Sister Princess episode 26

Sister Princess episode 26
Yakusoku no Shima
  • Summary by Kevin Lew, 2002.05.07
The episode has no OP animation. It says "Sister Princess" and then it went to a short commercial break. Afterwards, the credits were shown as the episode was playing.

It showed scenes of the empty Welcome House with all the rooms as empty. Karen said "Oniichan..." as she looked back at the house. The other girls were leaving the house. Finally, they closed the doors.


Wataru was saying that after all this time, he was able to return now. The sandbar bridge linking the island to Japan had reappeared. (It must be seasonal). He said, "Everyone... I'm coming home."

Jiiya had a boat for him. But Wataru said that he was going to just walk there. So he did. He took a deep breath, and mentioned that it was a long time since he smelled the salty air.

Then Wataru had a flashback. It was when Akio was talking to him, and he was asking Wataru to make a decision. Wataru had said that he couldn't return. Mami fell to her knees.

Then Akio said for them to go inside the school. But Wataru pulled his arm away and walked toward Mami instead. Then he told Akio, "I can't return... to your school, Akio. I have younger sisters waiting for me at the Promised Island." He then removed his glasses.

Mami was so happy that she cried. Akio grabbed Wataru and asked him what the heck was he thinking. He said that he finally had his dream, after all this time. But Wataru gently put his hands on Akio's, saying that he didn't have his sisters here. Akio started to cry and fell to his knees. Wataru was thinking to himself that he hoped that Akio would understand.

As Wataru was walking on the sandbar, he fantasized about the little phantom girl was running to the island with him. He said that he had made a promise, and chased after her. As he did, he remembered his final conversation with Akio. Akio just couldn't understand why he would leave for his younger sisters. Wataru said that they were very important to him.

Eventually, Wataru ran all the way to the Welcome House. But even though he went to all the rooms, they were all empty. Nobody was anywhere. Even the music box had stopped playing (it hadn't been wound). Wataru closed the box, saying that maybe he waited too long.

Wataru walked all the way to the dock and stared at the sky. He wondered if his sisters were doing okay. Then he yelled out in anger. But then a wave came to the dock at the same time and washed him into the ocean. Wataru sank into the water but then he envisioned Karen's face coming to save him. He quickly got to the surface and he saw that Karen was calling out to him, running out to where he was.

Karen reached out her hand, and Wataru grabbed it. Then he realized that he could stand, as the water was only up to his knees. He felt embarrassed and they laughed. Then Karen stopped laughing and said that he wasn't just her imagination. He said no, and Karen became very happy, and jumped on him, knocking them both into the water.

Later, Karen and Wataru were sitting on the beach with their shoes off. Karen admitted that she had a really hard time without him. Wataru apologized for not being there. Karen then said, "Welcome home." And Wataru said, "I'm back." Then the two of them decided to go back home.

Sakuya was coming out of a store. A light wind was blowing and she looked very dejected. Then she somehow sensed something about her brother.

Rinrin and Mecha Rinrin were laying on a field somewhere. Rinrin quickly got up and said that somehow she knew her brother had returned also.

Haruka was praying at a shrine, when she sensed it too. Marie was listening to her shell, when Michael and she felt something. Chikage stopped staring at the lake and smiled.

Yotsuba was on the escalator walking sideways. She said that this was the best vantage point to spot their brother coming back. Mamoru, Shirayuki, Kaho, and Hinako were also on the escalator trying to stay in one spot as well. Hinako said that they would come back every day until he came home. But Aria was also on the escalator, and since she wasn't moving, she kept going up away from the others. But then they all saw something and became excited. It was Wataru walking with Karen back home.

Karen said to Wataru that the others would certainly be glad to see him again. Just then, they heard the girls call out to Wataru. Mamoru, Shirayuki, Kaho, Hinako and Aria were running to meet him.

Sakuya was at home, sitting at the dining table. She was staring at the now-silent music box. Then the front door opened, and Wataru and the girls appeared. She got up when she saw that he had returned. Then Rinrin, Haruka, Marie, and Chikage also came down the stairs and saw him. Sakuya ran up and hugged him.

