Mahou Tsukai Tai! 3

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.23
Sae is entering an entry into her picture diary. Her sister comes in and wonders when she will progress past the stage of writing a picture diary. Sae says it's a habit, but her sister says people have to progress sometimes.

To progress, Sae makes three goals for the next day. She swears not to stumble, not hit a wall and not to run into people. She fails at all 3, and bumps into Nanaka by accident. Nanaka notes that she tried to do this last year, without much success as well.

Nanaka then suggests that the go to a movie, as a bright and fun high school activity. Sae calls the magic club bright and fun.

At school, Miyama is giving interviews about her encounter with the bell. She's become the Media's darling, and won't give the attention up.

At a restaurant, Minowa is looking over the photographs taken of the magic club from the last episode. He notes that ball activity has picked up lately and he wonders why the bell is being so active.

Meanwhile back in the club room, the members are in the middle of a dark and gloomy spell to shrink the bell down in size. They try to test it out on an apple, but they can't get it to shrink. Eventually Akane enters and cause the apple to shrink and spin.

Akane brushes the club meeting off and use the club room as a change room. Takeo is soon in the middle of an Ecchi fantasy as everyone, even Aburatsubo is seen taking their clothes off. ^^

Akane leaves the club room, leaving behind her wand and uniform to be picked up on the next day.

Takeo then eats the apple and shrinks to that size himself, much to Aburatsubo's enjoyment.

The rest of the day is self study, as the girls are sent to ride the horizontal bar as practice. Nanaka refuses to it because it'd be embarrassing. Back in the club room, Aburatsubo is playing dress up with Takeo much to his terror, using various doll clothes on him.

Sae and Nanaka are walking home as Sae decides to make a seat cover for her broom and maybe one for Takeo. Nanaka doesn't think much of the idea, though she wonders if Aburatsubo would be interested in one for his broom.

Akane comes walking by and almost runs into Sae. Sae is happy that she didn't bump into Akane-chan, though she did nothing. ^^

Akane uses Sae's wand to cast magic on her date, who's being a bit rude. She causes him to float and become fat. Sae tries to lecture her about using magic for purposes like that. But Akane brushes her off and calls Sae jealous of Akane's magic power. This causes Sae to cry, forcing Akane to walk away.

As she walks away, a ball from the bell is seen over her, watching her.

[Eye Catch]

A small robot heads out from the bell towards Tokyo. Minowa spies it, and takes after it in his car.

Akane is back home, and is relaxing after a shower (in a bath robe no less). The robot quickly flies past her window, and Akane notices it. The robot makes the Window in Akane's apartment disappear and chases after Akane. She runs away, and runs into Minowa.

She gets into his car and they drive off, but the Robot keeps chase. It eventually makes the car disappear, causing the passengers to slide along the ground. Akane spies some of Minowa's pictures, including one of there wands.

At Sae's house Sae is thinking about what Akane has said and notices her wand is moving. At the club room, a now bigger Takeo and Aburatsubo notice that Akane's wand is starting to move as well.

Akane tries to use a homemade wand with Minowa's picture to stop the robot, but it doesn't seem to be working. Minowa picks her up and tries to run away, but is caught by the robot. She eventually is picked up as the Robot starts to fly away. Minowa tries to hold on, but eventually lets go and falls to the ground.

The magic club flys along to rescue Akane. They try to shrink the propeller, but end up shrinking the robot itself. This cause the small robot to fall, the giant propeller knocking Aburatsubo and Takeo off their broom.

Sae concentrates on wanting to save her friends and casts a magic spell on Akane. A pair of light wings appear on her as gently lands on the ground.

Minowa watches as this happens and wonder if Akane is an angel.

Sae wonders if it was her magic that did this, or if it was Akane's or Jeff-kun's which produced the wings.

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