Mahou Tsukai Tai! 1

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.23
A large Cylinder comes down from the sky, causing all resistance it meets to disappear, leaving behind the humans who were on the planes.

[Opening theme]

It's been a year since the Cylinder came, and the people of the Earth have gotten used to it being here. They take a 'if we don't bother it, it won't bother us' attitude to it.

However the president of the magic club, Takeo believes otherwise, and decides to have the magic club to go and investigate it. But Takeo only wants to investigate it to impress the girls in the club and doesn't really want to go there.

Aburatsubo starts to hit on Takeo, a habit he keeps up for the entire series..^^

Sae comes along, awkwardly riding her bicycle. She gets in an accident and lands on top of Takeo, casting him to nosebleed slightly.

Takeo tries to call the club meeting off, but Sae convinces him to go along anyway through some fan service.

Nanaka comes along, out of uniform, to try and stop Sae from going. Takeo sides with her, but is unable to stop Sae from convincing them to go. They fly off, leaving Nanaka behind.

She sighs, and produces her wand and tries to remember the flight spell she cast.

Akane, who brushed off the club meeting sees them fly by and notes that they were telling the truth about magic.

[Eye Catch]

The three approach the cylinder closely, noting how big it is. Nanaka comes by, flying uncontrollably towards the cylinder.

Eventually Nanaka has to let go of the broom, and is caught by Takeo. However Takeo's blood boils and he lets Nanaka go. She is caught by Aburatsubo, and blushes while she is caught.

The cylinder makes the broom disappear and sends out 4 flying robots to investigate the magic club. They surrounded them and use their eye cables to investigate the 4 in some weird places. Takeo goes into an Ecchi fantasy while this happens...^^

The probes try to take away Sae's bear, Jeff-kun and her magic wand. She tries to tell them to stop, but they won't listen. The wand starts to glow, and as if by accident she manages to turn one of the robots into a bag of 'Panda' snack food.

The 4 try to run away, but the robots pursue them, causing Takeo's and Sae brooms to disappear. One of the robots catch Sae, so Takeo tries to save her by turning the robot into a broom. It works, but Sae is unable to make it fly.

Takeo tries to cast fly on her, but is unable to do it. They try to escape the robots, but they make the final broom disappear as they fly close to the water. The robots search the water and eventually leave with a small package.

The three surface, and used the robot turned to broom to fly away.

Sae floats down to a boat, as fly was cast on herself. Two reporters investigating the cylinder look on in awe as she is gently set down. The other members of the club come to pick her up, and they go home.

Sae writes the events of the day down in her picture diary.

[End Theme]

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Mahou Tsukai Tai
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