The rest of the girls said, "Welcome home." Wataru said, "Everyone, I'm back. I won't be going anywhere from now on. I'm sorry for making you worry."

Sakuya said that everybody was really worried about him. The other girls agreed. Then the other girls quickly said that they had things that they wanted to do with Wataru.

Outside, the phantom girl stood on the roof of the Welcome House.


Wataru woke up the next day in his bed. He said that he had finally returned home. Then Karen knocked on his door and came in. She said good morning to him, and said that breakfast was ready. Then she sat on the bed and Wataru stared at her. Karen asked what was wrong, but Wataru said that it wasn't anything. Then the sun came into room, and Karen giggled. Then she said, "Welcome home" again.

Everybody was at the table and eating breakfast. Wataru said that it was delicious and Shirayuki thanked him for the compliment. The other girls quickly said that the meal was delicious as well. Wataru noticed that there was one empty chair, and he realized that Mami wasn't there.

Wataru decided to tell the truth to the girls. He stood up and said that Mami was never his sister at all. But he asked for the others to treat her nice, because she was a very kind person. But Karen and the others didn't act very surprised. The other sisters asked him, "Did you really not know?"

Wataru was shocked and asked if they really knew the entire time. All the girls either had sly looks on their faces or concerned expressions because Wataru was so clueless. Wataru realized that he was the only one that didn't know.

Then Marie gave Wataru a note from Mami. Mami wrote to the twelve sisters saying that she was going back to Tokyo to bring back Wataru. She told them that she was never really their sister. However, she thanked them for making her feel like she really was family. Then she said that she wouldn't come back and bid them farewell.

Hinako had tears in her eyes and said that she wished that Mami would return. The others looked sad as well. Karen comforted Hinako. Wataru said that that they had to have faith, as one day she would return. Then Karen said that they would.

Later, Karen was waiting at a cafe, saying that her brother was late. She had a package on the table. The cat from an earlier episode reappeared and was rubbing against her leg. Karen asked if it had gotten lost and picked it up and began petting it. Then Wataru appeared and apologized for being late. Karen said that it was okay. Wataru said that he had a lot of time to spend with them.

Then the other cat appeared and the two cats began playing with each other. Wataru and Karen laughed when they saw it.

Sometime later, Kaho and Wataru were watering the plants together. Kaho pointed out that the tulips were starting to grow. Wataru said that it was very cute. She seemed very happy, and spoke to the plant, saying for it to grow large.

Hinako was using crayons and was drawing a picture of Wataru. Wataru had to stay still so she could draw him. Then a butterfly appeared in the room and landed on his head. Hinako told him not to move and quickly drew it. But it flew away and she seemed a little disappointed.

Sakuya and Wataru were walking down to the dock in the early evening. She was holding his arm very closely. Wataru apologized for making her worry about him. Sakuya then gripped his jacket and seemed to cry, saying that she really missed him. (Perhaps it was an indication that the typically forward and outspoken Sakuya was capable of sensitive feelings as well.)

That night, Wataru was in Rinrin's room. She was working on Mecha Rinrin 2 again. I think that Rinrin said that he wanted to finish her so she could always make him happy.

Outside, some shooting stars fell across the sky.

The next morning, Shirayuki and Wataru were in the kitchen washing dishes together. Wataru complimented her on always making delicious meals for everyone. She said that that cooking him delicious food was the thing that made her happiest. As she scrubbed a dish, a bubble came off and floated out the window.

On the roof, Yotsuba was talking to Wataru. She said that she knew that he was coming back because of her brilliant deduction powers. She mentioned that he had a dream. Wataru was shocked, but Yotsuba said that she loved to know everything about him, and showed him her camera, notebook, and other devices.

The soap bubble floated to the shrine. Haruka was with Wataru and they were both praying. Haruka had wrote on her ema (wish board), "please have my older brother return to us quickly." But when Wataru asked her what did she pray for, Haruka blushed and said that it was nothing.

Later that day, Wataru was working on his PC. Aria came into his room and she held onto his sleeve, like she always used to do. Wataru asked Aria what was wrong, but she said that she just wanted to be there.

