Musekinin Kanchou Tylor episode 18

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  • Translation of the best part.. by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.28
[..lots of stuff takes places before this..]

Tylor (called Pako Pako by Azarin) and Azarin were taken to a safe place since the Soyokaze crew started attacking the Rargon Empire ship. Tylor and Azarin were alone.

Azarin: Pako Pako, will you listen to my story?
Tylor: Huh.

Tylor: What happened? You have something to discuss with me?
Azarin: Before I tell you, please promise that you won't tell anyone.
Tylor: Why?
Azarin: Because.
Tylor: Ok. I promise.
Azarin: Then I'll talk. Actually.. Actually it's a problem with one of my old friends. It seems she fell in love for the first time.
Tylor: Really. What's your friend's name?
Azarin: That's a secret.
Tylor: There's a lot of secrets.
Azarin: A secret is a secret.
Tylor: Ok, and..
Azarin: The other guy and my friend are destined not to get each other.
Tylor: That's too bad. Are their ages too far apart?
Azarin: You're sharp Pako Pako. That too.
Tylor: Then there's some other reason? Is it like Romeo and someone, and their parents are fighting each other?
Azarin: It's a little different but there's some of that.
Tylor: There's more? Then their social status is so far apart?
Azarin: Yeah, that too.
Tylor: Another reason is..
Azarin: The last reason is..
Tylor: The last reason is..
Azarin: It is..
Tylor: It is..

Azarin walked up to Tylor.

Azarin: The other guy is very dense!
Tylor: Dense. Yeah, there are those kinds of guys.
Azarin: Even if I say this much, you still don't get it? I.. Pako Pako.. I hate you, Pako Pako!

Azarin ran away to her chair and started crying. There was an explosion and Tylor rushed to carry Azarin away.

Tylor saved Azarin, and was lying on top of her after the smoke cleared. But Tylor was badly injured. Azarin got up.

Azarin: What happened Pako Pako? Open your eyes. Open your eyes. What happened Pako Pako? Can't you listen to what I say? Pako Pako, I have something to say to you. Open your eyes. Why don't you answer. Pako Pako!

Then Azarin started crying.

[..some stuff takes place after this..]

Since Tylor couldn't be saved by the doctors in the Rargon Empire, Azarin went with Tylor to the Soyokaze, where he would have an operation to save his life.

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