Mahou Tsukai Tai! 2

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.23
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Chibi-Sae has run away from home, and is lost in the woods. She meets Jeff-kun there who tries to cheer her up. A Magician appears, and causes all of the tress to blossom and leaves Jeff-kun for Sae.

Sae wakes up from her dream and admits that she can't use magic any more. She thinks she is a burden to the club so she decides to quit it.

Nanaka is very supportive of this decision and suggests they should join the Tennis club because Aburatsubo is in that club too. Sae is shocked that Nanaka would want to quite the club, which cause to Nanaka to get angry at Sae.

In the club room, Takeo and Aburatsubo notice that the manga club is taking over more of the magic clubs room space. Takeo tries to talk to the advisor but is told to take the issue up with the manga club president as part of the 'Education is love policy'.

Take runs into Sae and Nanaka and hears about them wanting to quit, and he takes it very hard. Sae is having seconds thoughts because her leaving would leave the magic club in a very bad position

Miyama, Takeo's natural enemy, shows up and laughs at what she calls 'A pathetic trick club'. Takeo tries to confront her, but the awesome power of Miyama's chest cause Takeo to lose all steam (and nosebleed). He is about to lose when Miyama spins around and grows a flower on her head. Akane cast a spell on her, noting that every time she uses magic the target seems to spin.

The manga club thinks Miyama has fallen sick and take her to the first aid room. Sae and Nanaka try to lecture Akane about not using magic for revenge, but she brushes them off because she has a date.

Meanwhile, a ball from the Cylinder appears over the school. It zooms in on the flower on Miyama's head and heads back to the Cylinder to report on it.

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Takeo tries to talk Nanaka and Sae out of quitting, but he hallucinates as he finishes his speech. The girls leave while he's off in Fantasy land. Sae is having second thoughts about quitting, but Nanaka assures her this is the right thing to do.

A bell like object from the Cylinder is seen over the school, and is heading towards Miyama's room. Her fellow club mates abandon her as the bell examines the flowers on her head with more probes.

A blimp flies by, which is rented by Minowa to follow the object.

Takeo thinks the cylinder may be interested in big breasted women too, but Aburatsubo thinks it may be after the magical flower and other forms of magic after the club had ran in with the cylinder in the last episode.

Takeo seems unconcerned, noting the flower will disappear in a few hours. However Sae comes by thinking that Takeo, with his kind heart of justice, would be going to help out his natural enemy. Takeo's mind quickly changes, as he and Aburatsubo try to take care of the object with a quickly made plan. Sae and Nanaka soon follow them. To a nearby roof top.

Takeo's plan is to turn the object into rain drops, and tells everyone to focus their magic for that purpose. Sae isn't able to summon any, but Takeo and Jeff-kun reassure her. She is then able to summon a huge amount of magic, and the object is turned into a large version of Jeff-kun.

Takeo notes that Sae magic may have been the strongest of them all, though Nanaka points out that it was supposed to be turned into water. Aburatsubo calls Sae a burden. They decide to try to turn the object into Rain again.

Miyama soon conducts a press conference, which is soon interrupted by the bear turning into Rain. Minowa's photographer spots the magic club members and takes a picture of them.

That night, in her diary, Sae promises to try her best from now on.

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