurry as they would be late. In Akio's pocket, you could see that he had Wataru's book in it.

At the house, he was looking for the book but he couldn't find it. Mami was there and said that she would help him. Then Wataru began talking about Tokyo with her. Mami began saying how great it was to go to school there, including that there were many pretty girls there. But Wataru said that it was missing something (like perhaps he was abandoning some people). Then he quickly laughed and changed the subject.

Mami looked very sad. Then she said that she wanted to tell him something... But before she could say anything, Wataru shouted that they were going to be late for the first bell.

He was running up the escalator when he ran into the old man from the dock. Wataru quickly apologized saying that he had to get to class. The old man asked if he had time to drink some tea. Then the first bell rang, meaning that he was already late.

So Wataru ended up sitting on the park bench drinking tea with the old man. The old man reminded Wataru of Jiiya. Then it seemed like Wataru wanted to ask the man something. But in the end, he said that there wasn't anything and finished the tea and left. But the old man seemed to know more about him than Wataru knew.

Wataru got to go to his second class. Then Wataru thought about Tokyo and said that this was something that he wanted to do for a long time, so he was going to go. The older sisters in class seemed to be thinking about this too, as they all looked somewhat solemn.

Meanwhile, Akio was looking at the school from the outside.

Yamada was sleeping in class. Then the teacher yelled at him to wake up.


After school, Yamada went to Wataru and began talking about doing some stuff with him. But when Yamada finished doing his act, he noticed that Wataru had left and was now talking to Karen. Karen was talking about having a proper farewell party tomorrow. Wataru seemed to be a bit reluctant about it, but Karen quickly said that it was decided. Wataru asked just if there was something wrong, because she seemed to be acting unusually nice to him.

But then Mami ran in and told Wataru that they needed to talk. She grabbed his arm and dragged him away. Karen was left standing in the classroom by herself, and Wataru apologized as he was pulled out of the room.

On the roof, Mami engaged in small talk. But then she quickly apologized to him. Wataru didn't know what she meant. She said that she actually wasn't his younger sister. In fact, she was actually Akio's younger sister. But then Wataru said that she had to be joking and he left because the bell rang. But Akio had seen this on the roof.

At dusk, Wataru was at the Welcome House. He was talking to the older members of his sisters. He asked if his sisters were okay with it, as he looked out to sea. The sisters paused, but quickly said that they would throw a good farewell party. They tried to act happy about it. But both Wataru and the sisters seemed to be hurting inside as they said it.

Then Akio said it out loud: Wataru was coming home with him tomorrow. Wataru made it official and said that he promised to visit. Karen seemed to be happier when he said this.

At dinner, Sakuya mentioned that tomorrow they would have a picnic. Hinako seemed to be most pleased about this. Shirayuki said that she would try hard to make a good lunch. A few other sisters quickly said that they would try to help.

Akio began talking about Sakuya and Karen, and something about studying. I think that Akio said that they couldn't come because they had to study for the test the next day. But Wataru said that a picnic should still be okay.

That night, Mami thought about returning to Tokyo. As she thought about Wataru she quickly got up and tried to run to his room to tell him not to do it. But Akio was standing just outside her room. He asked her if she was going to the restroom. She said yeah. Then he offered her a spray can, but she kept on walking. Akio thought to himself that she could no longer be trusted (I think).

Wataru began packing, saying that by tomorrow he would be in Tokyo. He momentarily held his beloved digital camera before he put it in his bag. Sakuya knocked on his door and mentioned something about following him to the dock. Then Sakuya leaned on Wataru and he fell on the bed with her. Wataru was shocked, but then Sakuya just held him, saying that she just wanted him to stay here for a little bit. Then she began to cry.

Later, Karen asked where was Sakuya to Wataru. Then Wataru started stammering, thinking that she wouldn't come. But to his surprise, Sakuya appeared carrying his bag. Then Mamoru and Hinako seemed excited and said to hurry. I think that Haruka and Marie would be waiting for him there.

But then Chikage didn't say anything and put something in Wataru's hands. Wataru looked and saw that it was the crucifix hanging on a necklace (as in the one that he saw in his dreams). Then Hinako said that it was Chikage's luck charm. Wataru seemed surprised, and Hinako said that it was Chikage's most important charm.

At the dock, Akio was talking to Mami. I think that Mami said that she wasn't going with him. Akio seemed slightly displeased, but he said that she could do what she wanted, as he got what he wanted.

Wataru and the other girls walked to the dock with him. Suddenly Karen stopped. Wataru asked what was wrong, and she said that something came up and she bid him farewell. Then when Wataru replied, "I'll be going", she ran away.

Sakuya said that this was also it for her. Then she held his hand and made him promise that he would visit, and that he could always come back if he wanted. Then she bid him farewell, and they waved to each other.

As the girls were riding the escalator up to the Welcome House, Hinako asked Chikage why did she give away her most prized possession to Wataru. Mamoru said that it was strange. She wanted to know why since Wataru was coming back. Yotsuba said that she didn't understand the meaning of giving an omamori like that. But the other younger sisters began to suspect that it meant saying goodbye forever. Then Mamoru began to panic and asked Chikage to say that it wasn't true. But Chikage remained silent. Mamoru was very shocked.

In the forest, the old man was working on repairing a boat. The boat was covered in graffiti since it must have been dry docked for a long time. The old man was cleaning it off.

Then Yamada appeared and the old man paid him for something. Then Yamada heard some boat revving his engine. He said that it was strange since this was the only boat. Then the old man looked seriously and said, "It can't be..."

Karen was now almost back at the front gate of the Welcome House. She had been crying the entire time. But she heard the boat beginning the start the engine. She turned and said, "Oniichan..."

Wataru was standing on the back of the boat as it pulled away from Welcome Island.

Mami was standing by the dock, only muttering quietly, "I'm sorry, everyone." She looked like she was fighting tears as well. Sakuya was listlessly staring at the boat as it began to move farther and farther away from the island, and said, "Oniisama..." quietly.

Behind them, there was a huge crowd of the rest of Wataru's sisters running toward the dock. In the front was Karen screaming, "Oniichan!!"

But by now, the boat was only a dot in the distance. Karen fell to her knees. Then she screamed out to Wataru, as her tears blew in the wind.

On top of Promised Island, the phantom girl was standing there by the statue. Her tears were also blowing off into the wind.

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