Second Night "Manatsu no Hamabe to Kikenna Kaori"

This drama is on the Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, track 5.

Sotsugyou girls in this story are: Yukie, Ryoko, Izumi, Mami, Megumi, Saori, Shizuka, Mika, Misako

The girls told Mika about the ghost. She said they shouldn't tell Shizuka about it. Then Shizuka came thinking they were talking about her behind her back. But the other girls said they weren't.

Shizuka was going to read a book, and showed everyone the book. It was a book about OLs and affairs.. Shizuka fainted.

There were other strange things going on that day. But it was all done by the ghost. He said that it was a "curse", but the girls said it was just a childish prank.

Then Megumi and Yukie came. The ghost saw Yukie and said that she was his first love, Yuki-chan.

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