Fourth Night "Ghost of Daimeiwaku!"

This drama is on the Sotsugyou Vacation drama CD, track 4.

Sotsugyou girls in this story are: Yukie, Ryoko, Izumi, Mami, Megumi, Saori

Megumi was going to exorcise the ghost, and she set up a force field and told the girls to stay there.

The ghost came. Megumi threw a anti-ghost paper on the ghost and started exorcising him. The ghost laughed, and said that he wouldn't get exorcised by such a girl, but he did (very easily).

Megumi said that it didn't feel good because it was too easy.

Later Izumi was telling ghost stories. It was a scary one, and Mami "leaked" again. Yukie and Megumi complained again. But then there was the same sound of knives.. and the same ghost appeared again.

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