Sister Princess episode 25

Sister Princess episode 25
Aitai.. Oniichan
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.04.27
Wataru was walking along the busy streets of Tokyo when he thought that he saw the little phantom girl in the middle of the street. (This is just like in the opening animation). Her lips were moving, as if she was talking to him, but you couldn't hear anything. You could see that tears were running down her face. Wataru was asking who she was, and why was she crying, but then she vanished. He called out to her, but there was no response.

Wataru awoke to the sound of Akio's voice. Wataru asked where was he, and then he remembered that he was in his old house. Akio said, "That's right. You've finally returned home."


Back on Promised Island, nobody seemed to be in any of the rooms at the Welcome House. Mami was standing in the foyer, saying that Wataru would never return, but he wished that he would. She wondered if it was really okay that he went to Tokyo.

Karen was at a darkened library. She saw a telephone on the desk, and she ran to it. She dialed a local number on it. She thought her brother had picked up the phone, but it was only a prerecorded message saying that the number had been disconnected. Karen then cried in the darkness of the room.

In Tokyo, Akio was finishing up Wataru's new look. Although he had the same clothes, Wataru had his original hairstyle and had a set of glasses. Wataru reached for his digital camera, but Akio stopped him saying that he didn't need it as it was part of his past.

Wataru and Akio were walking down the busy Tokyo streets to school. Akio seemed pretty happy to have Wataru back, and he put his arm around his shoulder. But in the street was a little girl holding a cat. She was wearing a yellow hat. Wataru saw her and it reminded him of the phantom girl in his dreams.

Back on Promised Island, Karen was looking out one of the windows. She was wondering what she would do. She was thinking that she wasn't sure if she survive on her own. Then she heard the front door opening. Karen thought that Wataru had returned, but when she looked, Hinako was leaving going to somewhere.

Sakuya was in her room thinking about Wataru. She was thinking that he had promised that he would see him again. Then she felt like she had to do something about it in order to bring him back. There was a suitcase on the floor of her room.

Kaho was outside watering her plants. She was talking to them saying that she was supposed to be cheer for her older brother. She wanted to be strong about his decision. But then Kaho dropped her watering can and cried.

In the church, Marie was with Michael. She was praying for Wataru, hoping that he was doing okay. Michael let out a quiet whine, and Marie hugged Michael.

Back in Tokyo, Akio and Wataru were walking down the busy Tokyo streets. Akio was talking, but Wataru was behind him looking down at the ground. When Akio realized that Wataru wasn't paying attention, he quickly ran back to Wataru and put his arm around his shoulder, asking him what was wrong. But he and Wataru quickly left after that.

Rinrin was in her room, and her alarm clock was ringing. It was saying, in Wataru's voice, "Rinrin-chan, good morning!" and "It's time to get up!". Rinrin woke up, thinking that Wataru had returned for a moment. She opened her window, carrying her alarm clock. She went and looked at Mecha-Rinrin, which was still in her containment unit. She missed Wataru. She said out loud, as she put her hand on the containment unit, "Now he doesn't need me at all." She rubbed her alarm clock in her hands.

In the school, Karen was playing the piano. She wondered if he could hear her play. She looked up, remembering on the first day that Wataru had come through the music room doors. But now the doors were closed and nobody was there. She looked down, as if she was going to cry again.

The school pool was empty except for Mamoru was lying near the pool's edge. She was lying on her back, staring at the sky. She wasn't in her swim suit, but instead just her regular clothes. She was thinking about Wataru as well.

Back at the Welcome House, Haruka was talking out loud in the dining room. She went to the chair where Wataru normally sat, and gave it a hug. She began to cry. Then Aria gave her a handkerchief. Aria said slowly that she liked him too. But Haruka instead hugged Haruka, and continued to cry, apologizing. Then Aria began crying as well.

Mami was outside listening to them. Then said that she couldn't take it anymore. She got on Akio's parasail and began to fly back toward Tokyo. She said that she was coming for him. But then a cross wind grabbed her and she blew away.

Yamada was looking at a stack of model kits from his favorite mecha anime. He was screaming in excitement because I think that they were in a box that said "Take whatever you want."

Meanwhile a crowd of people were staring at Yamada. The crowd consisted of people that were in earlier episodes. They were saying that he had gone to Tokyo, and they wondered if he would ever return to Promised Island.

Then Yamada, clutching all the models in his hands, said, "This can't be happening!"


Karen was walking home. She was still thinking about Wataru.

Hinako was at the docks looking out toward Tokyo. She was talking out loud, telling Wataru to hurry and return because she really liked him. She told her teddy bear that saying that made her feel a bit embarrassed. Then she asked the sky if he was coming home soon. "He is, isn't he?" she said looking up. She wondered if he could hear her wish.

In Tokyo, Wataru and Akio were at a park. One of their old friends had come to chat, but he treated Wataru as a stranger. But when Wataru said, "It's good to see you again," the other person treated him very coldly and walked away. Wataru was about to go up to him and ask him about it, but Akio quickly snatched his arm and said that the other guy didn't matter. He said that they were both elites, and they didn't need them.

