Video Girl Ai 6 Ai Ai Ai

OP song
Ureshi Namida (Sakai Noriko)
ED song
Ano Hini.. (Kimura Maki)
release date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.09.07
Youta was looking around for Ai. He couldn't find Ai anywhere. It was snowing outside. Youta pulled out his Gokuraku card and yelled out, "Video shop Gokuraku, appear! Ai has disappeared! You said that I can come any time with my special card. Come out! Give Ai back to me!"

Video Girl Ai OP "Ureshi Namida" with many pictures of Ai..
Ai on the street, Ai eating ice cream, Ai with a hat, Ai carrying a shopping bag, Ai looking at a window, Ai lying on the grass, Ai with bird at bird cage, Ai holding an umbrella, Ai in video girl clothes, Ai in a red dress, Ai on the phone, Ai near a street light, Ai in a school uniform picking up a puppy, Ai sitting on a TV.

The guy in the long coat was questioning Ai. He asked her what her job was. Ai replied, "To comfort."
The guy in the coat said, "That's all you have to think about. Now you're acting like a human girl. You can't be a video girl any more. I'm going to take you back." Then the guy in the coat left the rest up to the Gokuraku shop owner.

Ai begged the Gokuraku man. Ai wanted to return to Youta. But the Gokuraku man said that they were fast forwarding the tape, so a week had passed in the real world. He said that Youta would not be looking for Ai any more. But Ai said that she wanted to see. Then the Gokuraku man showed Youta on a TV screen. Youta was still going around town looking for Ai. Then Ai said, "If I can't be a video girl, make me a human." Ai wanted to go back to Youta. The Gokuraku man said that he couldn't do anything against the guy in the coat.

Youta saw that the picture of Ai on his video tape case was disappearing. Youta rushed home. Ai was there by the video player. Ai said, "Youta, I just wanted to talk to you one last time." Youta didn't understand what Ai was talking about. Ai told Youta that since she had loved him she had to be taken back. Then Ai said, "I loved you." Before they could hold each other the time ran out. The video tape popped out and pulled Ai back into the TV screen.
Youta shouted, "I still need you!" and dove for Ai. Youta was pulled into the TV screen after Ai.

Youta was remembering some of the past events with Ai.

Youta woke up and saw Takashi. Takashi said that Ai had explained everything to him. He said that Moemi was also in this world, but Takashi had left Moemi alone. Takashi told Youta to protect Moemi from now on. Takashi asked what Youta liked in Ai. Youta mentioned some things, and Takashi said Moemi could do them too. Takashi said that Youta wouldn't be able to find either Ai or Moemi until Youta decides which one he liked.

Then the world crumbled and Takashi disappeared. Youta fell into a prairie. Moemi was there. Moemi said that she was looking for Youta. She said she liked Youta. Moemi asked Youta to return with her. But Youta was thinking that he had to find Ai. Moemi kept trying to get Youta and said, "You like Ai when she's with you. Now you like me." But Youta said that that wasn't a healthy way of thinking. Then Moemi unbuttoned her shirt and took off her skirt. Moemi asked Youta to come to her. But Youta backed away. Then the world froze. Moemi turned into sand and crumbled away.

The world crumbled again and Youta fell to a desert where Ai was being held. Ai was nude and strapped to a stone with some metal pipes/tubes. Ai woke up and saw Youta. Then Ai's stone floated up and the guy in the coat appeared. A glass staircase appeared from Youta to Ai.

Youta started climbing the staircase. With each step the glass broke and cut Youta. Then Youta fell and the glass really cut up Youta. The guy in the coat said, "This staircase is your feelings of love." Youta was very bloody and struggled up. He said that it must be the pain of love. The guy in the coat said, "There is no guarantee that this will lead to Ai. It can disappear at any moment."

Youta kept climbing the stairs. Then Youta fell and the staircase shattered below him. Youta hung on with one hand.

Below Youta was the "real world". The guy in the coat said, "Just let go. The pain will go away. You will return to your former world." But Youta kept going after Ai.

Youta finally reached the top. Ai cried for Youta. Youta collapsed. Ai struggled but couldn't get away from the metal pipes. The guy in the coat appeared. He said, "I don't understand. How can you love a video girl that is going to disappear."

The guy in the coat blasted Ai and Youta. Ai told Youta go escape. The blast started destroying the rocks around Ai.

Youta said, "I'm going to protect Ai!" Youta struggled up closer to Ai. Ai cried out to Youta, "I'm sorry. Don't worry about me. Go back. Even if I disappear now there's nothing for me to regret. Even if it was for a little while, I was able to believe in love." Then Ai's tears fell and hit the pipes. The pipes started dissolving. Ai was freed and floated toward Youta. A force field protected Ai and Youta from the blast that was still coming from the guy in the coat.

"Of course. There's not a single thing that is totally certain in this world. But now, even if it is just this instant, I love Ai." "Youta!" Then Youta shouted, "Get lost! Everything get lost!" There was a huge explosion. Also a flash.

"For one instant I felt that I wanted everything in the universe to disappear except for Ai and me. And because it was just for one instant, the world returned to normal."

Video Girl Ai ED "Ano Hini.."..
It was a spring day. Youta was walking down the street to school. He met Takashi at a street corner. Ai in a school uniform came running up with Youta's lunch. Ai and Youta started fighting. Moemi appeared. They all walked to school.

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