Mahou Tsukai Tai! 6

  • Summary by Richard Beaubien, 1999.08.24
In the club room the members decide to use human to human displacement magic to have someone switch places with Sae. Both Nanaka and Takeo volunteer to go, and Minowa shows up and volunteers himself.

The bell is hovering over the middle of the school, and inside is Sae surrounded by the balls from the bell. She tries to talk her way out, and has Jeff-kun in front of her for moral support.

Back in the club room, Minowa tries to convince the club that he would be the best choice to go. The others reluctantly agree, since they can do more to do the bell from here than in it. Takeo is still reluctant, but Minowa tells him he has to rescue the girl first.

They cast the spell and replace Minowa with Sae. Takeo goes to hug her, but he ends up inside the bell too. So do the others, as Nanaka finds Jeff-kun there.

The bell begins to flash red as Takeo falls victim to another hallucination. Akane is able able to pick up the thoughts of the bell since the mind reading was so strong from the last time.

Back in the club room, Sae wonders what she can do to help her friends. Picking up her wand she runs outside to do what she can to help them. As she walks outside, the bell begins to attract her magic wand but she is able to get away.

Sae comes home and changes into her magician's outfit. She sees her picture diary and remembers that Jeff-kun drew something in it. She wonders if it is her magic circle as she looks at the swirl in the diary
[It looks like a swirl on a fish cake.. Though I've never seen a fish cake..^^ RB]

She flies out the window to go help her friends.

The bell is confused because Sae disappeared. Akane ends up getting confused as everyone seems to be talking all at once. The red light stopped flashing as the bell detected something happening outside.

Miyama is on TV, trying to convince the bell that they should kidnap her and not some talentless girl like Sae.

Minowa suggest that they should escape now. Aburatsubo points out that they don't have any brooms to fly on. Takeo than thinks of an idea for them to get away.

Meanwhile at the school, Sae is drawing a giant version of the swirl. She enters the middle and points her wand at the bell trying to gather magic in.

[Eye Catch]

Takeo's idea is to use humans for brooms. Minowa for the girls and Aburatsubo for Takeo ^^. They start to fly away, with a few rough spots for Minowa as the girls move around on him. The bell sense this and flashes red, sending a flash of light out causing the magic wands to disappear. They start to fall but are caught by cords from the bell.

Akane can no longer hear the bell with her wand gone, and Minowa fears that they may be frozen for eternity.

On the ground, Sae is still trying to gather in magic to save her friends. She can't gather enough, so she decides to fly up after them. Minowa's photographer tries to stop her but eventually lets her go .

As the others are being dragged up, Takeo volunteers to talk to the bell if the others are released.

Sae hears Takeo as she flies up, the bell sending robots after her as it senses her magic. She flies away, and Sae's tries to cast some magic to stop the robots but it doesn't work.

Nanaka sees Sae in trouble, sends Jeff-kun down to help her. Sae catches it and asks to borrow some of his power. She casts her spell again, this time with it working as the robots are turned into flowers.

On the ground, Sae's object begins to glow and send pink swirls of power up the bell. The bell is then turned into a giant Cherry tree.

Sae then sees the wizard Jeff-kun in a forest of Cherry tree's. She thanks him for the bear and ask her to lend her some power to help save her friends since Sae doesn't have much. Jeff-kun says Sae has enough power if she has confidence in herself, and that she should believe in herself.

Jeff-kun then walks away and tells her to go and protect her special person. Waking up from her dream, Sae flies up to save everyone. She wants to try her best so she can save her special person.

Takeo hears this and tells everyone to think of their special person and send those thoughts to Sae. He then told Sae to believe in herself. Sae then casts magic to free them, producing many giant brooms in the process. Everyone grabs onto one and uses it to float down to the ground.

[Opening Theme]

As the remnants of the bell head to space, they send a message to earth saying the planet is to dangerous to invade and thus it's uninhabitable. They announce their withdraw.

And that's how the magic club's battle was won.

The End

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