Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi episode 1

Mainichi ga Fujinkeikan
[Everyday is a police woman]
Original story by
Takada Yuzo
  • summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.01.17
    [I'm doing this from the Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi anime manga book.]
A junior high school girl was running in the rain and screaming for help, as a guy was chasing her. Then the girl ran into the street, where a speeding truck was coming. At the last instant, the guy dove and pushed the girl away to safety. The girl said, "I'm sorry! I'm really sorry. Please don't die!"

The guy had a large cross-shaped cut on his right hand, which was bleeding very badly. The chubby guy said, "I'm all right, miss pretty girl. I just wanted some of that." The guy was looking at the bag from a hamburger shop that the girl had dropped.

Report title: Why I became a police woman, Takeshita Yumi, 22 years old.

After working out with some weights, Yumi took a shower at the police woman's dormitory. Some of the other girls were saying that there was a thief running around nearby.

Yumi continued her report. "When I was a second year student in junior high school, I fell in love with working for justice. Being a police woman was just right for it." But Yumi was thinking, "That's not all. I'm looking for someone, my great prince."

Yumi was in her police woman outfit and walking around town eating an ice cream cone. she was looking into the window of a show store when she heard someone scream out "thief". Yumi spotted a chubby guy running down the street into an alley. She followed him and caught up to him as he tried to climb a wall. Yumi grabbed the guy from behind and threw him around. Then she got on top of him and said that she would arrest him as a thief. But the guy said that he was chasing the criminal too. Then Yumi grabbed the guy's hand. Yumi noticed that the guy had a cross- shaped scar on his right hand. Yumi immediately thought back to her accident incident in the rain several years ago. Then a couple of policemen came, handcuffed the man, and took him away. Then the guy called Yumi "pretty girl" while saying that he wasn't the thief. Yumi realized that this was the guy who had saved her life before.

At the police station, Yumi apologized to the man as they found out that he wasn't the thief. The man's name was Ichidaiji Tohru and he was a magician. Then Ichidaiji did some magic tricks. He ended it by putting a rose into Yumi's hair.

When Ichidaiji was leaving Yumi went to him and apologized again. Then Yumi asked Ichidaiji to let her treat him one day. Yumi insisted and Ichidaiji agreed.

At night Yumi was in the bath thinking about Ichidaiji. She was very happy that she had finally found her prince, and even gotten a date with him. Yumi imagined herself riding off on a white horse with Ichidaiji. Yumi then collapsed in the bath and the other girls had to carry her back to her room.

Yumi wore a pretty blue dress with a dark blue ribbon on the front, as she got ready to go out with Ichidaiji. Yumi went to Ichidaiji's apartment building, which was very dirty and broken down. When Yumi knocked on the door, a very sleepy Ichidaiji greeted her at the door.
Ichidaiji said, "Oh, today was the date."
Then a woman in her pajamas came out and asked, "Who is it?"
Ichidaiji said, "It's Yumi-san. I talked about her before. The police woman."
The woman said, "Good morning."

When Yumi and Ichidaiji went off, the woman felt very happy and thought that finally things were looking bright for Ichidaiji. Then she wondered if Yumi got the wrong idea about her.

Yumi was wondering if the woman she saw was Ichidaiji's wife. Yumi and Ichidaiji sat down on a park bench. Yumi asked, "Tohru-san do you remember me?"
Ichidaiji said, "I don't think I ever met you before."
Yumi said, "A long time ago, someone saved my life in this town."
Ichidaiji said, "Really, and?"
Yumi continued, "I wanted to meet that person to thank him and to make it up to him."
Ichidaiji said, "In my case I almost got a girl involved in an accident."

Then Yumi spotted an ice cream vendor and got up to get ice cream for Ichidaiji and herself. While Yumi was at the ice cream vendor, Ichidaiji spotted a sneaky looking guy. He remembered that it was the thief that he had chased the other day. Ichidaiji got up and followed him. After walking through the park for a while, the thief pick-pocketed a wallet from a guy. Then Ichidaiji went to the thief and bumped into him. Ichidaiji just apologized and walked away. Then Ichidaiji went up to the guy who had his wallet stolen, and put the wallet back into his pocket.

The thief put his hand in his pocket and found out that the wallet that he had just stolen was gone. When he paniced, all of his clothes and his hair came off. Then a crowd gathered around him. Ichidaiji just looked at his scissors, smiled, and walked away. When the police came to arrest the thief, he yelled out for his partner. Ichidaiji then realized that there was another thief close by.

Yumi had bought two ice cream cones and was looking around for Ichidaiji. When Yumi noticed the crowd of people and turned, a mean looking man came up and put his hand in her purse. Ichidaiji came running and yelled to Yumi that the thief was next to her. The thief pulled his hand away and he stared at Yumi. Yumi smiled and stuck the two ice cream cones into his eyes. Then Yumi kicked him in the back of the neck and knocked him down. Then thief then got up and ran away.

Yumi and Ichidaiji both ran after the thief. When the thief ran across the street, Yumi followed him. But a speeding truck headed right for Yumi. Ichidaiji dove and pushed Yumi out of the way. When they both got up, Ichidaiji said, "You're the little girl from that time!"
Yumi said, "You remembered?"

Then they both got up and tried to go after the thief. But he was not in sight. Just then the man came running out of an alley and almost ran into them. They were all surprised and the man tried to run away into an alley. Yumi and Ichidaiji went after him and cornered him against a dead end. Then the thief pulled out a knife. Yumi told Ichidaiji to stay back and went to fight the thief. Yumi expertly got the knife away from the thief. The thief said that he wouldn't hold anything back, and attacked Yumi. They both fought, but Yumi used some pro-wrestling moves to knock the thief unconscious.

Yumi went back to Ichidaiji, who said that she did very well. Then Yumi had tears in her eyes and went to hold Ichidaiji, saying that she was very scared. Ichidaiji was surprised, but held Yumi.

Later that night Ichidaiji took Yumi to a cheap drinking place that he knew. When Yumi went inside, everyone threw a lot of confetti and congratulated her. All of Ichidaiji's friends had gathered there. Yumi thanked everyone, and sat down at the counter with Ichidaiji. The mama of the store was the woman that Yumi had seen at Ichidaiji's apartment in the morning. Then the mama brought out a present for Yumi, saying that Ichidaiji had asked her to get it for him. Yumi was very happy and thanked Ichidaiji. Then the mama leaned over and whispered to Yumi, "Last night we had a mahjong all-nighter. There's no relationship between Tohru and me. Please don't worry."

[mama = woman owner of bar]

When Yumi was in her room she said, "So I want to become a famous police woman who teams up with a magician to solve difficult cases.."

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