First Night "Kaidan no Hajimari"

This drama is on the Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, track 1.

Sotsugyou girls in this story are: Yukie, Ryoko, Izumi, Mami, Megumi, Saori

The girls were on Suzunari Island, and Ryoko was telling ghost stories at night. Mami got scared and leaked in her pants.. But she didn't have any spares, as she forgot to bring her bag with her clothes. Mami did bring a large bag, but it was full of food.

Ryoko, Mami, and Saori were in Megumi and Yukie's room. Megumi and Yukie were scared and didn't want them to tell the stories in their room, but they couldn't do it in the other rooms, as their roommates wouldn't allow it.
(Saori was with Cindy. Ryoko was with Maki. Mami was with Kiyomi.)

Then Izumi came, and Saori started telling a story. But Yukie kept interrupting Saori's story, because she didn't want to hear the scary stories. Then they started fighting. Izumi said that she was going to leave.

Mami said that she wanted to see the ghost, and there was a saying that if you tell 100 stories, a ghost will appear. But Ryoko and Izumi said that it wasn't real. Just then, there was a crash in the dining room, and there was a scary laugh of a ghost.

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