DoCo Second

DoCo ☆ Second

Pony Canyon PCCG-00326
2200 yen
released 1994.12.16

This is the second vocal CD by the seiyuu group DoCo.

The first release CD comes in a large yellow box with a nice front picture of DoCo sittling down. The top is edge is open so you can pull the plastic CD case and stickers out. The bottom edge has individual pictures of each character. The side edges have the DoCo Second title with catalog numbers, and a small picture of DoCo.

The back has the song information, and the usual copyright stuff.

The plastic CD case is a little bigger (wider) than a normal CD case. The booklet that comes with it is white. Every page is white. The back cover in the case is also white.

The box also comes with LOTs of stickers, so you can create the CD booklet, inside lyrics pages, covers, and everything.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas (清く正しいクリスマス)
  2. Jugyouchuu no Shougakkou (授業中の小学校)
  3. Owaranai Natsuyasumi (終わらない夏休み)
  4. Kagayaku Sora to Kimi no Koe (かがやく空ときみの声)
  5. Koi ga Hitotsu Kieteshimattano (恋がひとつ消えてしまったの)
  6. Fukuzatsu na Ryouomoi (フクザツな両想い) (Live Version)

The ending part of Koi ga Hitotsu Kieteshimattano turns from normal to live mode, with a crowd in the background. They yell, "Encore! Encore!" and that leads into the last song. Fukuzatsu na Ryouomoi has lots of comments and yells thrown in by the character voice actresses. Kasumi-oneechan is so great! (^_^;) Ranma-chan is so.. loud, wild, barbaric.

Owaranai Natsuyasumi is the ED song to the third Ranma movie.

Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas is the special ED to the first Shinnosuke special OAV.

My ratings

There is no bad song on this. Since this CD is only around 30 minutes, it's very easy to put this on auto-repeat and listen to it all day.

My current order is: 3, 1, 6, 5, 2, 4 [on 1994.12.20]

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