The skies were grey and it was raining hard. However, Wataru was riding his bike with Mamoru (illegally) riding on his back wheels. Mamoru said that it was like taking a shower. Later, they were still riding after the rain stopped and the sun was setting. As they were talking, Mamoru hugged Wataru affectionately suddenly. Wataru was so surprised that he crashed.

Later, Marie was putting bandages on Wataru from his accident. Mamoru apologized, but Wataru said that it was okay. Marie put a bandage on his nose, and seemed to be happy that he wasn't badly hurt.

That night, Wataru talked to Chikage out by the sea. She might have mentioned that she could have foreseen his return. But then Wataru said that he wanted to return her important omamori to her. Then he gave her the cross, which she clasped, and she seemed very happy.

The next morning, the girls were all out in front of the Welcome House, and they looked like they were trying to take a picture. Mecha Rinrin was holding a foil panel so it would shine more light on the girls. Then Wataru set up the timer on his digital camera. He had it mounted on a tripod.

When the camera snapped, it was a silly picture. Both Rinrin and Yotsuba were hugging Wataru, Hinako was sitting on Wataru's shoulders, and Kaho had fallen down. Marie was sitting on Michael like a stool.

The digital camera indicated that it was the first picture. Then Wataru began taking more pictures with the girls.

From a tent outside the Welcome House, Mami and Akio were spying on them. Akio asked if it was all right. And Mami said that it was all right as it was. Akio said that he still didn't understand why Wataru would throw it all away. But Mami gave a reason that I didn't understand, and called him "older brother". Akio said that she hadn't called him that in a long time. She blushed and called him that again in a cute manner, and he choked on his drink.

Wataru took a picture of the spinning statue on top of the island. He then ran to a playground, where he saw the little phantom girl sitting on the swing. He held out his pinkie finger and said that he had made a promise. The little girl held out her pinkie finger, and they linked pinkies again.

Wataru remembered running around with the girl at the beach house (when they were "stranded" during the summer vacation on the island), playing on the beach, and other things. He had made a pinkie promise that he would return and when he was be a really cool oniichan.

Back in reality, Wataru mentioned that he had remembered what he had said during his promise. The little girl nodded and thanked him for remembering. A light wind blew, and you saw her face for the first time. She said that she wouldn't forget him, and she disappeared into a wind filled with cherry blossoms. He said that he wouldn't forget either.

The next day in school, Yamada was annoying Wataru again, probably because he wanted to date some girls again. Wataru either didn't understand or seem interested in what he was saying.

Jiiya (as the teacher) mentioned that there was a new transfer student to the class. She was introduced as Yamagami Mami. It was a girl with a single ponytail and bright red hair. She was extremely cute. Yamada immediately freaked out and said that he was in love. He ran at full speed toward the classroom, probably to embrace her. But she leapt out of the way, and he ended up smashing his skull right into the teacher's desk.

[The ending credits and ending song began playing]

Wataru immediately realized that it was the Mami that he knew. She apologized and said that she decided to stay here. Then the teacher said that there was one more transfer student.

Mami was shocked because it was Akio. He said that he had to see just what was so cool about this place. He introduced himself as Yamagami Akio, and he winked as he said, "It's nice to meet you, Wataru."

On the dock, Wataru was talking to Jiiya. He wondered what happens next. But then Jiiya said that not to worry about it. Jiiya said that he could stay with them forever if he wanted.

The girls began calling out to him. All the girls were apparently riding on Rinrin's reconstructed submarine, which they were lowering into the water. Wataru ran to meet them. He reached out his hand, and clasped one of them. (Which one? A mystery!)

Wataru was seen napping on a hill, surrounded by all 12 of his sisters dressed in white. He mentioned something that I didn't understand.

[eyecatch 2]

Back at the beach house, where they stayed during the summer, the wind chime had been hung back up again. Jiiya had the book again that was locked tight. But this time he seemed to suggest that there were things that Wataru didn't need to know, as things were better this way. Then he threw the key into the ocean.

On the table next to the front door, the first picture from Wataru's camera was framed. Next to it was the yellow hat that the phantom girl wears. Then a hand of a girl reached out to take the hat.

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