Card Captor Sakura episode 2

Sakura to Suteki na Otomodachi
[Sakura's Cool Friend]
  • Summary by Jamie "Arashi" Pellerin
Kero-chan is having trouble waking Sakura. She mumbles in her sleep, and when she does awaken, she screams, forgetting momentarily the events from the night before. Kero-chan quickly reminds her and Sakura heads down to breakfast. Touya wants to know how she got downstairs so quickly this morning, Sakura angrily replies that she had someone to wake her, and then realizing her mistake, quickly says it was the alarm clock. Sakura says good morning to her mother (a photograph) and to her father, and then quickly eats breakfast. She has to leave early today because it is her morning to clean the classroom. Sakura snags some cookies for Kero-chan, and then heads upstairs to finish getting ready.

Sakura tells Kero-chan that today he will be alone in the house so he can watch TV if he gets bored. She then grabs her school bag and skates out the door, heading towards Yukito's house on the way. She stops outside the gate, a little disappointed that he's not there. (Which she proclaims out loud). Much to her surprise when Yukito appears from behind the bushes with a broom. He gives Sakura some flowers to take to her class room, she skates away backwards (and almost falls) but makes it to school, happy that she was the first to arrive.

Sakura sits in one of the seats and stretches when Tomoyo-chan comes in. They greet each other, and Tomoyo tells Sakura she has something interesting to show her. Tomoyo sets out her video camera and presses play. It's a video recording of Sakura using the Fly card and Kero-chan, it's far away at first, and then Tomoyo shows Sakura the zoomed in version, which clearly shows Sakura's face. Sakura cries out in shock (Hoeeeeee!!!), which causes Kero-chan to bolt from Sakura's backpack, yelling to Sakura that he will protect her from the Clow Cards. Sakura is still frozen in shock when Tomoyo happily realizes it was Sakura she caught on video.

That afternoon at lunch, Sakura, Kero-chan and Tomoyo sit in a secluded area and talk. Kero-chan and Sakura tell Tomoyo all about Sakura's adventures and the Clow Cards. Sakura asks what Kero-chan is doing there, and Kero-chan says he wanted to see what a "day in the life of" a Card Captor was like. Tomoyo and Sakura then nickname Kero-chan "Kero-chan" (with some comments about frogs). Kero-chan asks if he looks like a frog to them. Sakura then shows Tomoyo the release of the seal and her staff (key charm to staff). Tomoyo asks if Sakura has any poses, Sakura asks what she means and Tomoyo says all magical girls should have poses.

After school as people are starting to walk home, strange things start to happen. Their shadows will stay in one spot after people have moved away from them, and then move back towards the school. The dozens of shadows then move down the halls of the school, through the darkness, to their unknown destinations. The next morning Sakura is surprised by a large crowd standing in the courtyard of the school. She runs up to find out what's going on and Chiharu shows her the mountain of school equipment in the courtyard, everything from desks to gym mats. Everyone runs to the classrooms and finds the same thing as in the courtyard. Everyone begins to reluctantly clean up the mess. Later, back in Sakura's room, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero-chan discuss if the incident was caused by a CLOW Card. Kero-chan reasons that it was, and decides they should go back to the school. Sakura loudly protests, imagining ghosts in the school at night. Tomoyo says she will go too, she wants to video tape the exploits of the Card Captor.

That night Sakura and Kero-chan wait outside the school for Tomoyo. Sakura says she is scared but Kero-chan says it's all right because he is with her. Soon a huge black limo and a van pull up. Tomoyo gets out, (with several of her bodyguards) and greets Sakura. As Tomoyo's body guards pull away Tomoyo takes Sakura to the back of the van and opens the doors. The inside of the van is filled with dozens of outfits, which Tomoyo has hand-sewn for Sakura. Sakura reluctantly changes into a cute outfit with a red hat and long red cape. Kero-chan gets a matching red bow. (Too kawaii!!) Tomoyo sets up her camera and they start to look around. Suddenly the school's courtyard statue flies at them and they scatter right before it embeds itself in the ground where they were. Sakura is scared, Tomoyo points out the shadow of the statue. There is a shadow of a person holding it up, but no one can be seen actually holding it. Sakura asks Kero-chan if it's a CLOW card, which Kero-chan confirms. It's the Shadow Card.

Suddenly all the shadows collected throughout the day come out of the school. Sakura casts the Windy Card to counteract Shadow, but it fails to make the chain. Shadow starts to hurl itself at Sakura, Kero-chan tells her to cast the Fly card. Once above the ground Sakura looks down at Shadow. Inside the school the shadows of the students start to throw desks out the window at Sakura, she dodges them, distracted, when shadow on the ground wraps itself around her staff and starts to pull her to it. Sakura tries to get away but Shadow is too strong. Suddenly the lights come on from inside the building shining in the courtyard. Sakura breaks free as Shadow disappears. Inside the building Tomoyo and Kero-chan wave, as light has broken the Shadow's spell. Kero-chan then points out the true form of Shadow in the center of the courtyard (a hooded figure). Sakura dodges the attacks it throws at her and casts Windy, which successfully traps Shadow. Sakura seals Shadow and receives it's card.

The next morning at school Sakura has brought a small present for Tomoyo to show her thanks. She finds Tomoyo in the AV room, watching the video of the previous night's battle. Sakura asks her what she is doing and Tomoyo replies she will continue to film all of Sakura's adventures and make her a different outfit for each one, only next time with more frills and ribbons.

Kero-chan ni Omakase

In this Kero-chan Extra, Kero-chan explores Sakura's battle costume for the episode (this is the first battle costume to be showcased). The Kero-chan checks are the hat, with the metal buckles on the end of the ribbons, and the bow.

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