Third Night "Maina to Misako no My Room"

This drama is on the Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, track 6.

Sotsugyou girls in this story are: Yukie, Ryoko, Izumi, Mami, Megumi, Saori, Maina, Misako

The ghost talked about Yuki It was boring, so all the other girls left, and went back to their rooms. Yukie told the ghost to leave, and the ghost asked if it was because he was scary. Yuki said that it was because the ghost was strange. Megumi also said that the ghost wasn't that scary.

Then the ghost started to tell his story again. He said that he would go to heaven if he can scare somebody, so Megumi and Yukie took the ghost to Maina and Misako's room.

The ghost tried to scare Maina, but Maina wasn't scared. Then Maina woke up. She said she saw some "other" ghosts behind the ghost. This scared the ghost, and he started screaming around.

Then Misako woke up. The ghost went to scare Misako, but Misako just yelled at everyone. She said it was a crime for them to enter her room, so she made them all stand outside.

Then Saori came and told them that the ghost was actually an evil one who took the life energy of people by tricking them.

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