Mahou Tsukai Tai! 5

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.24
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The bell has finally come to Sae's town. Takeo thinks it's come to investigate magic and that it'd be a good idea not use magic around the robots from the bell. Sae thinks Takeo may be trying to take the bell on himself, and she will do her best to help him out.

At school, Sae is doing some self training with Nanaka. Takeo comes by and Nanaka leaves to go see Aburatsubo. Takeo has another fantasy where he admits that he doesn't really want to take the bell on. Sae tells him not to do anything dangerous alone, which forces Takeo to tell the truth in reality.

But Sae just thinks he's trying to protect her from danger. Takeo tries to say "I love you" but can't. A bunch of balls from the bell then come, forcing the pair to make a cautious retreat.

Nanaka enters the club room and sees Aburatsubo working on a scale paper mache model of the bell. He suggest that two of them do something fun since the school is empty. Sae overhears this and blushes, but in reality the two just start to fly around the school.

Sae and Nanaka then walked home. Sae suggests that Nanaka and Aburatsubo make a wonderful couple. Nanaka says that Sae is bad at reading people because Aburatsubo really likes Takeo. Nanaka almost breaks into tears before she runs away.

Sae comes home depressed and wonders if she knows Nanaka's true fellings.

Meanwhile Minowa comes over to Akane's place and asks her to use magic to find out the true motives of the bell. Akane is reluctant, but Minowa convinces her. He says he will protect Akane no matter what.

At the same time Nanaka wonders if she can use magic to find out Aburatsubo's true feelings. Sae wonders if she can do the same with Nanaka.

Aburatsubo wonders if he can find out Takeo's true feelings, but Takeo denies he has any for Aburatsubo. Takeo says that should try to displace the bell to a different place in space and decide to practice the magic with a glass.

Akane is able to make contact with the mind of the bell. Speaking for the bell, Akane says that they have a run into an obstacle in developing the planet. They have developed a robot to track down the wavelengths given off by magic.

A double of Akane soons appears as the robot is sent out to track down magic. The bell appears to be arguing with itself over what to do with magic when it apparently agrees on taking a specimen for eternal freezing.

Takeo and the others starts their magic spells and are picked up by the robot as pillars of light. Akane is able to break free of the contact and yells at everyone not to use magic.

[Eye Catch]

The pillars disappear from the robots eye's. Sae and Nanaka stop their spells before they finished while Takeo's and Aburatsubo's fail. Sae thinks it's rude to invade a persons thoughts and asks for help from Jeff-kun. The bear then starts to float and emit magic.

The robot picks it up, but it fades quickly away.

Sae notices that it leaves a picture in her diary, but is unable to take a close look at because Nanaka phones. She tells Sae that she will confess her true fellings to Aburatsubo tomorrow, regardless of what his answer will be. Sae says she will help Nanaka out any way she can.

At school, Sae is over enthusiastic about helping Nanaka out. By the end of the day she's more nervous than Nanaka. Nanaka heads to club room and sees Takeo and Aburatsubo talking about magical circles. Takeo tells Aburatsubo that the shape that best draws out his power is a triangle.

Takeo then sees Nanaka in the doorway and leaves the two alone.

Nanaka tells Aburatsubo that she loves him, after some nervousness. Aburatsubo admits that he loves Nanaka too, since they share the same feelings together. The feeling of loving somebody that won't return the love.

Sae wonders if she can help Nanaka out in anyway. She asks Jeff-kun what to do, and the bear starts to glow. The robot is able to pick up the magic wave and tracks it down to the source. It kidnaps Sae, and Takeo watches as it starts to run away.

Takeo chases after it, trying his best to stop it. It doesn't do much, so he picks up a fields hockey stick and starts to hit it. He's able to knock the arm holding Sae off, and they start to run away.

But the arm starts to move on its own, and is picked up a ball from the bell. It begins to fly away, as Takeo grabs onto Sae. He tries to say I love you, but is unable to finish before he falls to the ground hard.

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