Mahou Tsukai Tai! 4

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.24
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The magic club is off to the beach to do some training over the summer vacation. Takeo is excited because he might get to see some swimsuits. Aburatsubo thinks that he and Takeo should have an adventure by themselves.

Akane arrives late to the meeting. Takeo tries to lecture her, but Akane's swimsuit stops that quickly by causing him to nosebleed. The three girls than practice flying on their brooms (unsuccessfully) while Aburatsubo tends to Takeo.

Back in the city Minowa is investigating a structure from the bell, wondering why people have grown to accept its presence on the earth.

Back at the beach, the club finishes training for the day. They're on their way back to the hotel when they run into a bus carrying the Manga club and its president. Miyama reminds Takeo about his shameful childhood at the beach, which causes Takeo to run away. Sae chases after him.

Sae eventually finds him in a cave which she has to fly into. She hits Takeo with her broom as she comes to a stop.

Takeo reveals how Miyama humiliated him as a child at this beach year after year. He'd come to this cave to escape her. A tender moment resulted between the two before Takeo fell victim to another fantasy.

Takeo reveals that this is the cave where he learned about magic. He shows Sae the box which contains everything and everything about magic.

Minowa investigates the Magic Club's room, thinking they have something to do with the bell. He finds out where the club is having its summer training session.

The club spends the night at a hot spring, the girls conversation causing Takeo's blood to boil. Aburatsubo comes along and hits on Takeo causing him to scream. ^^

Back in the girls bedroom, Akane notes that she sees a bit of love in Miyama's bullying. Nanaka notes that for young children, the more you bully the more you love. Sae looks on with a worried look on her face.

In the boy's room, Takeo looks on in horror as Aburatsubo has dirty dreams about him.

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The club continues to train in the morning, as Takeo reveals that Miyama doesn't know about this inlet. Takeo also didn't get any sleep the night before. The girls then take turns bumping into him as they continue to practice flying.

A pair of manga club spies find the beach and bring Miyama there. Miyama demands that the trick club preform for them or else she'll reveals Takeo's shameful childhood. Sae says they already know about that, but Takeo agrees anyway. Sae worries that Takeo really might care for Miyama. She offers to go along as an assistant.

At the party, Takeo and Sae begin to preform a few parlor tricks that impress the crowd. At the beach Nanaka and Aburatsubo are sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows.

Meanwhile, Akane is watching the sea from the woods. Minowa finds her and asks if the magic club has anything to do with the bell. Akane says they are just simple magicans. Minowa then asks if the angel is fighting against the bell.

Back at the party, Takeo uses Sae's wand as a truth detector. The club runs in terror as it points out the clubs true feeling to Miyama. Miyama takes the wand, but Takeo confronts her about the past, asking if she had any regrets. Miyama said no, but the wand started crying stating that she lied. Sae asked if she loved Takeo, but Miyama laughed at that. But again the wand started crying as if she was lying.

Sae then ran away as Miyama angrily started to smash the wand.

Sae returned to the cave, but Takeo is able to find her. He hands back her wand and wonders why she left.

At the fire, Nanaka tries to talk to Aburatsubo. At first he brushes her off, but then he starts the fire dancing for her. In the woods, Minowa hands Akane the hand made wand she made from the last episode. With that Akane starts to make the dancing flames bigger.

Back at the cave, Sae admits that she respects Takeo. They return to the fire and Nanaka wonders if she was able to confess. Sae says no, but she says that she respects Takeo as a magic teacher and that's all. The remains of her wand though begin to slowly cry though, as if she was lying.

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