Takakura Takeo

Takakura Takeo (高倉武男) was a 17 year old third year high student at Kitanohashi High School (北野橋高校). He was born on March 11, 1979. Takeo's blood type was B.

Takeo was somewhere between 172 and 175 cm tall, and weighed 60 kg.

Takeo's favorite foods were tofu and crab. He didn't like sweet things, although he can eat chocolate.

Takeo was well known in the school as a weirdo. He was the captain of the magic club and had lots of strange items. But he didn't like scary things, like ghosts.

Takeo was also a normal healthy boy who liked girls.

In the anime, Takeo's voice is done by Onosaka Masaya (小野坂昌也).

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