Second Night "Midnight Fool"

This drama is on the Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, track 2.

Sotsugyou girls in this story are: Yukie, Ryoko, Izumi, Mami, Megumi, Saori

The girls were running away from the ghost. They hid in the toilet. They wondered if the 100 stories worked, but they still hadn't told that many stories. Then Saori suggested that they "sacrifice" Mami so the others can escape.

Then they threw Mami at the ghost, and the ghost got knocked over. After Mami and the ghost got up, the ghost explained that he was a "new" ghost, and that he messed up a lot.

When the ghost got up, he looked for his axe. But it got broken when he crashed into Mami.

Then Megumi and Yukie came. The ghost saw Yukie, and said that she was his "first love" Yuki-chan.

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