Musekinin Kanchou Tylor final episodes

Musekinin Kanchou Tylor final episodes (23, 24, 25, 26)
1993.06.28, 1993.07.05, 1993.07.12, 1993.07.19
  • summary release 1 by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.05
  • summary release 2 by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.02.25
    (updated episode 23, 24)
At the end of episode 22, Tylor was going to be executed for releasing Azarin. But the Rargon fleet came on a full scale attack. When everyone paniced, Tylor said that he would save them if he got full control of the entire fleet. So Tylor got out of being shot.

episode 23

The Rargons found out that Tylor was in command of the enemy fleet. Azarin couldn't believe it. She didn't know what to do. Dom met Azarin in private and said that he wanted to command the Rargon fleet. He said that he would be willing to shoot Tylor. Azarin was shocked by his words.

Azarin gave control of the Rargon fleet to Dom. Tylor got control of his fleet. The fleets got closer and closer toward each other. They got within fighting distance. Everyone was waiting for the order to attack. But Tylor and Dom just said, "Keep going forward," and didn't give the command to attack.

All ships were very close to each other. The electric sparks jumped from ship to ship. The main Rargon ship opened up (it can change shape), but Dom still didn't give the command to attack.

Everyone was scared on both sides, except for Tylor and Dom. Then the Soyokaze and the Rargon ship got within eyesight of each other. Dom started to worry as he couldn't read Tylor's mind. Dom went to the window to look at Tylor's ship. Tylor also went up to the window. Then they both saw each other.

Tylor stuck out his right arm. Dom did the same. All of the weapons on both ships got ready to fire. Tylor and Dom stared at each other. Then Tylor saluted Dom. Dom hesitated, but he saluted Tylor back as the two ships passed each other. The two fleets passed each other without anything happening.

Later Tylor and Dom got messages from Robert J. Hanner saying that it was a victory for both sides.

Azarin met with Dom and said that she was glad that she had trusted Dom. Dom had stated earlier that Tylor would probably find a way to get out of this without unnecessary bloodshed.

episode 24

The crew of the Soyokaze were being taken to a base. On the way, they saw the new ship, Aso, being worked on. Tylor said that he wanted to ride in that ship next.

When they all got to the base, they were told to rest. Also Mifune announced that Tylor would get command of the Aso.

Tylor and the twins wanted to go see Hanner. But there was a party for Tylor that evening. Then they found out that Hanner had died earlier that day.

There was a party for Tylor, as he got a promotion. During the speech for the toast, everyone held their glasses of champagne out, but Tylor just started drinking by himself. Then Tylor just ate some food with his hands, and walked out. Tylor went outside and climbed a flag pole. Everyone went out to see Tylor, and didn't know what was going on. When Tylor fell down, Yuriko went to him and said, "Shape up Tylor." But Tylor replied, "You should shape up. Otherwise life will take revenge on you." Then Tylor walked away.

Meanwhile Azarin and Dom decided to head to the base to attend the funeral. Azarin had to sneak away from the Rargon ship under Dom's clothes.

Yuriko and Yamamoto couldn't understand Tylor.

At the funeral, Yuriko and the others waited for Tylor, but he didn't show. Azarin and Dom showed up, and Azarin also looked for Pako Pako. At the end, everyone thought Tylor wasn't going to come. But then a person carrying a very large bouquet and singing a song (the ED song with different words) came by. It was Tylor. Tylor was smiling, and Dom said that he felt worried about that smile.

Later Tylor called Yuriko. They met alone in a field and Tylor said, "Actually.." Then there was a very loud blast from a fighter jet. Tylor walked away and Yuriko was left standing alone. Yuriko was shocked and said, "Why?"

episode 25

The crew were happy at the new ship. But Yuriko was silent and thinking about what Tylor had said. When the crew got on board, a messenger came to get Yuriko.

Yuriko went to Mifune and Fuji. She found out that she had been promoted two ranks, and got a position at the information services desk.

Later the crew had a party, but Yuriko was still thinking about Tylor. Harumi asked Yuriko about it, but Yuriko didn't tell her anything. Then Yuriko went to call Tylor. At the final ring, just before Yuriko was going to hang up, Tylor answered.

Yuriko went to Tylor. Yuriko asked if Tylor was serious. Tylor said that he was. Yuriko said that she would go with him too. Then Yuriko told Tylor about her new position.

Yuriko went to her new job. There was an alarm right away, because of an unidentified ship. The attack fighters had already been sent out. Then Yuriko found out that it was Azarin and Dom's ship.

Yuriko left her post and went to make a phone call. Yuriko called Harumi, and had her contact Dom. When Yuriko got back to her post, Dom's ship disappeared from the screen. Then Yuriko enabled an abandoned satellite to fool everyone.

The crew were at a party. Since Tylor hadn't come, they all went over to Tylor's room. Yuriko also went to Tylor's room. There was nothing left in the room except for Tylor's military uniform. Yuriko stared out the window and said, "Tylor, are you really going to quit?"

Then they all went out looking for Tylor. [some nice background song.. many nice pictures of Yuriko.]

Yuriko went to the Soyokaze. She couldn't find Tylor and said to herself, "I want to fly with you again. I still can't do anything by myself." Then Yuriko heard footsteps. It was Tylor.
Tylor said, "Why is it that, every time that I meet you, it's at an unromantic place like this?"

episode 26

Tylor and Yuriko drank in the Soyokaze. [with lots of important conversation, Yuriko sitting on Tylor's lap..] Yuriko said, "It's the first time that I drank with you alone.."
Tylor said, "Do what you like, in what ever way that you want to."
Yuriko walked away, stopped, and said, "I may never meet you again, but I'll never forget your kindness." Then Yuriko ran off.

Yuriko went to everyone and told them about Tylor's words.

Mifune and Fuji were talking. Mifune said that in a group of monkeys a strange one appears from time to time. But that strange one was necessary for the survival of the group. Fuji asked if Tylor was that strange one who was necessary to the military.

Mifune and Fuji told Yamamoto that he was the new commander of the Aso. Yamamoto was told that he could choose his crew, even from the Soyokaze, except for Yuriko.

Everyone was doing their own thing. [Kim was a model, etc..] Then one by one, they got a message from Yamamoto.

The crew gathered with Yamamoto on the Aso.

There was a big ceremony for the Aso's takeoff. Yamamoto checked all stations. After getting the ok from everyone, Yamamoto said, "As the commander, give the order.."
"Take off!" Tylor said, as he was sitting in the commander seat behind Yamamoto. But instead of the Aso taking off, it was the Soyokaze breaking through the base and destroying lots of the surroundings on the way.

Yuriko, who was in her post, got ready to go to her friends.

Dom found out that Tylor had taken command again. Azarin then said that she wanted to see Pako Pako again.

On the Soyokaze, Tylor said, "Let's start the Yuriko retrieval mission!" as everyone was drinking champagne. "Ittemiyouka!"

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