Card Captor Sakura episode 1

Sakura to Fushigi na Mahou no Hon
[Sakura and the Mysterious Magical Book]
  • Summary by Jamie "Arashi" Pellerin
Kinomoto Sakura is having a strange dream. A bell chimes in the distance, and a book appears. Adorned with a strange winged beast on the cover, the book reads THE CLOW in large letters across the front. Again the bell chimes and she is looking at Tokyo Tower at night, thousands of tarot-like cards fly through the air. She is dressed in strange clothes and a winged creature floats in the air beside her. She leaps from the building upon which she stands.......

Sakura is awakened from her dream by the loud protests of her alarm clock. She quickly dresses for school and then heads downstairs where her brother is waiting for breakfast. Her family is small, consisting of only her father, brother Touya, and herself. Her mother died when Sakura was only three. Touya wants to know what all the noise was coming from Sakura's room. He says it sounded like a monster was stamping around. Sakura gets mad and vows to one day be bigger than him so she can stomp on him. Sakura's Dad comes in and feeds Sakura breakfast. As she starts Touya gets up to leave. Sakura quickly wolfs down her breakfast and then follows in pursuit. She slaps on her skating gear and quickly takes off after him, but takes time to enjoy the sakura petals floating in the air.

When Sakura finally catches up Touya wants to know why she has to go to school with him every morning. The answer comes apparent when Touya's best friend Yukito appears before them. Sakura has a huge crush on Yukito. Touya pokes fun at Sakura in front of Yukito to tease her so she stamps on his foot with her roller-blade. Touya recovers quickly and they head off to school, Sakura eyeing Yukito the entire way. When they reach Tomoeda Elementary School, Yukito throws Sakura a paice of candy and waves good-bye.

As Sakura watches Yukito leave her best friend Tomoyo walks up and remarks on Sakura's present. Sakura is surprised she was being watched but follows Tomoyo into the school. Tomoyo is a camera whiz and videotapes everything. She asks Sakura if she can videotape her again because Sakura is so "kawaii".

In class Sakura is daydreaming about her mysterious dream. In her notes she draws a picture of the little winged creature that she saw before. Tomoyo asks about it but Sakura is called upon to read from the book they have been reading in class. At cheer-leading practices Sakura impresses everyone with her backflips. As they start to drill, throwing their batons in the air, Sakura's takes the form of a strange looking staff, as she stares at it the baton hits her in the head.

Sakura arrives home from school to an empty house, her father is at work and her brother is at soccer practices. As she removes her shoes she thinks she hears a strange noise coming from the door down the hall, she pays no attention to it and goes into the kitchen. As she reaches into the refrigerator for a piece of pudding she hears it again. Scared that it is a burglar she arms herself with her baton and goes to investigate. She carefully creeps into her Dad's library (the basement), but when she turns the corner from where the sound came there is no one there. Sakura walks down the bookshelves, looking around, when a book on the shelf before her starts to glow. She pulls the book off the shelf and is surprised that it is the same book from her dream. The latch snaps open and Sakura opens the book. Inside are a deck of cards, long like Tarot cards but with different symbols. She pulls out the first card and attempts to read it. As she speaks it's name (The Windy) the card begins to glow and a furious wind whips about the room, all the cards from the book are caught up in the wind and scatter throughout the room, vanishing through the walls and ceiling they quickly disappear. When the wind dies down, Sakura is left holding the lone Windy card and the empty book which she drops to the floor.

After a few moments the book begins to glow and a small winged teddy-bear like lion floats out of the book. It opens it's eyes, looks at Sakura and proclaims (in Osaka-ben) "Konyanyachi wa!!!!". Sakura is very surprised as she thinks it is a talking nuigurumi. Kerberos explains that he is the seal beast and has been guarding the cards. He was in Osaka for thirty years (thus the Osaka dialect) and fell asleep while guarding the cards. He then looks in the book and freaks because the cards are no longer in the book. Frantic he looks for the cards and Sakura hands him the Windy card. Kerberos seems elated until he finds out that all the other cards were scattered.

That night after dinner Sakura sneaks some pudding up to Kero-chan as he tries to locate the cards using the power of the book. He cannot reach them though and gives up. When Sakura asks about the Clow Cards, Kero-chan tells her that the cards were made by a powerful magician known as Clow Reed. Clow sealed the cards in a book and ordered Kero-chan to watch over them. Kero-chan then creates a contract with Sakura, that since she scattered the cards she will gather them, as the new Card Captor. He then gives Sakura the key pendant, that when the magic words are spoken, will turn into a staff that allows her to capture the cards. He then promptly eats Sakura's share of pudding.

Later that night as Sakura and Kero-chan argue about the Card Captor business, a sudden wind whips up. As Sakura goes to the window Kero-chan points out a gigantic bird in the distance. It is the Clow Card "Fly". Kero-chan then informs Sakura that it is her duty as the Card Captor to capture the Card. Without much choice Sakura dons her roller blades and heads out with her new staff. As Sakura and Kero-chan get near Fly, it whips up a terrible wind that throws them into the air, Kero-chan catches Sakura and helps her to the ground. Fly then swoops at Sakura, sending Kero-chan hurling through the air. Sakura skates really, really fast until she skates up the wall beside her and jumps onto Fly's back. She then casts Windy, which makes a chain around Fly and brings the card to the ground. Sakura then seals Fly with the spell "Return to your true form Clow Card!" and receives the card. Kero-chan congratulates Sakura on her job well done, and informs her that now she can use the power of the card. Sakura casts Fly, and the staff grows wings, which she can ride like a witches' broomstick. (Kawaii!!) Kero-chan says they make a great team, Sakura agrees, until she realizes that she never agreed to be Card Captor in the first place!!!

Kero-chan ni Omakase

In this Kero-chan Extra, he shows us the Tomoeda winter school uniform, as modeled by Sakura, with the Kero-chan check being white skirt of the uniform. He also, very quickly, shows us a pencil drawing of the boys school uniform.

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