In the kitchen of the Welcome House, Shirayuki let out a scream. She had completely burned one of the dishes. Karen went in to check, but Shirayuki said that it wasn't anything. Then Shirayuki said that it was strange, as she had never done anything like that. Then she said that the meal would be a little late, but not to worry about it. Karen walked away, and Shirayuki sobbed quietly to herself.

On the rooftop, Yotsuba was with her bird toy. She remember that during the Kaitou Clover incident, that Wataru had saved her that time. She remembered that they had a promise, but wondered what she would do now.

Wataru was still sitting on the park bench, and it was already evening. The two moving men suddenly appeared and said that it was good to see him again. Wataru was very shocked. Then they explained that it was actually part of a plan.

Wataru returned home and Jiiya revealed that he was indeed all those people that he had met in town that looked like him. He said that he had planned out for those two men to bring him to Promised Island. He apologized for the deception, but he said that it was for a reason. He wanted him to meet his sisters (and maybe there was more to it).

But Wataru said that he didn't want to hear anymore, as he was angry for all of the lies. He told all three of the men to get out of his house. They bowed and complied. But Jiiya said something before he left which I didn't understand.

In Yamada's apartment, he had built all the robots from the kits. Yamada was admiring them with all the completed kits surrounding him. But he didn't seem happy, probably because he couldn't show them to anybody anymore. Then he turned off the light, and fell asleep right there in the middle of his room with the robot models.

The next morning, Wataru woke up and was searching for his glasses. He briefly touched the camera, but then found his glasses and put them on.

Chikage's room was empty, and the candles were blown out and the curtains were open in her room for the first time. Chikage wasn't there, but instead was at the lake, holding her crystal ball. She was thinking about Wataru. Then she dropped the ball into the lake, where it fell to the bottom.

Back at the house, Sakuya grabbed her suitcase. She put her hand on the door and paused, as if to wonder if she was really going to do this. Then she found her courage and rushed out quickly without telling anyone.

Wataru and Akio had made it to the school. A little girl was playing with some balloons with a boy. Akio was talking to Wataru. Then he told Wataru, "Let's go." They were about to enter when they heard somebody tell them to wait. Mami had finally made it to Tokyo.

Akio didn't look at her, but he said that she was a little late. Then Mami shoved him out of the way, and began to talk to Wataru. She explained that everybody was having a terrible time without him. She grabbed his hand and said that everybody was waiting for him to come home.

But Wataru told her to let go of him. Mami said, "Are you sure you know what you're doing?" But Akio said that Wataru was dead certain, and said that he was never going to return. They were going become two elite men by staying in Tokyo. He asked Wataru for his confirmation.

But Mami reached into Wataru's pocket and pulled out the digital camera and held it in the air. "Have you forgotten all the things that happened to you? All those moments that you have captured with this camera?"

Akio said that he didn't need something that silly anymore. Mami told him to shut up, because she wanted Wataru's answer.

Wataru took the camera, and turned it on. Mami's face was in the viewfinder. But Wataru had his hand on the control switch. Akio said that it was time for him to get rid of all the past, and just reset all the flash card memory. Wataru held it in the air, as if to erase his past in one swift move.

But then he heard a girl cry. The balloons from the little girl were floating away into the sky. The boy told her not to cry, because he would get her some more. The girl made him pinky promise, which he did.

Wataru suddenly had a flashback about the little phantom girl. Apparently he had met her in the past, years ago on Promised Island. They had made a similar pinkie promise then, on the island, before it had been developed into a city.

In the Welcome House, Karen was on the floor, cradling the music box that was playing. She then opened her eyes and looked at her pinkie finger.

Shirayuki was in the kitchen making something when she stopped beating the batter and looked at her right hand as well. Hinako was by the deck, looking out into sea. Marie was in church praying again when she stopped and looked at her pinkie finger. Aria was sitting on the steps with her pinkie finger in her mouth. Rinrin had her hand on the Mecha-Rinrin containment unit. Mamoru was sitting on the porch polishing her skates when she looked up at the sky. Haruka was staring out the window, when she stopped and looked at her pinkie finger as well. Kaho sat by her young plants, looking very sad at them. On the roof, Yotsuba was still there looking out to the distance. Chikage was at the lake, and she was staring at her hand as well.

Sakuya was running to the dock with her suitcase. She said that it was unforgivable to leave them like that. She said that she was going to bring him back home. She ran as fast as she could to the dock. But she quickly stopped as the dock had no ships there, and there was no way for her to leave. She began to cry wondering what was she going to do.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, Akio was asking Wataru what was he going to do. Mami told him not to do it, as the others were still waiting for him to come home. But Akio said something about Wataru, and Wataru nodded his head in agreement, much to Mami's shock.

"Mami-chan, I can't return..." he said. Akio seemed very pleased. Mami was very shocked.

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