Motto Marugoto Mahou Tsukai Tai

NONE もっとまるごと魔法使いTai!
Marugoto CD-ROM series 16
5800 yen
released 1997.??.??

This is a hybrid CD-ROM for Windows and Mac.

There are AIF and WAV sound files, BMP image files, simple games, and quicktime movie files.

There are four different games: a 9 piece puzzle game, a "character sweeper" game, a concentration game, and a cult quiz game.

The quicktimes of the OP and ED have the animation, but no sound.

In the omake section, there are two midi files, the OP and ED, and answering machine messages. The messages are by Akane, Sae, Nanaka, Takakura, and Aburatsubo (3 messages per character).

> Mahou Tsukai Tai


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